Google Assistant multi-step routines are now live in the U.S.

Google Assistant is about to start doing more without quite as much talking on your part. Long-awaited multi-step routines are just today starting to roll out to users in the U.S.,as first spotted by Android Police. In the case of “Good Morning,

Lime continues to battle San Francisco’s electric scooter decision

Electric scooter and bike-share company Lime is not giving up on San Francisco. This afternoon, Lime plans to protest on the steps of SF City Hall to petition the city’s scooter selection process.

Disney invests $15M in educational gaming app Kahoot at a $360M valuation

When Kahoot, the startup that operates a popular platform for user-generated educational gaming, raised $15 million in October of this year, we mentioned that Disney might take a larger stake in the company, beyond the small investment it took after Kahoot passed through the Disney Accelerator.

Niantic reportedly raising $200M at $3.9B valuation

Pokémon Go creator Niantic is raising a $200 million Series C at a valuation of $3.9 billion according to a report from Katie Roof at the WSJ. The round is expected to be led by IVP with participation from Samsung and aXiomatic Gaming.

Existential education error: Failing to train students on software

Although many of the milestones of the digital revolution have sprung directly from the research output of America’s colleges and universities, on the instructional side, American higher education has taken a laid-back approach.

Pimcore closes $3.5M for its open-source data platform to expand in the US

Pimcore, an open-source platform for data and customer experience management which has emerged out of Austria, has closed $3.5 million in a Series A funding led by German Auctus Capital Partners AG. The funding will be used for its US expansion. Pimcore is aimed at any channel, device,

Goldex raises $1M for its marketplace app for ‘ethical’ physical gold trading

Goldex, a trading app that claims to power so-called ‘ethical pricing’ for retail gold investments, says it has now raised over £1M ($1.25M) in a pre-series A round led by a group of angels and institutional investors.

Nvidia’s limited China connections

Another round of followups on Nvidia, and then some short news analysis. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms. This is a rough draft of something new – provide your feedback directly to the author (Danny at if you like or hate something here.

A gentle critique of the new Coinbase index fund

Coinbase recently announced they are launching an index fund. Long term, this is very good for the industry and the Coinbase Index fund is a great first step. There are concerns, however, and before launching Coinbase should address some of the minor mistakes and major flaws noted below.

EasyEmail is autocomplete for Gmail

Despite wave after wave of startups continues vowing to kill email, electronic mail has never been stronger. It seems the best way to live with emails is to let AI steal the job of writing them. EasyEmail, emerging from Y Combinator’s latest batch,

Twitch will now give Prime users free games each month

A bit of fun news for Amazon/Twitch Prime users: you’re going to get some free games each month. Twitch has just announced Free Games With Prime, a program in a similar vein as Microsoft’s Games With Gold on Xbox Live, or Sony’s offerings alongside Playstation Plus. In short: each month,



如何评价 “Yahoo News Digest” 的设计?

Yahoo News Digest 较好地拓宽了我们对待移动端信息展示的视角与思路,新闻本就是一种典型的多层次,多级别的层次化信息形式;将海量信息进行有效的重新结构化,尽可能优雅地展现给阅读者,不仅降低了读者的阅读难度,也更加能够突出新闻主体,同时兼顾信息完整性;达到由浅入深,全面但不失条理清晰的阅读体验。

Idina Menzel is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl

NBC and the NFL have tapped Idina Menzel and John Legend to kick off Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix on Feb. 1 with two separate pre-game performancesMenzel, the voice of the inescapable Frozen song "Let It Go," will sing the National Anthem,

Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi, A New Browser For Power Users

Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner is launching the first preview of Vivaldi today, a new Chromium-based browser that is squarely aimed at power users. Vivaldi features tools like Quick Commands for using written commands instead of the mouse,



你会swap吗,按值传递还是按引用? - foreach_break


Apple TV指南:从零开始用Swift开发个tvOS应用

这篇文章主要介绍了如何在Apple TV上开发一个名为tvOS的App,以及关于tvOS的一些相关的定义,最终呈现给用户一个非常有趣的界面。

Homemade lightsaber made with laser can cut wires and destroy things

To become a true Jedi you have to construct your own lightsaber...and that's exactly what 23-year-old YouTuber Drake Anthony (a.k.a. styropyro) did.Inspired by Allen Pan's flamethrower lightsaber, Anthony decided to put his own spin on the Jedi weapon using a 7-watt blue laser in place of fire.

These 50-foot mountains of glass make the Israeli desert look like another planet

In the Israeli town of Yeruham, located in the middle of the barren Negev desert, colorful mountains of glass reach 50 feet into the air. The Phoenicia Glass Works Ltd. factory, which both recycles old glass bottles and makes new ones from sand hauled in from the surrounding area,

创业之路,败给了毫无商业道德的无耻二道数据贩子--聚合数据( - 青葱老王

新近经历了一次创业,在轻信了新科兰德号称“国内最具专业性数据集大成者”的聚合数据平台(之后,在被坑得体无完肤、损失过百万之后,创业宣告失败。 公司刚刚解散、团队也亦散伙;此刻,决定静下心来,好好整理,这一段历程,得与失。 ㈠、创业:组队、产品方向 人TM随着年龄渐长,难免容易追亿往昔

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