UK targeted Isis with cyber warfare

GCHQ disrupted communication and operations with ongoing cyber-attack.

Saudi Arabia Is Building a 600-Mile Wall Along the Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia is building great wall — or rather, a great chainlink fence with razor wire — to "protect against ISIS" in Iraq this year. And it's far from the only country investing in very expensive walls right now, even though they probably won't work. Why?

Are marketing clouds finally ready to get social media right?

Software leaders are once again tipping their toes into social media but this time they're being considerably more cautious.

We must take data more seriously to deliver greater productivity

It's high time businesses and consumers realise the value of data.

SMEs look to RPA to improve GDPR compliance and staff productivity

It seems that many SMBs are already unlocking the power of RPA to improve efficiency, allowing them to use their best asset - their employees – to focus on and undertake more transformative activities.

Data: transforming the energy sector and generating customer loyalty through AI

AI and data analytics can provide energy service providers with greater insight into the wants and needs of their customers.

NHS to get £500m tech investment

Health secretary Matt Hancock stresses need for digital transformation in healthcare.

Too human? Keeping the personal touch in customer contact

Through automation and AI, contact centres can deliver even greater personalisation while reducing strain on employees.

Technology doesn’t mean you can forget the basics of customer service

There is no excuse to forget the basic rules of customer service; technology can be used to enhance this – not replace. So, what are these rules - and how can businesses get them right?

Santander launches blockchain-based international payments

New system allows for European transfers to be completed in one day and will soon be available in the UK.

Journey to the cloud: finding the right way

Finding the right managed services partner is an essential first step to your organisation's cloud journey.

Six steps to prevent data loss or theft

Organisations must think beyond the network perimeter and secure data wherever it travels or resides.

[组图]Wilson推“智能篮球” 助运动员分析自身优劣势


Metal premium version of Samsung’s flagship S5 will be called Galaxy F?

The alleged premium version of the S5 has had an image leaked, and is apparently set to be called the Galaxy F.Read more:


乔布斯对于触控笔的排斥众所周知,而最著名的一个场景,当是 2007 年 iPhone 发布会上,乔布斯扮鬼脸并说出的“No,没人愿意使用触控笔”。这一幕也被一部分果迷一直记在心里,并一直保持着和触控笔的距离。

Google 开放翻译社区 欲通过众包改善翻译质量

Google 将向所有用户开放翻译社区,希望语言专家与翻译人员可以帮助对目前的译文进行验证,帮助提升翻译质量。

Did you miss it? Here's our recap of last night's Microsoft MWC press event

It was rather an odd occasion, the official Microsoft conference at MWC 2015. At the biggest mobile trade show in the world, attendance is functionally mandatory, and this is almost exactly how Microsoft treated it.In a rather staid 40 min presentation, almost no new ground was covered.

近看微软 Spartan 浏览器的标记功能

微软 IE 的继任者 Spartan 在本周早些时候终于露出了真容,在平板模式下,用户可以使用手写笔直接在网页或其他文档中做标记。国外媒体 Neowin 深入体验了这个功能,一起来看~

微软启动Build Tour全球巡展 北京上海在内23个城市上榜

2015 年 Build 大会定于 4 月 29 日至 5 月 1 日在旧金山的 Moscone 艺术中心召开,每张门票的售价为 2095 美元,在一小时左右的时间内就宣告售罄。但受地理限制,很多人无缘参加本次大会,为此微软宣布举行 BUI ... ...

做一个 Instagram 上的网红是一种怎么样的体验?

有一句话能够描述绝大多数被羡慕的人:痛并快乐着。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

迷你书: ArchSummit会刊(201601)

本期内容精选了历届大会讲师有关从0到1构建互联网技术架构的案例,这个话题在最近一次 ArchSummit 全球架构师峰会的讨论群中讨论地非常热烈,大家分别从商业模式、技术选型、流量变现等角度给出了精彩的观点。 By InfoQ中文站


作为弗蓝人,小编绝对算是湖南卫视的资深脑残粉, 尽管它年年争议,但必须承认它年年红火的事实。 单看《我是歌手》、《爸爸去哪儿》、《奇妙的朋友》的机位安...优设哥向您推荐: AI教程!

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