Osama Hashmi on “Exponential Social Impact challenges”

This week on Technotopia I talked to Osama Hashmi, founder of Mocha 7 and a deep thinker on the topics of AI, blockchain, and the future. Hashmi was a bit of a downer in my optimistic view of the future but he had plenty to say, especially on the topic of human growth and improvement. […]

Keatz, a European ‘cloud kitchen’ startup, raises further €12M

Keatz, one of a growing number of so-called “cloud kitchens” — delivery only restaurant brands running on the rails of Deliveroo and UberEats — has raised €12 million in new funding. Backing the round are existing investors Project A Ventures, Atlantic Labs, UStart, K Fund and JME Ventures,

Asia’s AnyMind pulls in another $8M and expands into outdoor advertising

Asia-focused marketing startup AnyMind Group has landed a further $8 million in funding to close out its Series B round and expand into new verticals. The company announced a $13.4 million raise back in November, but that has now expanded to $21.

Tesla’s customer referral program is back weeks after it was killed off

Tesla killed off its customer referral program way back on Feb. 1, 2019 because the popular program was getting too costly to maintain. But now, less than two months later, Tesla is bringing it back with new incentives aimed at rewarding its customers, and bringing in new ones.

Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit is not Virtual Boy 2.0

Even the most successful tech company is going to have a stumble from time to time. Nintendo’s 45 years in the video game industry is spotted with a few doozies, but none are more infamous than the Virtual Boy. The 1994 portable console was marketed as an early home entry into virtual reality,

Trump promotes Michael Kratsios to US Chief Technology Officer

More than two years into the Trump administration, the long vacant post of U.S. Chief Technology Officer will be filled. Bloomberg first reported that today Trump is elevating Michael Kratsios, current deputy U.S. CTO, to the nation’s top tech position.

Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

European governments have been bringing the hammer down on tech in recent months, slapping record fines and stiff regulations on the largest imports out of Silicon Valley. Despite pleas from the world’s leading companies and Europe’s eroding trust in government,

To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day

Meet the startups that raised venture capital, or got acquired, before Demo Day.

Teachable raises $4M to create a tool to turn any online class into a true business

Online coursework is exploding across all kinds of verticals and fields of expertise — but those courses inevitably end up on platforms like Udemy, and for Ankur Nagpal, that’s really not a way to build a true business. That’s why Nagpal started Teachable,

The Skagen Falster is a high fashion Android wearable

Skagen is a well-know maker of thin and uniquely Danish watches. Founded in 1989, the company is now part of the Fossil group and, as such, has begin dabbling in both the analog with the Hagen and now Android Wear with the Falster. The Falster is unique in that it stuffs all of the power […]

Sword Health raises $4.6M for its digital physiotherapy solution

Sword Health, a startup operating out of Portugal that has developed a digital physiotherapy solution to enable patients to be treated remotely in their own homes, has raised $4.6 million in seed funding. Backing the round is Green Innovations, Vesalius Biocapital III,


虽然近来CDO越来越多的成为一种现象,但是根据Gartner公司的报告,全球目前也仅有大约100位CDO而已 – 远远无法同包括CIO在内的其他高管职位数量相比。



【CES 2015】LG发曲面屏手机G Flex2:首款八核骁龙810机型,划痕10秒可自愈

北京时间今天早晨0点30分,LG于拉斯维加斯的CES消费者电子展中正式发布了它们的第二代曲面屏产品——LG G Flex 2。LG G Flex 2采用了新一代5.

前“流言终结者”解读麦当劳薯条 - 采用19种健康原料


梅琳达回应:盖茨家没有买Apple Watch的计划




Batgirl, we hardly knew you. But 'Arkham Knight' lets us in.

Batgirl is joining Batman: Arkham Knight's roster of playable vigilantes.The crime-fighting ego of Barbara Gordon — that's Batman police ally Jim Gordon's daughter, for those keeping score at home — sets out on her own prequel adventure in the newly announced add-on pack, Batgirl:


婴儿的半夜啼哭让不少家长操碎了心,国外一名叫Rob Tong的程序员老爸,终于不堪其扰,开发了一个能哄婴儿入睡的APP。

Be The Nerd — Quit Facebook

If you believe the origin story depicted in Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network, a young Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook in order to meet girls. Creative fiction or not,


一年一度归乡季即将到来,欢喜之余,单身年轻男女过年回家总有个绕不开的话题:相亲! 也许父母会悄悄把你拉进卧室,语重心长告诉你,「你看今年你也老大不小的了,也要考虑一下人生大事了……」走亲戚闲坐时候,三姑六姨也许会和你唠家常,「你小学同学王二傻,上个月生了个白白胖胖王小傻,看着倍儿聪明!……」隔壁张奶奶见你大老远回家,也许会紧紧握住你的双手寒暄一番,「哟,都长这么高这么壮了!在哪上班啊?工资多少啊?处对象没有啊?隔壁村有个张姑娘,小名美美,你们俩都是我看着长大的……」 也许你只觉得天下好男人都结了婚,也许你只觉得所有美好的姑娘都名花有主。

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