Bali will shut off mobile internet for a religious holiday

Each year, the entire island of Bali in Indonesia goes completely quiet for Nyepi, otherwise known as the "Day of Slience."The island's only airport is shut, as people keep off beaches and streets, keeping lights and noise to a minimum on a day intended for self-reflection.SEE ALSO:

Reporter used spit to fix hair and Twitter can't handle it

Pity the remote reporter who has no control when the feed goes live and catches him or her in a vulnerable moment.This happened to NBC's Matt Bradley who was broadcasting a live spot from Syria about the fight against ISIS. When the feed switched over, unbeknownst to Bradley,

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence dropped in on a popular NYC gay bar and partied hard

Patrons at the popular New York City gay bar Pieces got a big surprise on Friday night when ho-hum music superstar Adele and one of her besties, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, dropped by for some drinks and some fun. SEE ALSO:

Save up to 30% off bed and bath must-haves during The Home Depot’s Spring Savings

It’s been a loong winter with way too much time spent binge-watching in bed. All the more reason to strip those stale sheets, replace your threadbare towels, and hit up The Home Depot’s online-only Spring Savings.  Think high-quality basics: super-soft sheets, bath mats,

Wow: U.S. gov't warns there's a spring flood risk for two-thirds of the Lower 48

In Nebraska and Iowa there's a brown sea where there should be homes, roads, gas stations, and open country. Historic floods have deluged vast swaths of the Midwest — even flooding a third of the U.S. Air Force base that houses the nation's critical U.S. Strategic Command.

High school performs 'Alien' as a play and it looks spectacular

If you need proof that kids these days are alright and amazing, simply cast your eyes on the students at New Jersey's North Bergen High School who put on a stage play version of the classic sci-fi horror film Alien. 

The next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge some Apple accessories

While Apple fans are getting hyped up for the big March 25 event, a new report circulating the web is already hinting at a new feature for the next iPhone model.SEE ALSO:

Thousands of Brexit protesters flood the streets of London calling for new referendum

As the tire fire that is Theresa May's handling of Brexit continues to burn, a crowd pegged at around a million people flooded the streets of London on Saturday, protesting the disastrous policy and calling on a new referendum. SEE ALSO:

Chinese reporter's viral eye roll gets censored on social media

China's annual "two sessions" meetings are as serious as they come when it comes to political affairs.Taking place in Beijing, the event predictably gets extensive coverage in China. Yet a viral eye roll by reporter Liang Xiangyi has upstaged the stony-faced gathering,

'Last Jedi' star Laura Dern loves to pew, pew, too

What's the hardest thing a Star Wars actor must endure? Is it the pressure of starring in the highest-grossing film series of all time? Is it all that grueling stuntwork?Nope.

YouTube's solution to scary conspiracy theories: Wikipedia

YouTube is the place to find the TRUTH about 9/11, the moon landing, vaccines, and the healing power of crystals. And by truth, we mean conspiracy theories from guys with the username red_pill75. At SXSW on Tuesday,





Ray Kurzweil谈机器变人和长生不老

我认为,要想理解Ray Kurzweil这个人,理解加速回报定律是个关键。加速回报定律认为,技术能力呈指数性增长的趋势,即每一年技术的能力就会翻番。这是他进行很多预测的基础。

LINE whoscall登上Windows Phone排行榜冠軍 再談App服務全平台發展

台灣團隊的LINE whoscall登上windows phone排行榜冠軍(看 LINE whoscall windows phone 版介紹),排名也高於 Microsoft Office Lens與Nokia Here地圖,過去大多數App服務僅發展單平台或雙平台,為什麼LINE whoscall要發展至目前仍未普及的Windows Phone呢? 


投资机构:Blackstone Group 涉及行业:基金行业 事件属性:募集设立 655500万 美元 2014年5月30日,黑石亚洲房地产基金募集完毕,规模大约为65.55亿美元。 ...

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Says Without The iPhone, A Carrier “Is Shit”

It probably goes without saying, but: carriers love them some iPhones. For anyone who comes into the store with an iPhone in mind, the two-year contracts pretty much write themselves. Carrier execs would rarely speak too bluntly about that fact,

Full steam ahead with Windows 10 phone preview builds scheduled for monthly updates

With leaks in the Windows 10 preview dam of secrecy, it seems like Gabriel Aul of the Windows Phone team has decided to get out in front of the eventual flood.

It's Way Too Easy to Build Your Own Gun From eBay 

You can find just about anything you want on eBay, from duct tape to Kim Kardashian's old clothes. It's a magical place! It's also an online retailer violating its own rules, as well as California law, because you can easily buy and sell assault weapons parts on the website. Read more...

Today's Best Deals: $10 Sonicare, Wireless Earbuds, and a Lot More

We've got deals on our favorite keyboard, some of the best wireless earbuds you can buy, one of the most popular external USB chargers we've ever posted, and a lot more, so dig in. Read more...


感谢巨硬网的投递不久前,GeekWire 的同学们偶然发现微软注册了“Selawik”这个商标,备注为"用于显示和打印数字字体设计、 排印装帧和字符字体的计算机软件"。目前尚不清楚的这是什么鬼,但肯定非同一般的软件应用吧。

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