Yahoo will still have to face hacking lawsuit

Judge reduces class-action complaint but lawsuit against Yahoo continues.

The Social Web And The Digital Panopticon

Foucault’s idea of the “Panopticon” in Discipline and Punish has become depressingly easy to explain because the Internet has made it depressingly literal. Read More

Here Is EFF's Master Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance

We have a problem when it comes to stopping mass surveillance.Read more...

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

The best VPN for torrenting

Looking for a torrenting VPN? You’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft backs down from latest Edge warning

Software giant warned users when installing its competitor's browsers on Windows 10.

Taking a more intelligent approach to AI

Setting clear goals and objectives from the start is key to successfully implementing AI at your organisation.

Retail banking architecture needs to evolve

There are some major challenges that banks must tackle in the quest for agility.

How intelligent enterprises drive mobility innovation

Through a suite of intelligent technologies, businesses have the power to capitalise on mobility data.

The degrees of cloudiness for contact centres

When looking at a software solution, instead of asking the binary question: “Is it cloud based?”, the correct question to ask may be: “How cloudy is it?”.

Q&A with Leo Leung, Senior Director, Products & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on IaaS Trends

Organisations need to consider storage, network download and dedicated network connection prices why choosing an IaaS provider.

London Mayor: Social media is not above the law

Tech firms companies must do more to prevent the spread of fake news and propaganda, Sadiq Khan says.

Finnish government takes stake in Nokia

The country's investment arm aims to keep Nokia Finnish.

Hackers could spy on you through your smart camera

Kaspersky Lab researchers uncover more possible smart home threats through connected cameras.

苹果计划在iOS 8中加入分屏操作功能,在一个iPad屏幕上同时运行两个应用

据9to5mac报道,iOS 8中可能会加入全新的分屏操作功能,只适用于横屏模式下的iPad。你可以在iPad屏幕上打开两个应用,一边一个。微软的Surface也可以在一个屏幕上进行多任务操作,方便企业用户的工作。

视频演讲: 使用IBM PaaS开放云平台快速构建和部署交互式应用


Which? calls on mobile providers to abolish unlocking fees

Unlocking fees that can sometimes be over £20 should be completely abolished in order to give consumers more choice as 40 per cent don’t trust providers to find the best deal.Read more:


“媒体总是将我描述成为疯狂的天才,或者疯狂的精神病天才。”“恶名昭著”的约翰·麦克菲(John McAfee)在Def Con大会上这样说。那么,为何他现在要打破这样的定式?我必须承认:当他发疯时,他就像是狐狸一样。


Sean2014.10.13(Demo,第一稿)(转载请注明出处)一、 目标:1、 规避普通合伙人的无限责任;2、 使股权投资团队成员的综合所得税率最小;3、 充分考虑在架构中预留新进团队成员的“股权”份额,实现相关操作便捷。

微信出现短时故障 部分用户无法收发信息


Startup of the Week: Taking on the big dogs with Tapdaq

This week, 23-year old enterpreneur Ted Nash tells the story of his startup Tapdaq, a community driven mobile ad exchange for app developers.Read more:




近日,微软在德国召开的新闻发布会上向外界宣布目前Lumia设备的总激活数量已经达到了5000万台,这个数字包括了2011年诺基亚推出首款Lumia设备到不久前微软发布的Lumia 535。



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