Tech companies, stop marketing my period to me in millennial pink

My period is a dark, viscous, murderous red. Yet tech companies keep selling me products to control it, all cast in that mellow-cool shade of my generation: millennial pink.

Hashtag about a world without Twitter is trending... on Twitter

If we're being honest, tweeting about what the world would be like without Twitter is peak 2019. And, yet, here we are, with #InAWorldWithoutTwitter trending on an early Spring Saturday.

Reporter used spit to fix hair and Twitter can't handle it

Pity the remote reporter who has no control when the feed goes live and catches him or her in a vulnerable moment.This happened to NBC's Matt Bradley who was broadcasting a live spot from Syria about the fight against ISIS. When the feed switched over, unbeknownst to Bradley,

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence dropped in on a popular NYC gay bar and partied hard

Patrons at the popular New York City gay bar Pieces got a big surprise on Friday night when ho-hum music superstar Adele and one of her besties, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, dropped by for some drinks and some fun. SEE ALSO:

Save up to 30% off bed and bath must-haves during The Home Depot’s Spring Savings

It’s been a loong winter with way too much time spent binge-watching in bed. All the more reason to strip those stale sheets, replace your threadbare towels, and hit up The Home Depot’s online-only Spring Savings.  Think high-quality basics: super-soft sheets, bath mats,

Wow: U.S. gov't warns there's a spring flood risk for two-thirds of the Lower 48

In Nebraska and Iowa there's a brown sea where there should be homes, roads, gas stations, and open country. Historic floods have deluged vast swaths of the Midwest — even flooding a third of the U.S. Air Force base that houses the nation's critical U.S. Strategic Command.

High school performs 'Alien' as a play and it looks spectacular

If you need proof that kids these days are alright and amazing, simply cast your eyes on the students at New Jersey's North Bergen High School who put on a stage play version of the classic sci-fi horror film Alien. 

The next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge some Apple accessories

While Apple fans are getting hyped up for the big March 25 event, a new report circulating the web is already hinting at a new feature for the next iPhone model.SEE ALSO:

Stephen Hawking had a brilliant response when asked if he had an equation for time travel

Stephen Hawking's sense of humour is well-documented.SEE ALSO: The world reacts to the death of the much-loved Stephen HawkingFollowing the death of the legendary cosmologist on Wednesday, the Twitter account "Letters of Note" shared a letter he wrote to The Face Magazine in 1995.

Here are the last things Stephen Hawking wrote on Reddit

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking may have passed away Wednesday morning, but the legacy he left will be felt for many years to come.Once the news of his death had reached Reddit, a thread about the legendary scientist was started on the r/science board.

Discover new bands with this vinyl record subscription club

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Okay we'll admit it: We've really been into vinyl record subscriptions lately.


均衡营养才是合理的营养   1、什么是平衡膳食  平衡膳食是指用多种食物营养来满足营养的需求。


CNET科技资讯网 3月21日 特别报道(文/梁钦):德普特,有人把它成为一个山寨面板工厂,但是德普特集团董事长廉健对此不以为然,与英特尔建立合作已经无需他去解释什么。





Pinterest Acquires Team From Hike Labs, Including Google Reader, Blogger Veteran Jason Shellen

Pinterest today scored two notable new hires with the acquisition of a small, two-person startup known as Hike Labs, which had been developing a mobile publishing application called Drafty. But Pinterest says this was not a technology deal – rather,

Facebook Messenger占到全球网络电话流量10%

北京时间4月23日消息,据科技博客网站Techcrunch报道,Facebook Messenger(以下简称“Messenger”)不仅仅想取代短信,还想取代电话。


作者:@Jessica Misener/编译:MC 1.

It Was Inevitable: Someone Taught a Neural Network To Talk With Romance Novels 

Computer scientists studying machine learning have trained artificial intelligence using human knowledge of the, uh, carnal variety. Read more...




“微信扫码兼职,薪资待遇:100个以内,1元/个,100个以上1.2元/个。结算工资以净关注数为准,取消关注不结算。”日前,一位美食圈资深人士告诉广州日报记者“吃喝玩乐 IN ××”的公众号在朋友圈转出这样一条“诡异”的招聘信息。难道微信扫码兼职“加关注”的生意堂而皇之地进入了朋友圈,丝毫不顾忌会被封号?

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