Everything You Need to Know About the Storm That Could Ruin Your July 4

For much of the East Coast, it's going to be a wet and breezy Fourth of July, thanks to the first tropical storm of the season — plus a cold front pushing in from the Midwest. This means many fireworks displays will be postponed (sorry, kids).But first, here's the latest on Tropical Storm Arthur.

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Tropical Storm Bill headed toward Texas coast

The National Hurricane Center says little change in strength is likely before Tropical Storm Bill makes landfall in Texas on Tuesday morning.The storm's maximum sustained winds remain near 50 mph (85 kph) and Bill is expected to weaken as its center moves inland.See also:

Tropical Storm Arthur, First of the Atlantic Season, Forms Near Florida

Tropical Storm Arthur has formed off the coast of Florida. The track forecast of the first storm of the North Atlantic season, while still involving a high amount of uncertainty, takes the storm northeastward off the South Carolina coast,

Live Updates: Tropical Storm Iselle Makes Rare Landfall in Hawaii

Tropical Storm Iselle is lashing the Big Island of Hawaii with winds close to hurricane force, high waves up to 25 feet in height as well as heavy rain. It is predicted to move across the Big Island, interacting with the nearly 14,000 foot tall peaks of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa,

14 killed, thousands displaced by Madagascar tropical storm

At least 14 people were killed over the weekend when the island nation of Madagascar was battered by a tropical storm, officials said Monday.Tropical storm Chedza has displaced more than 36,000 Madagascans, said the National Office of Risk and Catastrophe Management.

Tropical Storm Cristobal Is Coming, But We Don't Know Where It's Going

The National Hurricane Center says there is a high likelihood that Tropical Storm Cristobal will form near the Bahamas over the next day or two,

Tropical Storm Erika causes devastating flooding in Dominica

Tropical Storm Erika may be weak, with sustained winds of just 50 miles per hour, but heavy rains from the storm have been wreaking havoc on Dominica, a tiny island of the Lesser Antilles on the Caribbean.Powerful,

Ana upgraded to tropical storm as it pushes up the southeast coast

Ana muscled up to a tropical storm early Saturday as it plodded toward the Carolinas, threatening to push dangerous surf and drenching rains against the Southeast U.S. coast weeks ahead of the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season.The storm was centered at 11 a.m.

After Striking Okinawa, Vongfong Weakens to Tropical Storm Over Mainland Japan

Typhoon Vongfong, once the most intense tropical cyclone on Earth in 2014, has weakened to a tropical storm as it races northeastward over mainland JapanThe storm is still packing gusty winds and heavy rain, with flooding and mudslides its greatest threat,

Texas braces for new round of floods as Tropical Storm Bill sloshes ashore

The weather is messing with Texas in extremely rare ways with a waterlogged Tropical Storm Bill making landfall on Tuesday morning between Houston and Corpus Christi, threatening to bring another foot of rain to a state that saw its wettest month on record during May.In fact,

Why Florida should prepare for Tropical Storm Erika, but not panic

Tropical Storm Erika was a minimal storm as of Wednesday morning, with maximum sustained winds of just 45 miles per hour. It is cruising toward an encounter with parts of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. The question on every Floridian's mind, though, is what the storm will do next.

The 10 best gifts for new and old 'Doctor Who' fans

Doctor Who fans are especially hard to shop for.Like many franchises, Doctor Who has a plethora of official and unofficial material that directly relates to the show — Blu-rays, comics, books, audio adventures, and more — but in the case of Doctor Who, there's just so much of it.

Facial recognition tech spreads to car rentals

Why take out your wallet and photo ID if a camera and software program can scan your face, verify your identity, and send you on your way in 30 seconds?That's what Hertz rental cars is asking with its new partnership with Clear,

102-year-old woman may just be the oldest skydiver ever

This badass lady didn't let her age stand in the way of a thrill. Irene O'Shea became what seems to be the oldest person to skydive at 102 years old and 194 days. The previous oldest skydiver, according to news reports, was Kenneth Meyer, who landed a jump in 2017 at 102 years and 172 days. 

