Public sector procurement issues revealed by report

A Cabinet Office report on its Mystery Shopper Service has revealed that many buyers and sellers are reporting on-going issues with the public sector IT procurement process.Read more:

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Public sector procurement issues revealed by report

A Cabinet Office report on its Mystery Shopper Service has revealed that many buyers and sellers are reporting on-going issues with the public sector IT procurement process.Read more:

Government Digital Services Framework spend totals £2.3m

Figures reveal that the government has awarded nine contracts via the Digital Services Framework (DSf), spending a total of £2.3m.Read more:

NHS ditches Microsoft, Google Apps drastically improves Clinical Research Network

The Clinical Research Network (CRN), an NHS body, has claimed that moving away from Microsoft towards Google has improved communications and collaborations.Read more:

Tech SMEs to government: You're just not listening

The government has more work to do if it is to reach its SME spending targets, according to software company Softwire’s managing director, Zoe Cunningham.Read more:

The growth of on-demand cloud computing

This HP whitepaper charts the development of the cloud on-demand computing concept and shows how important it is for addressing the demand for business agility and growth. Read more:

A Wearables Startup Playbook

The rise of mobile broadband, commodity sensors, smartphone-based companion apps, virtualized manufacturing and supply chain, crowdfunding, and nimble design have converged to make wearables mainstream. With the category now validated as a strategic hotspot for all major corporations and platforms,

Should the Rich Be Able to Buy Places on Clinical Trials?

"But you have missed the bigger idea!" exclaimed Peter Lanciano, grabbing the pepper grinder and banging it on the table. "The problem isn't how to get my drug into Mr Pepperpot. The problem is how to protect me from being sued if Mr Pepperpot dies."Read more...

De-risking digital transformation

Businesses that protect against vulnerabilities and secure their data are more likely to have a successful digital transformation.

IBM launches AI bias tool

The firm's new tool can analyse how and why algorithms make decisions in real time.

A vision of workforce enablement

By using innovative technology and the latest insights, your business can improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

The best Usenet providers

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when looking at binary newsgroups is finding a provider with fast servers who keeps copies of binary files uploaded to Usenet for as long as possible (retention period).

ISVs help elevate today’s enterprise apps

Independent software vendors can aid businesses in re-building their apps and preparing them for the digital economy.

Microsoft launches Hololens to businesses

New HoloLens applications should help bring the device into the office.

Three technologies transforming the legal field

Embracing new technologies can help law firms gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Amazon stands ground on kids' in-app purchase issue

Amazon has objected to proposed FTC fines and additional record keeping and disclosure requirements related to in-app purchases made by children.Read more:

Canada brings in antispam law

A new Canadian antispam law went into effect yesterday causing a storm of last-minute ‘please opt-in’ emails from legitimate companies to flood Canadian inboxes.Read more:

Chrome plugin aims to emulate Facebook emotion experiment

Fancy running your own experiment with positivity or negativity in your news feed? Well, now you can thanks to a New York-based programmer.Read more:


外国概念机设计者施密特以其革命性的概念机闻名,尤其是三星和苹果产品,他尤为擅长,他之前已经设计了好几款的概念 iPhone,继上次为我们带来了一款 iWatch 之后,最近他为我们带来了其最新设计的第二款 iWatch,而这款概念穿戴式手表似乎和之前别人流出的概念机有很大的不同。  

Amazon:男性玩家好胜心强于女性 常向他人“炫耀战绩”


'Delirium' Fans: The Pilot You Thought You'd Never See Is Coming to Hulu

Fans of Lauren Oliver's cult YA series Delirium will soon get to see the show that they thought was forever lost in the network pilot graveyard.Hulu today released a trailer for the pilot, starring Emma Roberts, which the service will stream exclusively for 30 days starting June 20.SEE ALSO:

【XFounder Night】与沈南鹏、徐小平一起狂欢!

Hi 创业者! 【TechCrunch国际创新峰会】将在8月11日—12日于北京盛大开幕,来自全球的明星创业者和行业大佬将汇聚在北京朝阳规划艺术馆。这不仅仅是一场国际化的创业盛典,同时也是全球创业者的相聚与狂欢。

混合型设备的大潮难挡 苹果将会如何面对?

8 月 21 日消息,IDC 日前发布新的报告显示,亚洲市场的平板手机出货量已经超过了平板和笔记本。IDC 表示目前出货的 7 和 8 英寸 mini 平板均带有蜂窝语音功能。





视频演讲: 从技术细节看美团的架构




Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals underway in Redmond

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, an annual competition for teams of young technology students, is entering its final week after tens of thousands for teams from around the world have been competing up to this point since last September.

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