Amazon Prime subscribers can now get free games

Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free games every month with Twitch's new Free Games With Prime program.Starting on Thursday, Amazon Prime subscribers who have linked up their Twitch accounts, get to download a collection of free games every month. The first batch of games,

Amazon Prime Members’ Newest Benefit Is Free, Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon Prime members are getting another benefit today, the company announced this morning: free, unlimited photo storage. In a new service called Prime Photos,

Amazon Cuts Down On Prime Members Sharing Their Benefits

Amazon quietly rolled out a series of changes to its “Amazon Household” program and the ability for Prime members to share their shipping benefits over the weekend.

‘Survivor’ Creator Conrad Riggs Hired To Produce A ‘House Of Cards’ For Amazon Prime

To fight Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video needs must-see TV you can’t get anywhere else. That’s why a source confirms that Amazon has hired Conrad Riggs, co-creator of Survivor and The Apprentice, “to make their House Of Cards.

Amazon Prime Music Is Actually About Selling More Physical Goods

We are entering the age of the omnibundle, where what you see isn’t what you’re paying for. Take Amazon adding a “free” music-streaming service to its $99 a year Prime club.

Amazon Prime Music Takes On Pandora With Addition Of “Prime Stations” On iOS

Amazon’s free music streaming service for Prime members, Prime Music, has been upgraded on mobile today with a new feature that will see the service better competing with similar offerings like Pandora or iTunes Radio, for example.

Why the HBO-Amazon Deal Is Good for Everyone (Except Netflix)

HBO and Amazon just put a ring on it with a giant, multi-year deal that will put HBO originals on Amazon Prime exclusively. Woooooo! That means HBO subscription to watch old episodes of everything from the Wire to Eastbound & Down. In this game of everything-but-Game-of-Thrones,

I Want My Internet TV

Well, it’s happened. Sarah Palin has her own internet channel, free from the “lamestream media.” Palin seems to be just one more personality joining what seems to be a larger trend in our society. We’re moving on from television to watching content via the internet.

Why Amazon's Unlimited Photo Storage Is Such a Big Deal

If you didn't already have Amazon Prime, it's hard to imagine why, but with the addition of free unlimited photo and video storage, it's become a no-brainer. More than just a Dropbox assassin, the latest addition illustrates the real core of Amazon's plan to win:

Diary Of A Cord Cutter In 2015 (Part 6: HBO Goes Over-The-Top)

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is the world’s most pirated show, according to new data from anti-piracy solutions provider Irdeto out today.

Should You Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service is now available , offering access to 600,000 book titles and 8,000 audiobook titles for $10 a month. You can start a free trial today, but if you'd like to know immediately whether this is the digital borrowing service for you, we've got the answer: Read more...

Amazon has the GoPro Hero5 Black digital camera on sale for $150 off

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro is the undisputed king. From the original cameras all the way up to the Hero5 and Hero6, no one has been able to take the crown. Unfortunately, that's also meant that GoPro cameras have never been the cheapest option. But thanks to Amazon,

Become an Excel power user with this $15 app

Microsoft Excel may be an important tool for businesses and a requisite for people in analytical professions, but that doesn’t change the fact that it's more esoteric than a poetry book and more vanilla than angel food cake. But what if you could give Excel a shot in the arm,

'Luke Cage' Season 2 does the impossible and makes Iron Fist kind of awesome

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Luke Cage Season 2.When the news dropped that Finn Jones would reprise his role as Danny Rand, A.K.A Iron Fist in Luke Cage Season 2, the internet was less than enthused. 

Dave Matthews, please leave Cardi B's music alone

If you thought you would go your whole life without hearing "Dave Matthews" and "trap music" mentioned in the same sentence, I'm so sorry for what you're about to see.

Here's your chance to win a Super NES Classic Edition

Anyone who played the SNES growing up probably has the experience etched into their brains: sitting side-by-side with your Mario Kart opponents or Donkey Kong comrades, basking in the hypnotic glow of a CRT screen, fingers furiously mashing controller buttons.

The discovery of the first known manta ray nursery was a happy accident

The world’s first confirmed manta ray nursery was found thanks to some good luck.Marine scientist Joshua Stewart,

Amazon deals for Friday: Save on Amazon Fire TV Cubes, GoPro Hero5 cameras, 'Jurassic Park' on Blu-r

Happy Friday! With the weekend here, it's time to bask in the glow of some really good deals on Amazon that could make your weekend even more relaxing and enjoyable.SEE ALSO: Get two Fire HD 7 and Fire HD 8 tablets for kids from Amazon and save $50Amazon has a few deals on its devices,

The New England blizzard looks like a monster from space

The nor'easter that has shut down much of New England ion Tuesday s reaching its great arms into regions over both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, sucking moisture into the powerful storm. 

Sam Altman just paid a startup $10,000 to one day kill him — and preserve his brain

Dying is for plebes. Paying a startup to euthanize you so that it can one day, maybe, bring back a digital copy of your mind? Now that's for tech kingmakers like Sam Altman. SEE ALSO: Y Combinator's Sam Altman wishes San Francisco was more open-minded, like ChinaAccording to MIT Technology Review,

There's a Michael Scott quote to sum up every college major

The beloved Michael Scott parted ways from The Office in 2012, but his many legendary quotes are still celebrated to this day.Daniel McCrystal, a clear fan of the NBC comedy, recently discovered that there's a Michael Scott quote to perfectly sum up every college major, and WOW, it is something. 

云存储公司 Box 的故事:过去和未来

近日传闻称 Box 去年收入超过 2 亿美元,这家云存储公司在推出 50GB 免费套餐后曾出现在我们视线中,但实际上它是个企业级云存储服务提供商。记者瑞秋·金整理了他对 Box 管理团队的采访,回顾了公司历史,并展望了未来。

设计模式学习之-状态模式 - 骑蟋蟀的蝈蝈





今年以来,微软不断拿出免费实惠增强产品对用户的吸引力。今年6月,微软宣布Xbox用户就可以免费使用Netfli […]

莫名收两千美元设备退还无果被解雇 Comcast公开向该客户致歉


Flickr 歡慶十年, iPad 版上線並新推 Wall Art 相片掛畫印刷服務

Flickr 至今已經推出十年,近年也因應使用者行為轉移到行動設備積極推出行動設備版本,繼 Android 、 iPhone 版本後,近期也再推出 iPad 版本,使使用者能夠使用市場熱門的行動設備使用 Flickr ,希望使用者無時無刻都能夠體驗 Flickr 以雲端相機膠捲自居的用心。

Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon play 'Chopsticks' better than you

Chevy Chase and Jimmy Fallon have a lot in common: They're both funny, musically inclined and have injured handsSo when Fallon got a request during Wednesday's Tonight Show to play a little ditty on the ol' piano, Chevy lent a few fingers.





除了与乐视合作外 北汽又与美国初创公司Atieva推电动汽车

据海外媒体报道,位于美国加州的电动汽车公司 Atieva 与北汽合作推出一款纯电动概念车,新车将于 2016 年 4 月北京车展正式发布。

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