FLOTUS to reportedly meet with social media companies about cyberbullying

First lady Melania Trump is sticking to her campaign promise to crack down on online harassment and cyberbullying. She's reportedly meeting with major players in social media and tech next week to see what can be done. 

Start a career in VR game development with these e-learning bundles

Virtual reality gaming is having a moment. It's either because people are treating it as escapist entertainment, or because immersing yourself in an alternate dimension is just too darn amusing not to get hooked. Whatever the case may be, there's no better time than now to join in on the VR craze.

Here's how to set up a VPN and protect your data

On today's internet, having at least some level of protection is essential.A VPN or virtual private network is a tool to get an extra layer of protection — it essentially masks your connection while encrypting your data.

What Amazon got right about smart speakers that Facebook won't

Just hours after Amazon surprised us with more new Alexa-enabled gadgets than we can count, word broke that Facebook's voice-activated smart speaker (reportedly called "Portal") is apparently back on — and launching as soon as next week. Suddenly,

7 best cat toys to delight your pet for hours

There isn’t one way to describe your cat’s daily activities. They’ll hide in Amazon Prime boxes, or drink from toilet bowls. One thing most pet parents can agree on though is that cats need engaging playtime. If your feline is bouncing off the walls or scratching furniture,

YouTube just made a major change to its trending page

Days after shuttering its dedicated gaming app, YouTube made some more big changes to how users discover content. Now, YouTube’s trending tab breaks down what's popular in five categories: music, live, gaming, news, and movies.SEE ALSO: YouTube will close YouTube Gaming,

Cryptocurrency exchange claimed it was 'practically impossible' to hack. It was hacked.

I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised. But still, they did say it would be practically impossible. The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Zaif suffered a major hack last week. It issued a statement on Thursday stating that approximately $59 million worth of bitcoin, bitcoin cash,

Joana Ceddia went viral and brought back the spirit of old YouTube

Joana Ceddia is blowing up right now. You might have stumbled across a video of her hacking off her hair with craft scissors in her parents' bathroom, or watched her break down the contents of her school backpack to reveal a watermelon wedge and a stray parka like an unboxing video gone wrong. 

Sean Bean finally reveals what Ned Stark's final words were

As the joke goes, Sean Bean is really good at dying. But he's never died better than in his performance as Ned Stark. (Let's just say heads literally rolled.)But a question has plagued the Game of Thrones fandom ever since that fateful scene in Season 1, Episode 9.

Trump wants to create a military branch called 'Space Force' and the internet lost it

Apparently the U.S. military isn't big enough, and it needs to expand into space.During a speech at a Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego on Tuesday, President Trump said that the United States needs a "Space Force," because we obviously need to protect ourselves from the threats of the galaxy. 

Amazon Prime subscribers can now get free games

Amazon Prime subscribers can now receive free games every month with Twitch's new Free Games With Prime program.Starting on Thursday, Amazon Prime subscribers who have linked up their Twitch accounts, get to download a collection of free games every month. The first batch of games,

Game Over: 'BioShock' Creator Irrational Games Shuts Down

In an abrupt announcement, Irrational Games has decided to permanently close after 17 years. The video-game studio, whose most-popular gaming franchise is first-person shooter BioShock, revealed the news in a letter on the company's website"I am winding down Irrational Games as you know it,

The gates of hell open in this time-lapse video

I just came across this cool old time-lapse video made by scientists from the US Geological Survey: The collapse of the crater floor of the Puʻu ʻŌʻō, one of the cones of the Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii.Read more...    

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In the Game of Hacks, you win... or you get hacked

How sharp are your coders when it comes to security? Checkmarx has launched a new game for developers that tests their knowledge of common code vulnerabilities.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/05/in-the-game-of-hacks-you-win-or-you-get-hacked/





Microsoft releases 'Analog Keyboard' on Android Wear for when you can't talk to your wrist

Apple’s R&D Department Conjures A Pop-Up iPhone Home Button Joystick

Apple has a new patent application that describes a pop-up home button which can work as an analog joystick. The patent, uncovered by Patently Apple, describes how the button goes from recessed standard mode to extended gameplay-readiness based on specific types of pressure input.



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