Beloved British pub chain quits social media, tells customers to get their news the old-school way

In the era of brands competing for attention and affection on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, one British company has done the unthinkable—it's quitting social media completely. SEE ALSO: I'd love to delete Facebook,

Save up to $30 on the all-new (waterproof!) Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

Winter break must-haves: Hot chocolate (Baileys optional), a ridiculously big blanket, and books.Whether you're reading because it's your passion, because that one professor assigned a holiday reading list, or simply to get away from your extended family as they feud about politics,

Best gift ideas for people in long-distance relationships

Long distance relationships are the definition of bittersweet: Being away from your boo is basically torture, but the corny "absence makes the heart grow fonder" stuff is too true, and it's probably making you wonder when your life turned into a rom-com.While these relationships can be stressful,

Carrie Fisher gets exactly the kind of eulogy you'd expect from 'Family Guy'

The world lost Carrie Fisher almost two years ago, and on Sunday night Family Guy used the approaching anniversary of her death to finally lay Angela, the character she voiced, to rest.It's not the most touching set of parting words you'll ever hear, but this is also Family Guy.

Titans battle for earth in epic 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' trailer

Godzilla alone is intimidating, but it's just the tip of the iceberg in the new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The latest promo shows our titular monster facing off against multiple, massive monsters who have risen from myth and obscurity to take back the earth.

Not sure where to eat? Google Maps can now recommend places before you even search

Google Maps is going to start offering recommendations about where to eat and visit based on your interests.The popular mapping app is adding a personalized "For You" tab to the iOS app starting today and expanding the feature to more than 130 countries on Android,

Microsoft's new Edge browser will support Chrome extensions

It was rumored on Dec. 4 and then confirmed on Dec. 6 that Microsoft is giving up on its EdgeHTML rendering engine and embracing Google's Chromium for its Edge browser. Now we're hearing more detail about what to expect in terms of support as part of that transition.

Save $70 on the GoPro Hero 7 Silver on Amazon, just in time for your holiday vacation

The holidays usually means two things: gifts and some much-needed time off from work. If you're planning an epic trip to the slopes this winter, or are venturing off to someplace warm for surfing or some other extreme adventure, now's your chance to snag a GoPro on sale so you can capture it all.

A politician said Patrick Stewart was in 'Star Wars' and we are not having it

Ladies and gentleman, behold that most base of creatures, the politician trying to land a pop-culture reference.SEE ALSO: Ed Helms explains the controversial Kennedy cover-up unveiled in his new film 'Chappaquiddick'UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday,

Elon Musk's new plan involves a rocket and a party balloon

Guess what: Elon Musk has a new crazy idea. This time, thankfully, it doesn't have to do anything with boring tunnels. The SpaceX CEO now wants to "bring rocket upper stage back from orbital velocity using a giant party balloon".SEE ALSO:

Five-storey blue penis mural erected on a building in Stockholm

Yet another giant penis mural has popped up. Now, there's a sentence you weren't expecting to read. SEE ALSO: Enormous mural of erect penis briefly pops up in New YorkYou might recall an enormous pink penis appeared on the side of a building in Broome St.

Ask Slashdot: What To Do After Digitizing VHS Tapes?

An anonymous reader writes Now that I've spent close to a month digitizing a desk drawer's worth of VHS tapes, deinterlacing and postprocessing the originals to minimize years of tape decay, and compressing everything down to H.264,

研究称暗物质“缩水” 或破解天文界20年难题


36氪全球独家:Yik Yak A轮领投方DCM总部老大全面解读这个下一代Twitter

编者按:36氪全球独家专访了Yik Yak的A轮领投方DCM的全球老大David Chao(DCM联合创始人和董事合伙人),虽然David本人不愿对Yik Yak估值透露任何数据、发表任何评论,不过DCM在最新一轮的跟投说明他们是看好这家公司前景的,一起听听他的解读,它会是下一代Twitter么?

Galaxy A 系列最強手機!Samsung 將於 1 月 14 日正式發表 Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A 系列中的 Galaxy A3 及 A5 現時已於市面上推出,至於該系列的下一款新機亦應該很快便會登場。因為今日有韓國傳媒表示,Samsung 將會在 1 月 14 日於當地正式發表最新款的 Galaxy A7,而且其詳細規格亦已經曝光。




在回答这个问题之前,我们先要了解油门踏板的工作方式和涡轮增压的介入原理。电子油门踏板通过踏板的行程来传输电信号给ECU 经过ECU处理后对电动节气门的开度进行调整,从而达到控制发动机燃烧的结果。

Top Gear 最後三集變特輯 28/6 英國播出

由於主持人 Jeremy Clarkson 襲擊節目監製,全球最受歡迎汽車節目《Top Gear》無奈遭到 腰斬,原本已經拍攝好的外景片段原本以為會被雪藏。


联想的 IdeaPad Y900 游戏笔记本(同型号的桌机属于 IdeaCentre 系列)是继 IdeaPad Y700 之后的,联想又一台向游戏本市场进军的产品。除了第六代 Core i 处理器和 NVIDIA GTX980M 独立显示晶片之外,它还内建了机械键盘。主站报导了它的一键超频功能,但不清楚到底按键按下去之后,到底是会发生什么变化?预计六月上市,售价由 US$2,000 起。...

Lumia 650简单上手:性能平平 颜值比950还高

北京时间2月23日消息,据科技网站The Verge报道,作为Windows Phone旗舰,微软Lumia 950看起来十分乏味,被批评为毫无新意,而且该机塑料味浓厚,跟其他的Lumia低端机看起来一个档次,不过这家伙售价却达到了650美元(约合人民币4243元),实在是让人无力吐槽。上周,微软发布了Lumia 650,据称该机可能是Lumia系列的绝唱。Lumia 650  微软也是奇怪,在自家旗舰机上不愿花心思,在这台售价199美元(约合人民币1299元)的低端机上却玩起了设计。在本届世界移动通讯大会上,笔者专门跑去微软的展台一探究竟,却发现该机做的相当不错。

“No More Voicemail” is an app that kills voicemail so callers have to text you instead

Voice mail is so last century. The idea of phoning someone then leaving a rambling message when they don’t pick up seems decidedly antiquated in the age of instant connectivity, where friends, family, colleagues and others can be easily reached with a text. Voicemail is so over, in fact,

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