Why businesses need to create a cloud-native culture

A cloud native approach allows CIOs to demonstrate the value that IT can bring to their organisation.

AI fails: why AI still isn’t ready to take your job

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, explores how recent artificial intelligence mishaps show that AI still isn’t ready to take our jobs just yet.

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

If you aren’t GDPR compliant you’re likely to be in some serious trouble in the next few months.

Amazon to add 1,000 UK jobs

Northern England, namely Manchester, is getting its first Amazon office.

Apple reportedly set to ditch Intel for Arm hardware

If it happens, it will happen in 2020 or 2021, new reports claim.

Scrutiny on the data supply chain

In the data supply chain, businesses within the financial services space need to understand and to audit what happens to the data across the process.

BlackBerry vs Facebook – a David vs Goliath conundrum

Earlier this year, BlackBerry sued Facebook in the US for infringement of multiple patents, relating to various aspects of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

Global cloud market set to soar in 2018

Hyperscale cloud providers gain market dominance as organisations turn to public cloud solutions.

The importance of getting more women into tech

Code First: Girls CEO Amali de Alwis discusses the issue as #PayMeToo campaign kicks off.

PC shipments fall yet again around the world

Lower demand and a component shortage resulted in weak PC sales worldwide.

Color Keyboard : 键盘自定义神器已更新

资深的越狱用户一定对于 Color Keyboard 比较熟悉,目前这款插件已经正式更新并支持 iOS 7。这款插件里内置了众多选项,用户可以对自己的键盘进行自定义。  


天拓咨询:2013中国教育行业上市公司生存状况分析 您可能也喜欢经典文章: 艾瑞咨询:2013-2014年中国在线教育行业研究 中国在线教育行业分布图谱 2014年1~3月中国移动游戏市场状况

iWallet 将至,苹果正与高端零售品牌展开合作

酝酿了许久,苹果终于开始要对移动支付市场展开实际的动作了。9to5mac 独家披露,苹果已经开始在和一些零售连锁集团的高管们展开磋商,打造移动支付服务。


CloudKit,是苹果在 WWDC 大会上发布的一个平台加强功能,这个架构将不得不完全从头做起,因为苹果收购 Parse 失败,Parse 是一间提供类似 CloudKit 功能服务的新公司。

[恶搞视频]原来iPhone 6长这样?

按照以往的惯例,人们会在下个月见到新一代iPhone手机的身影。随着时间的不断临近,人们对iPhone 6的好奇心也愈发地强烈,恨不得可以马上知道新手机的所有信息。

Four Charged With Stealing Army Helicopter Training Software

itwbennett writes: Four alleged members of an international computer hacking ring face charges in the U.S. of breaking into the computer networks of the U.S. Army and several tech companies and stealing several software packages, including programs used to train Army helicopter pilots,

Microsoft’s New Lumia 640 And Lumia 640 XL Ship With Office, Free Skype Calling

Microsoft has officially taken the wraps off two new Lumia smartphones: the 640 and 640 XL. Details of the two, low-end phones leaked out yesterday in advanced of today’s unveil. Read More


深圳2015年3月10日电 /美通社/ -- 豪鹏国际(纳斯达克股票代码:HPJ)今天宣布豪鹏国际锂电首席科学家程君先生将出席在3月9日至12日在美国佛罗里达州举行的第32届国际电池研讨展览会,并于3月10日作主题为《点状包覆材料及新型POM材料的研究进展》技术演讲报告。

Windows 10 build 10102 zh-CN has leaked onto the web (Now with en-US)

*UPDATE* EN-US has now leaked too. Original story follows.Yesterday saw Windows 10 build 10074 leak onto the web directly from Microsoft's own Windows Update servers. And today, another build of Windows 10 has leaked, this time not directly from Microsoft and in zh-CN.Build 10102,

又用無邊框設計!傳小米 5 將同時推出 6 吋 Plus 版本

繼鬥更纖薄的機身之後,最近中國不少廠商都開始推出各款無邊框手機,例如 ZTE 的 Nubia Z9 及 Oppo 的 R7 Plus 便是最好的例子。

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