Microsoft’s Amazing Indie Puzzle Sale cuts 75% off the best Indie Xbox puzzle games

Microsoft's Amazing Indie Puzzle Sale is cutting 75% off some of the best Indie Xbox puzzle games.

Leaked presentation reveals a partnership between Microsoft and Razer on bringing keyboard and mouse

Microsoft is reportedly in a partnership with Razer to bring keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One.

Here’s how Microsoft has infused Artificial Intelligence in Office 365 to help increase productivity

Microsoft has been infusing the power of AI across several of its products and services, like Office 365, to extend its capabilities and to improve productivity.

Most gamers still prefer physical video game releases instead of digital

Survery companies are finding that Microsoft may still be putting the cart before the horse.

Microsoft Teams app updates on Android with new call functionality

Microsoft is constantly adding missing features and performance upgrades, and today Teams on Android gained new call functionality.

Patent shows Microsoft is looking to innovate USB C by making the port thinner

Microsoft is always looking to innovate on its own products, but a new patent shows that the company is also looking to change up the key USBC connection.

Windows Insiders can now preview Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to collaboration tool for many organizations, and Microsoft is now getting ready to launch a dedicated Teams app on the Surface Hub interactive whiteboard.

Latest Microsoft Launcher Beta on Android introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana

This latest version 4.11 update introduces multi-turn SMS + calling with Cortana, and many other key enhancements to the popular Android launcher.

Windows Server Project Honolulu, RSAT also get new builds today

Microsoft has just released Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1803 and a new preview build of Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) today.

ISO for Windows 10 Insider build 17115 is now available

To coincide with the launch of Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17120, Microsoft today also released the ISO files for build 17115. These are the first set of ISO files to be released for Redstone 4 since build 17025 over three months ago.

This month’s Patch Tuesday brings fixes for Windows Mixed Reality, several security updates

The cumulative update build 16299.309 is now available for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it addresses an issue with the Windows Mixed Reality failing to launch.



These Modular Cabinets Are the Coolest Way To Display Precious Things

There's a case to be made—recently by designer Martino Gamper (and me )—that shelving is the most personal piece of furniture you own; a functional place to store your stuff that also puts it on display, like you're curating own little curio exhibition. The Room collection,


Trevor Livingston是一名就职于PayPal的软件工程师,他在最近的一篇帖子里概括了一些改善Node.js出站SSL性能的建议。 By Abel Avram Translated by 夏雪

Apple slammed by European Commission for failing to address misleading “free” apps

It has failed to implement any concrete plans to change the way in-app purchases work and Google was given praise for alterations to its own in-app purchasing model. Read more:





你理解我的意思么? - LeonZH

在最近一次的电话会议里, 某leader前后说了十来句, "你理解我的意思么?". 说实话, 有些我都没理解, 不过我听到的大家的答复都是"理解!", "明白!". Leader问这样的问题, 期望是得到对方给你反馈, 结果大部分人不会直接对上级说,


提到盗取 ATM 里的现金,你会想到什么?一群黑客在电脑前紧张地作业,还是《看门狗》里高大上的手机秒黑?俄罗斯人告诉你:弱爆了,直接炸。最近俄罗斯发生了超过 20 起 ATM 劫案,不用细想就知道是同一批人干的好事。


根据美国网站 Quartz 的报道,苹果可能已经同意中国即将出台的《反恐法》当中的部分条款。这部新法当中的条款规定,所有进入中国市场的外国企业都必须提交产品源代码以及密钥,并且提供“后门”以供监管。


第一章你们这些渺小的人类啊,你们的核武器有多少呢?地球上出现过的,最大当量的核武器是5000万吨TNT当量Tsar Bomba。我知道你看惯了各种核爆画面,肯定毫无感觉。

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