The forgotten tech giant - Japan

Despite the much-deserved fame and success that Japan has had from its technological developments, in the ever-growing and often overly saturated conversation that is the startup world – it seems a somewhat forgotten market.

Apple makes its cloud database service open-source

Individuals and businesses can now use FoundationDB in their own projects.

Windows 10 security features can be easily bypassed

Google's Project Zero team reveals Windows 10 lockdown bypass despite requests from Microsoft.

Is your business ready to go cognitive-first?

The businesses of the future will leverage intelligent apps and utilise the full toolkit of Big Data and analytics.

How the next generation of technology is combating cybercrime in the financial sector

Emerging technologies such as AI can be utilised to safeguard businesses against cyber threats.

A look inside the 'work from anywhere' future

The nature of work is changing but are organisations ready to embrace remote working?

eCall – why prioritising network traffic saves lives

Lifeline devices such as eCall have tremendous potential to help save lives as they reduce emergency response times.

ZTE fights back against US ban

Chinese firm slams decision to block sales of its products as 'unfair' and announces a legal battle.

Virtual assistants: The Veruca Salt approach to business - get whatever you want, just by asking

This year will be the year that voice and natural language interfaces become mainstream.

Does cryptocurrency have a transparency complex?

As more and more cryptocurrencies appear in the market everyday, there is further demand for transparency and verification from investors both new and existing.

Fujitsu looks to help public sector embrace the cloud

Launch aims to aid public sector organisations struggling with their cloud and hybrid IT strategies.







[图+视频]李小龙正式加入《EA Sports UFC》

日前,EA Sports终于获得授权,在旗下格斗游戏《EA Sports UFC》中加入李小龙这一人物。玩家则可以通过两种途径解锁该人物。途径一:打败职业模式下的对手;途径二:直接购买该人物。

LG发布G Watch智能手表视频:能做到一切

LG本周发布了一段有关G Watch的新视频(根据9to5Google报道)。LG将于今年晚些时候推出这款采用Android Wear系统的智能手表,而Android Wear是谷歌专门针对智能手表开发的操作系统。


斯诺伐克是中欧的一个内陆国家,它拥有500多万名居民。近日,由于微软停止了对Windows XP的技术支持以及推出更加便宜的Windows 8设备,该市场2014年第一季度的PC出货量发生了21%的增长。



縮水版 Vibe Shot?Lenovo Z90 將改用 720p 螢幕

在上月舉行的 MWC 2015 上,Lenovo 發表了一款主打拍攝功能的新手機 Vibe Shot,其機身的鋁金屬外殼加上了獨特條紋,設計看起來相當不錯。

Android -- ADT变化&aar&Lint - 我爱物联网

Switch Caseswitch case 常用的使用方法: 在ADT中的改变在正常的 Android 项目中,资源R类里的常量是这样声明的: 然而,到 ADT 14为止,在 类库 项目中,他们会被这样声明: 原因在库项目中这些常量都不是 final 的。

Understanding The 3D Printing Ecosystem

Excitement about 3D printing has steadily accelerated over the past decade — but this excitement has largely outpaced innovation and development in the field. As a researcher in 3D printing technologies, I’ve built 3D printers using all of the major technologies,

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