How artificial intelligence in hotel systems can remodel the hospitality business

Using AI’s inherent capability along with predictive analytics and natural language processing, the entire information management system is getting synchronised and highly optimised to deliver exceptional customer service.

DDoS attack site Webstresser taken down

Joint operation takes down site responsible for last year's DDoS attacks against high street banks.

AI in the UK: ready, willing and... stale?

By investing in home-grown tech companies and future talent, the UK could become a world leader in AI technology.

Time is of the essence for cash-based payments

If we don’t prepare properly, the transition to a largely cashless future could see the re-emergence of financial exclusion, which we thought had been vanquished in Western societies.

AI B2B market set to be worth $1.2 trillion this year

Business value gained from employing artificial intelligence will hit new high in 2018, Gartner estimates.

Google upgrades Gmail to offer greater productivity

Major G Suite update brings new functionalities including AI-powered features.

GDPR: One month to go - the industry speaks

Some of the technology world's top minds share their advice and opinions on GDPR.

Organisations urged to ante up versus cybercrime

Financial businesses in the UK need to up their security game to tackle the latest threats.

Cloud computing is the UK's top digital transformation tool

For IT pros in the UK, investment in cloud and hybrid IT is of the utmost priority.

Rewriting the code for ethics in software development

It is time for developers to consider the ethical obligations of their code.

GDPR non-compliance could spell the end for a third of businesses

Some businesses don't know where they store their data.

Broadcom 宣布将 VideoCore IV 上的 OpenGL ES 开源,Raspberry Pi 开发者得益

分类: 科技新闻Broadcom 宣布将 VideoCore IV 图像处理器 OpenGL ES 1.1 及 2.0 驱动程序的源始码公开。而重点就是,Raspberry Pi 所用的 BCM2835 SoC 也是采用了同样的 VideoCore IV,所以开发者以后在开发或修改驱动程序之时会有更大的自由度。


其实,你真想让学员对在线教学能有沉浸式体验还是不难的,教育内容、时长控制、语音组织、互动……搞定这个,体验就不 […]

NVIDIA Adds Open-Source Gallium3D Support For the Tegra K1

An anonymous reader writes "NVIDIA's latest rare open-source contribution is adding Gallium3D support for the Tegra K1 SoC to the Nouveau Mesa driver. After they added support for the Tegra K1's 'GK20A' Kepler GPU to the Nouveau DRM kernel driver,

中国超级计算机数量全球第二 多闲置少利用——信息图



从第一次看到 人类行为时空特性的统计力学 时接触Power-Law Distribution,距这次工作上真正要利用起来的时候,已快一年。这一次,我决定花一些时间,向大家介绍一下与此相关的一些东西。包括背景、概念,以及可能的价值。

传思科大规模重组 或影响2.5万名员工

据《印度时报》援引知情人士消息,思科公司正在对旗下路由器和交换机工程业务部门进行大规模重组,或将有2.5万名员工受到影响。据悉,思科将把多个工程团队重组为两大团队,归工程主管潘卡·帕特尔(Pankaj Patel)领导。

美为阿富汗购5亿美元军机 变废品每磅6美分卖出


CES展:LG OLED电视将全部转向4k 曲屏为主

LG 4K OLED曲面电视  如果你想等LG发布廉价的65英寸OLED电视机,那还不如买一台1080p的电视机,它比4K分辨率版本的电视机更省钱。  LG计划在2015年发布数款OLED电视机,尺寸分别为55英寸、65英寸和77英寸。

iOS--Swift开发中的单例设计模式 - 无敌至尊

最近在开发一个小的应用,遇到了一些Objective-c上面常用的单例模式,但是swift上面还是有一定区别的,反复倒来倒去发现不能按常理(正常的oc to swift的方式)出牌,因此搜索了一些帖子。

使用NPOI导入导出Execl - 夜雨孤寒

.Net中对Execl实际操作中,如果如果直接调用微软的Office组件,会碰到各种问题,为了避免这些问题发生,使用NPOI控件。这是款非常不错的第三方插件。 在项目中需要引用NPOI.dll文件,这个文件在网上下载一个就可以了。

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