Eddie Redmayne has paid a moving tribute to Stephen Hawking

The news that legendary physicist Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday morning brought a flood of tributes.SEE ALSO: Not just a brilliant scientist,

Hackers are reportedly inserting porn into 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Lately it feels like the wholesome world of Nintendo just keeps getting increasingly horny, what with all the revelations about Mario's nipples, genitals, and Luigi's enormous schlong. We even wrote about the sexual undertones of some great Super Mario Odyssey photo mode screenshots ourselves. 

Here’s the fundamental flaw with self-driving cars: Humans

The safety driver in a self-driving Uber was not being very safe — aka, not paying attention — when the vehicle in autonomous mode struck and killed a woman in an Arizona city earlier this year, police records show.

The real hero of 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' was this cute headbutting dinosaur

Spoilers ahead, but they're very small, like Compsognathus.Chris Pratt has the abs, smile, and square jaw. But the real hero of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is Stiggy the Stygimoloch.Yes, the adorable dinosaur headbutted its way into our hearts by saving our heroes and kicking villain butt,

Watch the trailer for the last episode of 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown'

"It is considered enlightening and therapeutic to think about death for a few minutes a day," Anthony Bourdain says in the preview for the final episode of Parts Unknown, Season 11. "Life is but a dream."As the world continues to mourn the esteemed late travel documentarian,

The only people left in my Snapchat feed are two Snap employees

Opening Snapchat lately feels like peering into the back of a dark, old wardrobe, and finding nothing but dust. I still receive the odd enjoyable one-to-one or group Snap, but Snapchat's desolation shows, badly, in the stories feed.SEE ALSO:

'Luke Cage' Season 2 totally nails how New York City would treat a superhero

One of the coolest things about Netflix’s Marvel series is that it takes its New York City setting very seriously. The characters live at believable addresses, walk down identifiable streets,

Apple Just Ruined Its Most Expensive Apple Watch

Read more...More about Apple, Apple Watch, Mashable Reels, Sn Reels, and Tech

These are the best robot mops according to Amazon reviews

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Robot vacuums have seriously taken over the internet,

Google to ban cryptocurrency ads in June

Google will ban any cryptocurrency- or initial coin offering (ICO)-related ads starting in June, the company announced in an update to its Advertising Policies document. According to the document,

Not just a brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking was a pop culture juggernaut

Stephen Hawking got plenty right about the universe, and that even extended to his thoughts on pop culture."The Simpsons is the best thing on American television," the late astrophysicist said on BBC's The Culture Show, reflecting on his appearance on the hit animated series back in 1999.SEE ALSO:

Avoid Stagnation: Acceleration Trumps Incubation

Interest in startup accelerators and incubators has exploded in the past several years, but how effective have they been? One thing that has become clear is that “incubator” and “accelerator” refer to two very different models for startup workspaces,

Nokia MixRadio目前在中国问世

可掌上发现众多全球音乐人才的Nokia MixRadio目前在中国问世北京2014年3月28日电 /美通社/ -- 在向中国乐迷努力宣传的活动中,诺基亚 (Nokia) 于今天推出了免费的音乐流服务 Nokia MixRadio。


惠普公司今日宣布,公司首席执行官兼总裁梅格·惠特曼(Meg Whitman)被任命为公司董事长。惠特曼于2011年1月加入惠普董事会,并在2011年9月出任惠普首席执行官兼总裁。


苹果在弗林特表演艺术中发布了iPhone 6与iPhone 6 Plus两款手机,以及智能手表Apple Watch。与之前的传闻稍有不同,iPhone 6并非air和pro两个版本,变成了iPhone 6和Plus,而iWatch则成为Watch。



酒驾太可怕 男子喝醉骑电动车撞墙身亡 - EdithYang




Fragrance Du Bois首次将意大利高档香水品牌Xerjoff引入东南亚

新加坡2015年4月10日电 /美通社/ -- Fragrance Du Bois 在其位于新加坡浮尔顿酒店 (Fullerton Hotel) 的旗舰精品店宣布,意大利高档香水品牌 Xerjoff 首次登陆东南亚市场。 位于新加坡浮尔顿酒店的Fragrance Du Bois旗舰精品店。  

Adorable kid takes off his top hat to shake Queen's hand

LONDON — One was impressed or one was not impressed? We'll never know what the Queen thought about the moment when a young boy walked up to her and shook her hand, but we think it's pretty sweet.See also: Sloths, cowboy boots and horse sperm:

惠普:8 月 1 日至 6 日间不会向客户发货

如果你最近有准备去买惠普家东西的话,最好赶在 8 月前下单喔。官方今天宣布,为筹备即将到来的公司分拆活动,在 8 月 1 日至 6 日这段「转换」期内将不会为消费者及分销商发货。

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