Does cryptocurrency have a transparency complex?

As more and more cryptocurrencies appear in the market everyday, there is further demand for transparency and verification from investors both new and existing.

How to Explain Net Neutrality To Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and explaining tech-related news stories to your parents and extended family because hey, you read a bunch of blogs and you even know what a yik-yak is! Read more...

Apple makes its cloud database service open-source

Individuals and businesses can now use FoundationDB in their own projects.

Windows 10 security features can be easily bypassed

Google's Project Zero team reveals Windows 10 lockdown bypass despite requests from Microsoft.

Is your business ready to go cognitive-first?

The businesses of the future will leverage intelligent apps and utilise the full toolkit of Big Data and analytics.

How the next generation of technology is combating cybercrime in the financial sector

Emerging technologies such as AI can be utilised to safeguard businesses against cyber threats.

A look inside the 'work from anywhere' future

The nature of work is changing but are organisations ready to embrace remote working?

eCall – why prioritising network traffic saves lives

Lifeline devices such as eCall have tremendous potential to help save lives as they reduce emergency response times.

ZTE fights back against US ban

Chinese firm slams decision to block sales of its products as 'unfair' and announces a legal battle.

Fujitsu looks to help public sector embrace the cloud

Launch aims to aid public sector organisations struggling with their cloud and hybrid IT strategies.

Is "second office syndrome" hurting your business?

Remote working may not be as ideal as previously thought for some workers.

At the end of the yellow brick road is your mainframe

Next generation developers must be familiar with mainframes and know how to apply their skillset to maintain and improve legacy code.


同意神乐的答案,信用卡交易分两部分,授权和清算(BASE i & BASE ii),持卡人涉及的部分只是BASE i---授权,也就是你在商户刷卡或者网上填写资料的那个动作。

很有优势!苹果用户信用卡绑定量是 Amazon 两倍

市场调研公司 Horace Dediu 在推特上发布了一张图表,展示了苹果进入移动支付领域的优势。首先,iTunes 活跃用户的数量是 Amazon 活跃用户数量的四倍,此外,Tim Cook 曾表示大多数 iTunes 账户绑定了信用卡。

入手 Bible!購買智能電視不能不知的 8 件事

究竟在選購 40 吋智能電視上,有什麼需要注意的地方呢?現時市面的 40 吋智能電視款式,又應該如何選擇?以下就讓小編為大家介紹一下啦。The post 入手 Bible!購買智能電視不能不知的 8 件事 appeared first on UNWIRE.



GNU Emacs 24.4 Released Today

New submitter Shade writes Well over one and a half years in the works, the latest and greatest release of GNU Emacs was made officially available today. Highlights of this release include a built-in web browser, improved multi-monitor and fullscreen support,



好个性的创可贴!不 这是最新血氧检测仪



了解并反映真实的互联网用户需求 什么是用户体验 感官体验:设计风格,网站logo,页面速度,页面色彩,动画效果 […]



Eclipse安装SVN插件及使用说明 - 流柯

1、下载Eclipse,如果没有安装的请到这里下载安装: ,关于Eclipse的下载安装不再赘述。2、下载SVN插件subclipse,安装方法有两种.在线安装和离线插件安装包。

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