Fujitsu looks to help public sector embrace the cloud

Launch aims to aid public sector organisations struggling with their cloud and hybrid IT strategies.

AI fails: why AI still isn’t ready to take your job

Howard Williams, marketing director at Parker Software, explores how recent artificial intelligence mishaps show that AI still isn’t ready to take our jobs just yet.

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

If you aren’t GDPR compliant you’re likely to be in some serious trouble in the next few months.

Amazon to add 1,000 UK jobs

Northern England, namely Manchester, is getting its first Amazon office.

Apple reportedly set to ditch Intel for Arm hardware

If it happens, it will happen in 2020 or 2021, new reports claim.

Scrutiny on the data supply chain

In the data supply chain, businesses within the financial services space need to understand and to audit what happens to the data across the process.

BlackBerry vs Facebook – a David vs Goliath conundrum

Earlier this year, BlackBerry sued Facebook in the US for infringement of multiple patents, relating to various aspects of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

Know your audience – the people behind the data

Developing a deep understanding of customers behaviours and preferences is the key to unlocking your data potential says Stuart Robb, CEO and founder of Equiniti Data.

Is "second office syndrome" hurting your business?

Remote working may not be as ideal as previously thought for some workers.

At the end of the yellow brick road is your mainframe

Next generation developers must be familiar with mainframes and know how to apply their skillset to maintain and improve legacy code.

Why businesses need to create a cloud-native culture

A cloud native approach allows CIOs to demonstrate the value that IT can bring to their organisation.



苹果在美加两国推iPhone 5电源键更换计划

苹果开始在美国和加拿大推行 iPhone 5 睡眠/唤醒键更换计划,原因是他们发现 2013 年 3 月生产的批次有“小部分”的电源键失常。


正如之前虎嗅文章所说, 你那高贵纯净的“朋友圈”很快将掺杂进腾讯微信推送的一条条广告……当然,其实它早已被各种微商甚至朋友的广告信息毁得不成样子,而现在庄家微信也来掺乎……朋友圈还会更好吗?

Windows 8.1 market share continues to drop, Windows 7 still on top

The web analytics firm NetMarketShare has released its latest set of numbers for the month of January, which aren't as bad as December. The firm made a blunder with December's figures, reporting a dramatic fall in Windows 8 market share as well as Internet explorer.

男子疑因丢手机情绪失控 持刀挟持妻儿被警员拘捕


Chromebook在教育市场攻城略地 销量超iPad


玩node-images模块---Node.js轻量级跨平台图像编解码库 - 小小平凡世界

Node.js轻量级跨平台图像编解码库 github: Features 功能特性轻量级:无需安装任何图像处理库。跨平台:Windows下发布了编译好的.node文件,下载就能用。方便用:jQuery风格的...


扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)正在想尽方法进入中国:上个月他邀请习近平为他未出生的女儿取名;他告诉网信办主任他在读习近平的著作,不仅他自己读,还介绍给朋友和同事;上周他在清华大学用口语严重的普通话做了20分钟演讲。

Google 发布 64 位 Windows 版 Chrome

Windows 7和8下的64位Chrome浏览器已经发布,目前仅存在于Chrome Canary和Chrom […]


北京时间8月15日消息,据外媒报道,飞行汽车与自动驾驶汽车都是科幻片中的乘客,那么它们俩到底谁能最先上路呢?在解答这一问题上,有的公司可不这样想,因为它准备将两者结合起来。  这家名为Terrafugia的公司已经默默研发飞行汽车十年了,现在它们想为飞行汽车添加最为流行的自动驾驶功能,真的是有够大胆。  虽然该公司名不见经传,但其已经推出过旗舰产品Transition,这款飞行汽车就像一架搭载了大轮胎和可折叠机翼的飞机。当然,眼下这样的产品只适合近往返于小型机场,驾驶者无法上路而且必须拥有一个非常大的车库。  因此,Terrafugia考虑未来推出一款可垂直起降的自动驾驶飞行汽车。

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