Trump wants to create a military branch called 'Space Force' and the internet lost it

Apparently the U.S. military isn't big enough, and it needs to expand into space.During a speech at a Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego on Tuesday, President Trump said that the United States needs a "Space Force," because we obviously need to protect ourselves from the threats of the galaxy. 

The Life Cycle of a Meme

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How to stream Apple's March 25 streaming service announcement

One of the worst-kept secrets in tech over the past year or so is that Apple is gearing up to launch a video streaming service akin to Netflix. It's one of the few services Apple doesn't offer at this point, so the news is hardly a surprise.Still, Apple hasn't officially announced it just yet.

What to expect from Apple's March 25 event, from TV shows to news subscriptions

Apple is rolling out the red carpet for what could be a serious Netflix competitor. The iPhone maker will broadcast an event from its Cupertino headquarters at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 25. Rumors have swirled around the tech world for months about Apple beefing up its services business.

Why Facebook waited 3 months to disclose its latest privacy screw-up

Facebook is all about making the world more open and connected, except perhaps when it comes to sharing its own colossal privacy screw-ups with its more than 2 billion users.

RVR, the customizable bot that you can make do many, many things

Sphero is out here trying to make customizable bots super fun by giving you an insane amount of creative and technical freedom. That's where RVR comes in. The bot, which by now has been fully funded on Kickstarter, is a kid-friendly bot that you can change into just about anything with some code.

Woman asks Tinder for tech support with her Wii, and it actually worked

Turns out that sometimes, Tinder is good for something other than unsolicited dick pics and catfishing.  Twitter user @meggzsalad was having a bit of a struggle with her Wii when the images on-screen were only showing in black and white.

America can literally run on Dunkin' with these new shoes

Coffee isn't the only workout fuel Dunkin' has to offer— they have shoes now, too. The classic shoe brand Saucony has once again collaborated with Dunkin' on a pair of branded running shoes. In preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15,

Amazon Prime subscribers can now get free games

Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free games every month with Twitch's new Free Games With Prime program.Starting on Thursday, Amazon Prime subscribers who have linked up their Twitch accounts, get to download a collection of free games every month. The first batch of games,

The New England blizzard looks like a monster from space

The nor'easter that has shut down much of New England ion Tuesday s reaching its great arms into regions over both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, sucking moisture into the powerful storm. 

Sam Altman just paid a startup $10,000 to one day kill him — and preserve his brain

Dying is for plebes. Paying a startup to euthanize you so that it can one day, maybe, bring back a digital copy of your mind? Now that's for tech kingmakers like Sam Altman. SEE ALSO: Y Combinator's Sam Altman wishes San Francisco was more open-minded, like ChinaAccording to MIT Technology Review,

Google just released its previously Nexus 5-exclusive "Google Now Launcher" for all stock Android de

Google just released its previously Nexus 5-exclusive "Google Now Launcher" for all stock Android devices. That includes the always-listening-at-least-when-you-are-on-the-homescreen Google Now functionality. You can go grab it on the Play Store.Read more...    

分析称iPhone 6指纹识别功能将有巨大提升

与苹果合作的蓝宝石厂商 GT Advanced Technologies 几天前刚刚暗示,苹果的下一代旗舰智能手机,也就是我们习惯称呼的 iPhone 6 将会在秋季发布。也就是说,今年的 iPhone 6 仍将会延用苹果自 iPhone 4s 以来的发布周期。


RadiumOne的创始人兼CEO Gurbaksh Chahal于昨日被公司解雇,理由是其家暴所带来的恶劣影响。据悉,去年夏天,他在30分钟内狂踢女友117次,仅被判罚25小时社区服务,但在本月初对家庭暴力指控认罪。



App Annie:美国互联网零售指数,揭示三大趋势


环游地球感受精彩 一起来细数本周新作看点




There Are a Thousand Pieces and a Thousand Colors In this Cruel Puzzle

What limited entertainment there is to be had from a puzzle is directly correlated to how challenging it is. Five hundred pieces forming a bowl of fruit still life makes for a pleasant afternoon challenge,

Battlefield Hardline 推出!艾露貓即場試玩評測

期望多時的 Battlefield Hardline 終於在昨日正式推出,EA 為隆重其事,亦特意在港舉行了發佈會,請一眾傳媒即場試玩。 艾露貓當然也不錯過今次機會,與大家分享一下玩後感:The post Battlefield Hardline 推出!



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