Facebook is still trying to find new places to put ads

It might seem like there's already tons of ads on Facebook, but the company is still searching for new places to put more of them. The latest method that's materializing is in search results, where Facebook is now experimenting with ads, the company confirmed. SEE ALSO:

Cosmonauts brought a knife to a spacewalk

Let's be honest, spacewalks, as a whole, can be pretty boring to watch. Yes, it's one of the most dangerous things an astronaut or cosmonaut can do in space: floating out into the void with just a relatively thin spacesuit to protect them.But at the end of the day,

Puma is reissuing a 1986 fitness-tracking 'smart shoe'

The nostalgia carousel keeps going round and round, and brands have happily hopped on for the ride.Puma announced Monday that it would reissue a little-known shoe with a technical twist from 1986: the RS-Computer Shoe. The shoe, then and now,

At the Google hearing, Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s long-awaited Congressional hearing took place on Tuesday.Pichai testified before Congress on Google+ data breaches, the controversial Chinese-censorship friendly search product, and perceived anti-conservative bias. But,

Study Finds Humans Have Dozens of Universal Expressions

Ask a woman from a remote village in Bhutan to act as if she's embarrassed, amused or awed, and chances are, a teenage boy in the United States could guess exactly what emotion she was portraying.Human beings have dozens of universal expressions for emotions,

'Sherlock' Returning for Season 4 and a Special, But No Details Yet

Sherlock fans knew this news was coming, but that doesn't make it any less brilliant: The show is returning for a three-episode Season 4 and a special, too."Of course, it's far too early to say what's coming, but we're reasonably confident that the very next thing to happen to Sherlock and John,

JPMorgan CEO Seeking Treatment for Throat Cancer

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, a feisty leader who steered the banking company through the perils of the Great Recession, is battling throat cancer.The condition is considered to be curable, according to a memo to JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees and shareholders that Dimon released late Tuesday.



东京--(美国商业资讯)--三菱工程塑料株式会社(Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation)(总公司:东京都港区;总裁:喜嶋安彦)已开发出一种高介电树脂,将相对电容率大约提升至8。

Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear 時尚耳道耳機在台上市


Pulp 2.5业已发布,包含了对Docker库的管理

Pulp是一种程序库内容管理工具,它支持RPM、Debian、Puppet模块,现在还开始支持Docker库。该项目已经发布了2.5版本,包含了一些缺陷修正,以及管理Docker库的新插件。 By Carlos Sanchez Translated by 侯伯薇

Monday's college football championship was the most-watched cable broadcast ever

A ridiculously huge number of people watched Ohio State defeat Oregon in the college football national championship on Monday night, a reminder that TV isn't quite dead yet, thanks primarily to live sports.More than 33 million viewers tuned in during the game,


没有。问这个问题的知友显然不太明白“收购”是在干什么,何种情形下才会成功。我结合这个假设简单谈谈。资金侧: 我们认为华为的手机部门一直处于0利润或微利状态,收购必须全部依赖通信设备业务的利润。

500彩票网重申具有在线售彩资质 自愿暂停彩票销售

北京时间4月7日消息,500彩票网(NYSE: WBAI)今天再次发布声明,对4月3日的声明作出进一步说明。500彩票网重申,公司是中国财政部在2012年批准的、代表中国体育彩票管理中心提供在线彩票销售服务的两家实体之一。

The cutest #TBT flashback with the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

Before dominating the pitch on a world stage, the women of the U.S. national soccer team were tough little girls playing in neighborhood parks and backyards.

It's the Final Sunday Puzzle, People. Let's Talk Tubers.

The Martian is a book by Andy Weir about how potatoes will become the first food crop on Mars. Alright, it’s about more than that, but anyone who has read Weir’s novel knows potatoes get plenty of mentions. Anyway, the point is: This week, in honor of Mark Watney’s space spuds,

高通展示Halo无线充电技术 实现汽车无线充电

提到高通,大家想到什么,高通移动处理器、高通通信芯片,还有高通 Qi 无线充电技术,对吗?人家的汽车无线充电技术也是牛逼闪闪的。  

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