Sam Altman just paid a startup $10,000 to one day kill him — and preserve his brain

Dying is for plebes. Paying a startup to euthanize you so that it can one day, maybe, bring back a digital copy of your mind? Now that's for tech kingmakers like Sam Altman. SEE ALSO: Y Combinator's Sam Altman wishes San Francisco was more open-minded, like ChinaAccording to MIT Technology Review,

Not a Bluetooth person? Save up to $180 on best-selling Sennheiser headphones at Amazon.

Bose and Beats are two of the biggest names in the audio world right now — but any veteran audiophile knows that there's one huge name that completes the headphone trifecta. We're talking about Sennheiser: the Holy Grail of meaty, balanced sound.

Sony, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, and more 4K TVs on sale this weekend

The weekend is now here and you know what that means: Time to become one with your couch as you binge-watch all your favorite shows. If your living room needs an upgrade in the TV department though, we're here to suggest some great deals that can save you some serious cash.

Apple iPad, MacBook Pro, GoPro HERO7, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and more on sale for Dec. 14

It's not too late to find the perfect gift for the holidays. To help you out, we've searched all over (the internet) for the best deals on electronics, home products, Amazon devices, and more. If you're looking to learn something in the new year, there are also amazing deals on Udemy online courses.

Of course Netflix's new 'watch that scene again' feature pops up during 'Shrek'

OK, let's talk Shrek. Right after Shrek and Donkey experience the highly interactive "Duloc Song" upon their arrival in Lord Farquaad's kingdom, Donkey says, "Let's do that again!" And now, if you agree with Donkey, you can do that again with just a click.Per TIME,

A storm is brewing among video game stores. Here's what it means.

Early in December, Fortnite developer Epic Games launched an online video game store. On Friday, voice and text chat app Discord revealed it will launch its own online store in 2019.Both companies are undoubtedly aiming to take on Steam,

Every part of this fully functional electric motorbike was 3D printed

BigRep's NOWlab built an electric motorcycle that, excluding the electrical components, consists purely of 3D-printed parts. The e-bike, NERA, was designed by Marco Mattia Cristofori and Maximilian Sedlak and NOWlab's co-founder, Daniel Büning, directed the project.

102-year-old great-grandma skydives 14,000 feet for charity

Skydiving is on a lot of people's bucket lists. Well, it was also on Irene O’Shea's, but she decided to use the experience in the name of charity. The 102-year-old aimed to raise awareness and money for motor neurone disease, which took the life of her daughter years ago.

There's a Michael Scott quote to sum up every college major

The beloved Michael Scott parted ways from The Office in 2012, but his many legendary quotes are still celebrated to this day.Daniel McCrystal, a clear fan of the NBC comedy, recently discovered that there's a Michael Scott quote to perfectly sum up every college major, and WOW, it is something. 

Hip teens tempt gravity by sticking objects out the car window

Leave it to bored teens to discover a freaky cool, and slightly anxiety-inducing, thing to do while driving.SEE ALSO: The latest viral challenge will have you sleeping in Ikea, and police are cracking downOpening and window and speeding down the road,

Winnie the Pooh is back in Disney's 'Christopher Robin'

Disney is reuniting iconic duo Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin in a heartwarming live-action film.Christopher Robin follows the titular character all grown up when he gets an unexpected visit from an old friend. Read more...More about Disney, Mashable Video, Children, Ewan Mcgregor,


诺基亚在今天的新品发布会上推出了Asha 230手机。这是一款体积小巧,价格便宜的入门级触控设备。





谁更快? iPhone6 vs Nexus5应用打开速度

威锋网 9 月 23 日消息,Android 和 iOS 大战是永恒不变的话题,苹果刚刚发布了最新的 iPhone 6,自然免不了要和 Android 手机对比一番,而最能代表 Android 手机的无疑是谷歌的 Nexus 设备。

Upgrade Your Exercise Gear, Make Better Smoothies, and More Deals

Sporting a EarFin holding systems, water resistance, and solid sound, these Sennheiser earbuds are great for exercise. They've also never been cheaper on Amazon. [Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones, $30]Read more...

Uber CEO Promises Change In India After Driver Is Arrested For Rape

Uber has pointed the figure at India’s transportation licensing system after a convicted sex offender who became a driver for the company in New Delhi was arrested on the suspicion of raping a passenger. Read More

年终奖怎么花?要来一台Surface Pro 3吗?

近期有消息传出,微软预计将在今年年底之前发布一款全新的平板设备,而这款新一代 Surface 产品极有可能会在今年秋季和 Windows 10 正式版一同亮相。


一、引子碎语   1、高通反垄断调查终于水落石出,调查结果与整改措施在这里不再赘述了,建议参见政府公告与高通官方发布。   

The Confederate flag is at the heart of a Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday for allowing the Confederate flag to appear on vanity license plates in Texas,

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