Everything you need to know about the National School Walkout

On Wednesday, March 14, students all over the United States are leaving their classrooms for a National School Walkout to protest gun violence.

The Life Cycle of a Meme

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How to stream Apple's March 25 streaming service announcement

One of the worst-kept secrets in tech over the past year or so is that Apple is gearing up to launch a video streaming service akin to Netflix. It's one of the few services Apple doesn't offer at this point, so the news is hardly a surprise.Still, Apple hasn't officially announced it just yet.

What to expect from Apple's March 25 event, from TV shows to news subscriptions

Apple is rolling out the red carpet for what could be a serious Netflix competitor. The iPhone maker will broadcast an event from its Cupertino headquarters at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 25. Rumors have swirled around the tech world for months about Apple beefing up its services business.

Why Facebook waited 3 months to disclose its latest privacy screw-up

Facebook is all about making the world more open and connected, except perhaps when it comes to sharing its own colossal privacy screw-ups with its more than 2 billion users.

RVR, the customizable bot that you can make do many, many things

Sphero is out here trying to make customizable bots super fun by giving you an insane amount of creative and technical freedom. That's where RVR comes in. The bot, which by now has been fully funded on Kickstarter, is a kid-friendly bot that you can change into just about anything with some code.

Woman asks Tinder for tech support with her Wii, and it actually worked

Turns out that sometimes, Tinder is good for something other than unsolicited dick pics and catfishing.  Twitter user @meggzsalad was having a bit of a struggle with her Wii when the images on-screen were only showing in black and white.

America can literally run on Dunkin' with these new shoes

Coffee isn't the only workout fuel Dunkin' has to offer— they have shoes now, too. The classic shoe brand Saucony has once again collaborated with Dunkin' on a pair of branded running shoes. In preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15,

This comic breaks down student protesters' rights ahead of National School Walkout for gun control

As students across America prepare to stage a National School Walkout in protest of gun violence on March 14, cartoonist Kai Texel wants to make sure they known their rights.

Want to be mad? Claire Foy made less than Matt Smith on 'The Crown'

Two producers on Netflix's The Crown revealed Tuesday that Matt Smith made more than Claire Foy for the first two seasons of the show.“Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen,” said Left Bank creative director Suzanne Mackie, per Variety.SEE ALSO:

Man builds functioning kitchen in his teeny electric car

The whole living off the grid movement has gone way too far.YouTuber Kiwi EV adventures managed to build a fully functional kitchen inside his car. But this isn't some cargo van or decked out pickup, it's a teeny electric car, barely capable of transporting more than one person. 

Fifa 14 makes its way to the Windows Phone store

EA Sports Fifa 14 is one of those games that doesn't require any introduction. The title has received its fair share of glory on other mobile platforms, and has now made its way to the Windows Phone Store. Yes! Fifa 14 is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

Q&A with Brian Azzopardi: How can businesses control employee usage of the web?

Businesses are facing new and difficult challenges with staff making use of public cloud services – so how can they best monitor and control such activity?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/17/qa-with-brian-azzopardi-how-can-enterprises-control-employee-usage-of-the-web/


自从2009年与微软Bing达成搜索战略合作以来,雅虎搜索与Bing搜索市占率始终处于此消彼长态势。如果说过去 […]


导读:移动互联网的爆发也促进了APP市场的蓬勃发展,不过并不是每款APP产品都做的尽如人意,有的是画蛇添足的, […]

Nationwide launches Android Wear app to let customers check their balance on a smartwatch

Have a pressing need to keep on top of your exact bank balance? Well, those with an Android Wear smartwatch can now keep a close eye on their Nationwide funds.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/11/05/nationwide-launches-android-wear-app-to-let-customers-check-their-balance-on-a-smartwatch/

亚洲首富另类投资再次落子 李嘉诚投资人造肉汉堡

继植物蛋黄酱在香港开售后,对生物技术领域颇为钟情的亚洲首富李嘉诚投资的另一项创新科技——美国科技食品公司Impossible Foods公司旗下的“植物汉堡”近日也在香港举行了试吃活动。





食炸雞噴相 ! KFC 智能滋味桶可即時列印出相片

在眾多連鎖快餐店當中,雖然 KFC 的受歡迎程度未必及得上其死對頭麥當勞,但在 創意的領域上卻堪稱一絕,比如之前他們曾經推出過一款可食得落肚咖啡杯 Scoff–ee Cup,又設計過一款藍牙鍵盤托盤墊概念產品,至於今日他們又竟然帶來一款可列印相片的滋味桶,果然是計仔多多!

[图]Lumia旧机型升级规划曝光 首批于12月14日启动

无论是全新的页面上线还是Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586的泄露,都说明微软即将于近期开启Lumia老机型的升级工作。

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