Tech companies, stop marketing my period to me in millennial pink

My period is a dark, viscous, murderous red. Yet tech companies keep selling me products to control it, all cast in that mellow-cool shade of my generation: millennial pink.

Tropical Cyclone Nora intensifies off Australia's northern coast

While Australia's been dealing with the year's strongest storm on one side of the country, another tropical cyclone is ramping things up in the north.Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Nora continues to intensify toward a Category 3, reports the Bureau of Meteorology,

More than 150 whales strand themselves on Western Australian beach

Only 15 short-finned pilot whales are alive after a mass stranding event which saw more than 150 of them stranded on the West Australian coast.Volunteers, veterinarian staff and wildlife officers made their way to Hamelin Bay early on Friday morning, working to ensure their survival. SEE ALSO:

Unusual smoke-breathing elephant baffles scientists

For scientists conducting long term research on tigers and their prey, catching an elephant smoking is a rather strange sight.That's what they discovered when they visited camera trap locations around India's Nagarahole National Park.

7 wild moments from Playboy playmate's CNN interview about alleged Trump affair

Today in the world is a dumpster fire, CNN aired a revealing interview with ex-Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, who alleges she had an intimate relationship with President Trump over 10 years ago.Trump has denied the affair,

These teams are competing to create devices that can extract water from thin air

Clean water is a necessity, but as recent events in Cape Town have shown, securing it isn't so easy.That looming challenge has led to a competition called the Water Abundance XPRIZE. It's getting teams to build technology which can extract a minimum of 2,

Sloppy VPN mistake reportedly exposed DNC hacker as Russian spy

Even Russian spies apparently make mistakes when it comes to VPNs.Like Guccifer 2.0, the self-proclaimed hacker apparently responsible for burrowing into the Democratic National Committee computer network, then sending stolen emails to WikiLeaks.According to a new report by The Daily Beast,

Pup doesn't approve of violent video games

Usually it's parents who disapprove of violent video games. In this case, it was the family dog. YouTuber Zane Schwartz posted this video of his mom playing Call of Duty WWII. His mom enthusiastically gunned down the enemy, blood splatter and all. His dog, on the other hand,

Stephen Hawking had a brilliant response when asked if he had an equation for time travel

Stephen Hawking's sense of humour is well-documented.SEE ALSO: The world reacts to the death of the much-loved Stephen HawkingFollowing the death of the legendary cosmologist on Wednesday, the Twitter account "Letters of Note" shared a letter he wrote to The Face Magazine in 1995.

Here are the last things Stephen Hawking wrote on Reddit

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking may have passed away Wednesday morning, but the legacy he left will be felt for many years to come.Once the news of his death had reached Reddit, a thread about the legendary scientist was started on the r/science board.

Discover new bands with this vinyl record subscription club

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Okay we'll admit it: We've really been into vinyl record subscriptions lately.






上月底公布的一份调查数据显示,欧洲创业公司的融资情况已经从2001年的低谷当中走出来了。这份来自Dow Jones VentureSource的报告表明来自欧洲的创业公司在2014年第二季度总共获得了超过28亿美元的风险投资。


今日美國影藝學院宣佈,宮崎駿獲得第六屆奧斯卡終身成就獎,對他超過五十年動畫事業的肯定。老對手再度得到表揚,高畑勳又會如何回應?The post 宮崎駿拿了奧斯卡,高畑勳如何反擊? appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Interviews: Ask Reuben Paul What Hackers Can Learn From an 8-Year-Old

Reuben A. Paul, aka RAPstar, has something of a head-start when it comes to learning about computer security: his father, Mano Paul, has been a security researcher (and instructor) for many years. So Reuben grew up around computers, seeing firsthand that they're neither mysterious nor impregnable.

Lumia 830《Lumia Camera》更新 新增HDR

威智网11月28日消息,根据外媒 MyNokiaBlog 报道称,微软移动Lumia 830内置《Lumia Camera》应用今天迎来升级。全新版本号已升至5.0.1.11,为用户带来了期待已久的动态闪光灯功能以及常规修复。  


这个问题和我们之前遇到的问题很相似,直销商和代理商的利益冲突。我这里列举几种解决方法,当然,前提是你已经做好功课,认为网络渠道和代理渠道都不可舍弃。 1.

苹果开设儿童区App Store: 让你做个好家长


Linux Shell脚本面试25问

[视频]5.25秒:Collin Burns创下WCA三阶魔方速拧新纪录

据外媒报道,一位名叫Collin Burns的年轻人,再次将Rubik's Cube的三阶魔方速拧记录减少了0.3秒。在上周末于美国宾夕法尼亚州Doylestown举办的“世界魔方协会(WCA)官方挑战赛”上,他创下了5.25秒的新世界纪录。

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