Eddie Redmayne has paid a moving tribute to Stephen Hawking

The news that legendary physicist Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday morning brought a flood of tributes.SEE ALSO: Not just a brilliant scientist,

Hashtag about a world without Twitter is trending... on Twitter

If we're being honest, tweeting about what the world would be like without Twitter is peak 2019. And, yet, here we are, with #InAWorldWithoutTwitter trending on an early Spring Saturday.

Reporter used spit to fix hair and Twitter can't handle it

Pity the remote reporter who has no control when the feed goes live and catches him or her in a vulnerable moment.This happened to NBC's Matt Bradley who was broadcasting a live spot from Syria about the fight against ISIS. When the feed switched over, unbeknownst to Bradley,

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence dropped in on a popular NYC gay bar and partied hard

Patrons at the popular New York City gay bar Pieces got a big surprise on Friday night when ho-hum music superstar Adele and one of her besties, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, dropped by for some drinks and some fun. SEE ALSO:

Save up to 30% off bed and bath must-haves during The Home Depot’s Spring Savings

It’s been a loong winter with way too much time spent binge-watching in bed. All the more reason to strip those stale sheets, replace your threadbare towels, and hit up The Home Depot’s online-only Spring Savings.  Think high-quality basics: super-soft sheets, bath mats,

Wow: U.S. gov't warns there's a spring flood risk for two-thirds of the Lower 48

In Nebraska and Iowa there's a brown sea where there should be homes, roads, gas stations, and open country. Historic floods have deluged vast swaths of the Midwest — even flooding a third of the U.S. Air Force base that houses the nation's critical U.S. Strategic Command.

High school performs 'Alien' as a play and it looks spectacular

If you need proof that kids these days are alright and amazing, simply cast your eyes on the students at New Jersey's North Bergen High School who put on a stage play version of the classic sci-fi horror film Alien. 

The next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge some Apple accessories

While Apple fans are getting hyped up for the big March 25 event, a new report circulating the web is already hinting at a new feature for the next iPhone model.SEE ALSO:

These are the best robot mops according to Amazon reviews

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Robot vacuums have seriously taken over the internet,

Google to ban cryptocurrency ads in June

Google will ban any cryptocurrency- or initial coin offering (ICO)-related ads starting in June, the company announced in an update to its Advertising Policies document. According to the document,

Not just a brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking was a pop culture juggernaut

Stephen Hawking got plenty right about the universe, and that even extended to his thoughts on pop culture."The Simpsons is the best thing on American television," the late astrophysicist said on BBC's The Culture Show, reflecting on his appearance on the hit animated series back in 1999.SEE ALSO:

三星Galaxy S5和HTC One (M8) 对比测评

感谢安卓应用谱的投递Galaxy S5和HTC One (M8) 除了机身材质以及做工之外,两部手机还有更多值得探讨的地方,下面我们来看由Android Authority撰写、安卓应用谱全文翻译的三星Galaxy S5和HTC One (M8) 对比测评!

[多图]IBM 3D打印机打印出世界上最小的杂志封面


Vodafone Reveals Warrantless Wiretapping

Charliemopps writes "According to Vodafone, multiple governments have installed equipment that collects data on its customers without a warrant. This includes metadata, location data, and voice. They say, "In a small number of countries,

PSA: Hackergroup 'DerpTrolling' has hacked Windows Live, PSN, and 2K Gaming (UPDATED)

項鍊 T-Shirt:輕鬆穿出休閒時尚

合宜的飾品能將一件普通的衣服襯托得別具特色,對於整體造型來說總是有畫龍點睛的絕佳效果,為了省去你站在衣櫃前想老半天該如何搭配飾品的麻煩,設計師Ninette Ellmann設計出多款項鍊與衣服結合的趣味T-Shirt,讓你輕鬆穿出設計感,不用再為穿搭想破頭拉~森林小鹿遊走中~即將重獲自由的小鳥閱讀全文

Flickr公布拍摄设备流行度 诺基亚手机大幅下降



其实之前 @Michelle在别的题目里已经回答过类似的问题了:苏州园林和日本园林之间有什么相似和不同?


借助 Google 推出的 Android Auto 平台,微信做到了让你可以放心的开车,同时不错过朋友发来的信息,而且还可以方便的回复。略微让我感到遗憾的是,目前 Android Auto 仅支持把文字微信转换成语音,并不支持语音微信直接外放。

TNS Provides Pan-Asian Telecommunications Network for Global Payments

HONG KONG -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TNS, a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions, is providing a Pan-Asian telecommunications network for Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services. The best-in-class network,

豐澤時代廣場旗艦店 4 大重點影音友必睇

話說艾域平日走入大大小小的商場時, 雙腳總是無法避免地行進大型電器連鎖店,雖則好多時都只是「攪攪陣無幫襯」,但就勝在可以一次過能夠睇足各式各樣數碼以至家電產品。

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