Public sector procurement issues revealed by report

A Cabinet Office report on its Mystery Shopper Service has revealed that many buyers and sellers are reporting on-going issues with the public sector IT procurement process.Read more:

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Public sector procurement issues revealed by report

A Cabinet Office report on its Mystery Shopper Service has revealed that many buyers and sellers are reporting on-going issues with the public sector IT procurement process.Read more:

Government Digital Services Framework spend totals £2.3m

Figures reveal that the government has awarded nine contracts via the Digital Services Framework (DSf), spending a total of £2.3m.Read more:

NHS ditches Microsoft, Google Apps drastically improves Clinical Research Network

The Clinical Research Network (CRN), an NHS body, has claimed that moving away from Microsoft towards Google has improved communications and collaborations.Read more:

Tech SMEs to government: You're just not listening

The government has more work to do if it is to reach its SME spending targets, according to software company Softwire’s managing director, Zoe Cunningham.Read more:

The growth of on-demand cloud computing

This HP whitepaper charts the development of the cloud on-demand computing concept and shows how important it is for addressing the demand for business agility and growth. Read more:

A Wearables Startup Playbook

The rise of mobile broadband, commodity sensors, smartphone-based companion apps, virtualized manufacturing and supply chain, crowdfunding, and nimble design have converged to make wearables mainstream. With the category now validated as a strategic hotspot for all major corporations and platforms,

Should the Rich Be Able to Buy Places on Clinical Trials?

"But you have missed the bigger idea!" exclaimed Peter Lanciano, grabbing the pepper grinder and banging it on the table. "The problem isn't how to get my drug into Mr Pepperpot. The problem is how to protect me from being sued if Mr Pepperpot dies."Read more...

Box moves Europe HQ to London

Expanded Old Street office opens in show of support for the capital.

UK government failing to boost STEM skills

NAO report highlights shortcomings when it comes to STEM training.

Half a million Chrome users hit by malicious extensions

Four Chrome extensions detected as using unsafe JavaScript, security experts warn.

Oracle issues patch for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Release comes with 237 security fixes for a number of Oracle products.

Google launches program to train entry-level IT support professionals

Google and Coursera will offer a number of courses on a wide variety of IT topics.

Fake accounts dominate the cyber-crime landscape

More than one in nine of all new accounts opened in 2017 were fake.

Kaspersky reveals 'most advanced' Android spyware

Skygofree malware reportedly allows attackers to steal WhatsApp messages from unsuspecting victims.

Amazon stands ground on kids' in-app purchase issue

Amazon has objected to proposed FTC fines and additional record keeping and disclosure requirements related to in-app purchases made by children.Read more:

Canada brings in antispam law

A new Canadian antispam law went into effect yesterday causing a storm of last-minute ‘please opt-in’ emails from legitimate companies to flood Canadian inboxes.Read more:

Chrome plugin aims to emulate Facebook emotion experiment

Fancy running your own experiment with positivity or negativity in your news feed? Well, now you can thanks to a New York-based programmer.Read more:




继月初的苹果WWDC 2014开发者大会之后,另一巨头谷歌,也将于本月底在美国旧金山市召开I/O 2014开发者大会,显然有些针锋相对的味道。



That Moment the U.S. Stopped Everything to Watch the Germany Match

June 26 was officially an unofficial federal holiday for Team USA fans.On Thursday, Team USA faced off against Germany in the last match of Group G in the World Cup, a tense match that determined the U.S. Men's National Team's (USMNT) fate in the rest of the tournament.

Google Unveils Working Prototype for Project Ara

Google developers got a peek at a Project Ara prototype on Thursday, an early look at the modular phone project Google initially announced in FebruaryPaul Eremenko, the head of Project Ara, said that the prototype was "tethered to a laboratory bench" a few weeks ago,

GM Recalls 7.6 Million More Vehicles

After recalling more than 17 million vehicles so far this year in the United States, General Motors on Monday announced its largest-yet recall of another 7.6 million cars and light trucks spanning 17 years.

2代Maxwell新品:Nvidia发布GeForce GTX 980 / 970

今年2月的时候,Nvidia接连推出了首批桌面版Maxwell架构的显卡产品——入门级的GeForce GTX750和750I。不过今天,该公司已经发布了更加给力的产品——GeForce GTX 980和970。尽管其架构仍得益于初代Maxwell,但性能表现却更为优异。

华纳音乐仍看好流媒体音乐 但有前提 - 需付费

据Re/code披露,虽然人气女歌手Taylor Swift让Spotify等流媒体音乐平台受挫,但这并不阻止华纳音乐继续看好该种音乐服务模式,当然这是有前提的,那就是听众必须为所享受的服务付费。

NSAttributedString - 纯情的小公鸡


新的 Windows 10 手机版预览让你一试 Office 通用应用

又有新的 Windows 10 手机版预览上线了!

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