Deals for March 13 include 23AndMe DNA kits, Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, robot vacuums, smart

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.We don't know about you, but we've been dreaming about vacation *a lot* lately.

Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila' isn't meshing with Mexico's tequila industry

Elon Musk could soon need a lemon wedge for a salty trademark battle with Mexico's tequila industry.The founder and CEO of Tesla announced a new brand of tequila called "Teslaquila" in October, vaguely tweeting it was "coming soon.

Essential's $149 magnetic dongle will bring back your headphone jack

We know, you miss your headphone jack.Like other smartphones, the Essential Phone has done away with the feature, but the company has just launched its long-touted external headphone adapter and DAC, which magnetically snaps on to the back of your phone.SEE ALSO:

Bitcoin Cash is set to hard fork, and people are losing their cool

Nothing says the future of finance like a good old-fashioned meltdown, and the upcoming bitcoin cash hard fork has that in spades. This is thanks, in no small part, to a man named Craig Wright. Wright,

A college bathroom hides a bizarre Danny DeVito shrine, and we have questions

Do you ever leave a small offering to our Lord and Savior, Danny DeVito, during your restroom breaks? A bathroom apparently located at Purchase College in New York hides a mildly terrifying secret: The paper towel dispenser leads to a "cavernous shrine" to American icon. In one video,

JUUL restricts flavors and asks social media companies to crack down on vape posts

Is this the end of JUUL memes?JUUL announced a number of new measures to try to prevent teens from using its products on Tuesday.Notably, it will stop allowing retailers to sell flavored pods until they install advanced age verification software from JUUL.

Let's all admire Wilfred Warrior, the ridiculous-looking Instagram famous cat

Wilfred the Chinchilla Persian is simultaneously the most adorable and the most horrifying creature you'll ever lay your eyes on. The internet fell in love with the scraggly white cat when comedian Michael Rapaport posted a video of the cat on Instagram. Horrified,

Um, that's not Spike Lee, newspaper front page

We've all made a typo in our time.So has New Zealand's Gisborne Herald, who made an almighty error on the front page of its Tuesday newspaper when it commemorated the late comic book legend Stan Lee.SEE ALSO:

A growing list of the Hollywood stars who've committed to inclusion riders

The most buzzed-about moment at this year's Oscars wasn't a Jimmy Kimmel bit or a presenter flub. It was Frances McDormand's acceptance speech.With two words – "inclusion rider" – McDormand called on her colleagues to take action against the industry's lack of diversity.

Watching Stormy Daniels decimate trolls on Twitter is its own kind of porn

Since Twitter won't ban trolls outright, perhaps the best thing we can do is subject them to a more restorative punishment — Stormy Daniels' Twitter wrath.Daniels, the porn star who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump,

Rex Tillerson's replacement is a nightmare for anyone who cares about climate change

The climate science and policy community was taken aback when President Donald Trump nominated Rex Tillerson, then the head of ExxonMobil, to take over the State Department in January 2017. Tillerson spent his entire career at the oil and gas giant,

逆袭桌面:FIFA 14现已登陆Windows 8 PC与平板平台

在Windows Phone上旗开得胜之后,热度不减的Fifa 14足球游戏,现在终于登陆Windows 8 PC和平板啦!该游戏自带34场联赛关卡、超过600支授权球队、以及16000+名球员。

自动化运维之 ~cobbler~ - 姜明则

一 、Cobbler简介 Cobbler是一个快速网络安装linux的服务,而且在经过调整也可以支持网络安装windows。

The Swift Programming Language-官方教程精译Swift(1)小试牛刀 - TianXiang.Liu

通常来说,编程语言教程中的第一个程序应该在屏幕上打印“Hello, world”。在 Swift 中,可以用一行代码实现: 1 println("hello,

和手机厂商抢风头,微软 9 月发布 Windows 9

来自 The Verge 的消息,微软将于 9 月 30 日发布针对开发者的 Windows 9 预览版。 不过,The Verge 方面尚不确定 Windows 9 最终上市的日期。


1月26日消息,摩托罗拉今日在北京国家会议中心举行发布会,正式发布三款新手机moto x、moto g、moto x pro和一款耳机moto hint。这也标志着离开中国市场三年之久的摩托罗拉正式重返中国。

誓要斩落法拉利 黑马级霸气超跑即将登场

说起“SCG003”这辆车,估计几乎没有人知道,但它炫酷的外表肯定会让人大吃一惊:这是何方神圣?  SCG 全称 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus,它的缔造者是美国的 James Glickenhaus。

微软演示Xbox One运行Windows 10应用

今年一月微软曾宣布新一代游戏主机Xbox One将能够运行Windows 10通用应用程序。而在正在举办的MWC 2015展会上,微软Windows通用应用技术主管Kevin Gallo在开发者活动上首次演示了Windows 10通用应用在Xbox One上的运行效果。


作者/微信公众号:小圈梨 在中国,社会化营销序幕的拉开,几乎是以各企业入驻“新浪微博”开启的。那大约是2010年初。

【氪TV视频】手机音源,黑胶音质:复古播放器Universal Record

优酷播放链接关于Universal Record的更多信息,点击这里了解。欢迎关注氪 TV 的微信号“krvideo”,以及优酷频道,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频。氪TV在招聘! 

Stephen Colbert talks to party-pooper Neil deGrasse Tyson about Pluto

Everyone is thrilled about the first clear photos of Pluto, except for Neil deGrasse TysonThe noted astrophysicist/occasional party-pooper is pretty over Pluto, and has even referred to himself as an "accessory" to Pluto's demotion from planet to dwarf planet.See also: Hello, Pluto:

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