Virtual assistants: The Veruca Salt approach to business - get whatever you want, just by asking

This year will be the year that voice and natural language interfaces become mainstream.

The best VPN for torrenting

Looking for a torrenting VPN? You’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft backs down from latest Edge warning

Software giant warned users when installing its competitor's browsers on Windows 10.

Taking a more intelligent approach to AI

Setting clear goals and objectives from the start is key to successfully implementing AI at your organisation.

Retail banking architecture needs to evolve

There are some major challenges that banks must tackle in the quest for agility.

How intelligent enterprises drive mobility innovation

Through a suite of intelligent technologies, businesses have the power to capitalise on mobility data.

The degrees of cloudiness for contact centres

When looking at a software solution, instead of asking the binary question: “Is it cloud based?”, the correct question to ask may be: “How cloudy is it?”.

Q&A with Leo Leung, Senior Director, Products & Strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on IaaS Trends

Organisations need to consider storage, network download and dedicated network connection prices why choosing an IaaS provider.

Does cryptocurrency have a transparency complex?

As more and more cryptocurrencies appear in the market everyday, there is further demand for transparency and verification from investors both new and existing.

Fujitsu looks to help public sector embrace the cloud

Launch aims to aid public sector organisations struggling with their cloud and hybrid IT strategies.

Is "second office syndrome" hurting your business?

Remote working may not be as ideal as previously thought for some workers.

Delete Clock 创意概念时钟 帮助您管理每天日程

视频演讲: 腾讯云应用加固 - 抗盗版神器


Jeff Bezos brings smiles to the faces of Amazon Kindle Fire users

Amazon's newest tablets will come with the fourth version of Fire OS, known as "Sangria" already installed, but it seems last year's models will also be shown some love.Read more:

p/invoke 碎片-- 对字符串的处理 - deeeeeed

字符串在内存中的的几种风格字符串作为参数和返回值参考字符串在内存中的几种风格 所谓的风格,也就是字符串在内存中的存在形式。如何存放的,占据内存的大小,还有存放顺序等。

Man buns are out, dog buns are in

The most notorious hairstyle for men in 2014, known both derisively and lovingly as the man bun, is officially over. Long live the dog bun.The dog bun, in which people — you guessed it — put their dogs hair in a bun, is a trend tracing as far back as three years ago.

Basement Lion Is What Makes LA Great

Hollywood's very own mountain lion is trapped in a basement right now. It's a bizarre wildlife vs urbanization conflict, but it's also indicative of what makes this city so special: its nature.Read more...


五一过后的 上班高峰期,在五道口三才堂附近成渝小吃店打工的小唐又回到了城铁站附近发传单,等到午饭时间,他又骑着 […]

iOS 9 将新增 Home 智能家居管理应用

传苹果将在下一代 iOS 9 中新增一款名为「Home」的应用,以管理和控制未来支持 HomeKit 框架的智能家居设备。


编者按:面对Sketch这样的新应用,谁都想直接达到到高效、高产、熟练的使用水平。所以今天@窒息红Leon 就来介绍关于 Sketch 的三个小诀窍,...

A Vine tour of Banksy's surreal new Dismaland theme park

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, England — A dreary and dystopian theme park opened in England's drizzly west country Thursday.Dismaland is subversive artist Banksy's latest, and biggest, UK show, and his twisted version of Disneyland doesn't disappoint.

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