Why we should not fear calling people ‘resources’

For some, referring to people as resources doesn’t sit comfortably – they feel it dehumanises individuals and undervalues the qualities that make them unique.

Who’s Afraid Of Superhumanity?

When I was eight I determined it my destiny to be one of the X-Men, a superhero born with extraordinary abilities. It seemed there were many bad things I could stop if only I were stronger, faster, smarter. To make a positive difference in the world, I had to be better.

The On-Demand, Sharing And Gig Economies Never Existed, So Stop Pretending They Did

Words are impactful. They may not break your bones, as the saying goes, but they do guide the way we all think, debate, decide and act. When it comes to the words we use to define our industry — the one commonly referred to as the “on-demand,

A Conversation on Future Urbanism, Tech Hubs

It was a really interesting selection of panelists with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, former New York City director of planning Amanda Burden and Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh, who has been struggling to revive downtown Las Vegas,

Your Fitness App Is Making You Fat

Fitness apps are all the rage. An explosion of new companies and products want to track your steps and count your calories with the aim of melting that excess blubber. There’s just one problem — most of these apps don’t work. In fact, there is good reason to believe they make us fatter.

How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

HughPickens.com writes Pamela Engel writes that Americans need only look to Nigeria to calm their fears about an Ebola outbreak in the US. Nigeria is much closer to the West Africa outbreak than the US is,

Road to Zero: Sierra Leone’s Struggle to Rid Itself of Ebola

The worst of the Ebola epidemic may be over but the World Health Organization has declared that life in Sierra Leone, as in other Ebola-affected West African countries, can only return to normal when transmission of the virus ceases and cases drop to zero. Unfortunately,

I’m a Librarian Who Banned a Book. Here’s Why.

In the library world, access to information is a human right, not to be tampered with or controlled in any way.Read more...

The Story Behind Steam’s 'Framerate Police'

Not all PC games run at 60 frames per second, and for some people, that’s a big problem.Read more...

How to Prevent Your Anger From Spiraling Out of Control

Anger fuels aggression, but it doesn’t always have to cause a flare-up. When properly managed, it can actually serve a productive purpose. Here are some practical tips to help you better manage your anger.Read more...

Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

Every Page on Facebook wants everything they post shown to every follower. But people only read a limited amount of News Feed per day. There simply isn't room for everything, and the competition for feed space is intensifying.

Are marketing clouds finally ready to get social media right?

Software leaders are once again tipping their toes into social media but this time they're being considerably more cautious.

We must take data more seriously to deliver greater productivity

It's high time businesses and consumers realise the value of data.

SMEs look to RPA to improve GDPR compliance and staff productivity

It seems that many SMBs are already unlocking the power of RPA to improve efficiency, allowing them to use their best asset - their employees – to focus on and undertake more transformative activities.

Data: transforming the energy sector and generating customer loyalty through AI

AI and data analytics can provide energy service providers with greater insight into the wants and needs of their customers.

NHS to get £500m tech investment

Health secretary Matt Hancock stresses need for digital transformation in healthcare.

Too human? Keeping the personal touch in customer contact

Through automation and AI, contact centres can deliver even greater personalisation while reducing strain on employees.

Technology doesn’t mean you can forget the basics of customer service

There is no excuse to forget the basic rules of customer service; technology can be used to enhance this – not replace. So, what are these rules - and how can businesses get them right?

Facebook is not your friend! Encryption holds key for data privacy

Facebook is not your friend. It’s a money-making machine, and it makes money by collecting and commercially exploiting your data. No one should be surprised when that data can be used to manipulate our thoughts.

UK targeted Isis with cyber warfare

GCHQ disrupted communication and operations with ongoing cyber-attack.

Santander launches blockchain-based international payments

New system allows for European transfers to be completed in one day and will soon be available in the UK.

拆解证实三星手表Gear 2搭载Exynos 3250双核处理器

在 2 月底举行的 MWC 2014 世界移动通信大会上,三星公布一系列全新的可穿戴设备,其中 Galaxy Gear 2 智能手表尤为亮眼,关注度颇高,很多评论均表示该新品摆脱了第一代试验品的阴影。

Tidemark launches new analytics tools for enterprises

Much reporting of business metrics is still rooted in the era of static graphs and infrequent use. Business planning and performance management specialist Tidemark is looking to cloudify reporting.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/01/tidemark-launches-new-analytics-tools-for-enterprises/





新加坡经发局领导考察科瑞石油 创先技术吸引世界目光

东营2014年7月15日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年上半年,科瑞石油在产品研发和技术创新层面取得了令业界瞩目的成绩,2月份,塔河油田连续油管服务和制注氮服务获得客户高度肯定,3月份,科瑞正式对外宣布与卡麦龙签订战略合作协议,联手进军非常规油油气产业,4月份科瑞高端二代快移钻机发运中东、延长油田压裂服务实现五战五捷,5月份,科瑞石油精细油藏描述技术在印尼油田展示威力、科瑞石油钻井大包项目五口井全部完工,并创下印尼油气产业界钻井最深记录。

It’s Business Time: Airbnb Targets Work Travelers With Concur Partnership

Airbnb has spent the last six years trying to get consumers comfortable with the idea of staying in someone else’s home when traveling. Now it’s trying to make headway in the enterprise, with a portal specifically designed for business travelers,

Halo智能手表:实体机芯指针 透明智能显示屏


The Cloud, Schnitzels Behind Some of Australia's Fastest Growing Companies

SYDNEY — An annual list of fast-growing companies in Australia has been released, with a cloud-based company scoring the coveted first place.The highly respected Business Review Weekly's Fast 100 list,


瑰丽酒店品牌首家中国酒店,呈献现代而永恒的休憩之所 北京2014年10月23日电 /美通社/ -- 北京瑰丽酒店于今天开业,标志着瑰丽酒店旗下奢华酒店品牌正式进入亚洲。

微软起诉美国国税局 称后者查税手段不透明


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