Bali will shut off mobile internet for a religious holiday

Each year, the entire island of Bali in Indonesia goes completely quiet for Nyepi, otherwise known as the "Day of Slience."The island's only airport is shut, as people keep off beaches and streets, keeping lights and noise to a minimum on a day intended for self-reflection.SEE ALSO:

The 10 best gifts for new and old 'Doctor Who' fans

Doctor Who fans are especially hard to shop for.Like many franchises, Doctor Who has a plethora of official and unofficial material that directly relates to the show — Blu-rays, comics, books, audio adventures, and more — but in the case of Doctor Who, there's just so much of it.

Facial recognition tech spreads to car rentals

Why take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face, verify your identity, and send you on your way in 30 seconds?That's what Hertz rental cars is asking with its new partnership with Clear,

102-year-old woman may just be the oldest skydiver ever

This badass lady didn't let her age stand in the way of a thrill. Irene O'Shea became what seems to be the oldest person to skydive at 102 years old and 194 days. The previous oldest skydiver, according to news reports, was Kenneth Meyer, who landed a jump in 2017 at 102 years and 172 days. 

Facebook is still trying to find new places to put ads

It might seem like there's already tons of ads on Facebook, but the company is still searching for new places to put more of them. The latest method that's materializing is in search results, where Facebook is now experimenting with ads, the company confirmed. SEE ALSO:

Cosmonauts brought a knife to a spacewalk

Let's be honest, spacewalks, as a whole, can be pretty boring to watch. Yes, it's one of the most dangerous things an astronaut or cosmonaut can do in space: floating out into the void with just a relatively thin spacesuit to protect them.But at the end of the day,

Puma is reissuing a 1986 fitness-tracking 'smart shoe'

The nostalgia carousel keeps going round and round, and brands have happily hopped on for the ride.Puma announced Monday that it would reissue a little-known shoe with a technical twist from 1986: the RS-Computer Shoe. The shoe, then and now,

At the Google hearing, Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s long-awaited Congressional hearing took place on Tuesday.Pichai testified before Congress on Google+ data breaches, the controversial Chinese-censorship friendly search product, and perceived anti-conservative bias. But,

Chinese reporter's viral eye roll gets censored on social media

China's annual "two sessions" meetings are as serious as they come when it comes to political affairs.Taking place in Beijing, the event predictably gets extensive coverage in China. Yet a viral eye roll by reporter Liang Xiangyi has upstaged the stony-faced gathering,

'Last Jedi' star Laura Dern loves to pew, pew, too

What's the hardest thing a Star Wars actor must endure? Is it the pressure of starring in the highest-grossing film series of all time? Is it all that grueling stuntwork?Nope.

YouTube's solution to scary conspiracy theories: Wikipedia

YouTube is the place to find the TRUTH about 9/11, the moon landing, vaccines, and the healing power of crystals. And by truth, we mean conspiracy theories from guys with the username red_pill75. At SXSW on Tuesday,

Watch the Metrodome Implode and Crumble to the Ground

After being voted the number one worst stadium in the United States by Time in 2012, Minnesota's iconic Metrodome has received its just reward: complete and utter destruction.Read more...    

ARM’s Q1 financials show revenue is up 10 per cent

The company’s profit before tax was also up by 9 per cent, but there was weaker news on the royalty revenue front.Read more:

shell基础篇(二)-shell变量 - li0924

1. 定义变量1).定义变量时,变量名不加美元符号($),如: var="hello world"2).注意,变量名和等号之间不能有空格,这可能和你熟悉的所有编程语言都不一样。

Flurry of Scans Hint That Bash Vulnerability Could Already Be In the Wild

The recently disclosed bug in bash was bad enough as a theoretical exploit; now, reports Ars Technica, it could already be being used to launch real attacks. In a blog post yesterday,

iOS 8 Adoption Stalls At 47% Of Users After Three Weeks

Three weeks after Apple released the latest flavor of its mobile operating system, adoption of iOS 8 has stalled at 47% of users — creeping up only one percentage point since September 21, the last time Cupertino reported the stat on its App Store Distribution page. Read More


10月22日,金投赏“2015最具期待数字媒体竞标会”现场,汇集了人人、百度、网易等众多互联网公司,有超过200位来自品 您可能也喜欢: 【资讯】中国社会化媒体管理公司时趣获得千万美元C轮融资 【平台资讯】人人公司CMO江志强(Alvin Chiang)年底离任,转任公司顾问



暴雪在台湾起诉刀塔传奇 违反著作权及商标法


An American millionaire is saving lives in the Mediterranean

ABOARD THE M.Y. PHOENIX, in the Mediterranean Sea — It's dawn on the Mediterranean but it's already baking hot and the humidity is oppressive. The sea is a perfect blue. The only sounds are the hum of the engine and the swells lazily slapping against the hold of the Phoenix.

'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5' is broken and you shouldn't play it

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a broken and poorly assembled game. It's not worth your time or money, and for fans of the series it's little better than a quarter-baked doppelganger of older, much better games.You really don't need to read any further,

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