UK targeted Isis with cyber warfare

GCHQ disrupted communication and operations with ongoing cyber-attack.

Saudi Arabia Is Building a 600-Mile Wall Along the Iraq Border

Saudi Arabia is building great wall — or rather, a great chainlink fence with razor wire — to "protect against ISIS" in Iraq this year. And it's far from the only country investing in very expensive walls right now, even though they probably won't work. Why?

Oracle slammed for underpaying women and minorities

Company alledgedly saved $400 million by paying women and people of colour less.

UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

Teachers believe technology helps with learning, but many don't feel confident using it

McAfee finds entirely new ransomware strain

Anatova is asking for DASH.

Over half of PC software is out-of-date

In many cases, the operating system itself is outdated.

Universities lead the way in public sector cloud adoption

Educational institutions are enjoying the scalability and agility cloud provides.

2018 hacks indicate importance of threat detection

Companies continue to fail to detect anomalous network activity, but it’s not often this kind of activity has been going on for so long without being flagged.

Why a ‘single-pane’ work experience is critical for enterprise success

Less is more when it comes to employee engagement, which is why businesses should consider implementing strategies that pull disparate systems into one destination.

Santander launches blockchain-based international payments

New system allows for European transfers to be completed in one day and will soon be available in the UK.

Journey to the cloud: finding the right way

Finding the right managed services partner is an essential first step to your organisation's cloud journey.

Six steps to prevent data loss or theft

Organisations must think beyond the network perimeter and secure data wherever it travels or resides.

In the New Age of Game Development, Gamers Have More Power Than Ever

Velcroman1 writes: "In the olden times before high-speed Internet, the game you purchased on day one was what you were still playing months later. Now we live in an era of day-one patches, hotfixes, balance updates, and more. Diablo III, for example,



Azure and NBC teamed up for a record breaking game day 'Super Stream Sunday'

While you were enjoying colorfully clad pop singers and dancing sharks during the Super Bowl last week, Microsoft's Azure Media Services team and NBC were hard at work on a record breaking stream of over 11 hours of content to 2.5 million unique users with a peak of 1.3 million concurrent viewers.

Denim update rolling out for the Lumia Icon on Verizon

The wait for the Denim update for the Lumia Icon on Verizon is finally over. After months of waiting for the Cyan update to reach the Icon, users will skip that update entirely and gain all of the features from Cyan, update 8.1.1 and Denim at once.

Phil Spencer回应玩家关于《战争机器》系列合辑时语带玄机

《战争机器(Gears Of War)》系列作品可以说是Xbox 360平台上表现最亮眼同时也是最具代表性的作 […]


Y Combinator 支持的公司 Instavest 希望帮助散户从其他人的聪明交易中获益,还想帮助投机老手通过分享交易数据来获利。 投资者可以在… Read More

The Fields of Italy Aren't Really This Red

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Italians had decided to grow nothing but poppies and tomatoes from this picture — but in fact you’re looking at an image from Sentinel-2A, where healthy vegetation shows up as red rather than green.Read more...

Extreme phone pinching is the hot new trend you probably shouldn't try

The Internet has found a new bizarre game, and it's called extreme phone pinching.To play, hold your phone over a precarious location — a toilet, a river, your local ravine. Then have someone snap a photo of you putting your device worth hundreds of dollars in harm's way. Fun, right?See also:



电击戒“网瘾”还不够 美国人发明“荒野治疗法”

长时间上网是否属于一种心理障碍?虽然心理健康专家对于这个问题的看法仍然莫衷一是,但网瘾治疗中心已经在美国各地遍地开花。  不少人哀叹说,随着人们上网的时间越来越多,科技产品将会主宰我们的生活。然而 ... .

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