VR vs AR: Which will become the dominant technology?

VR and AR are both transformative technologies, with applications in various industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, science and business.There are, however, some key differences in applications and how they work.

Oracle slammed for underpaying women and minorities

Company alledgedly saved $400 million by paying women and people of colour less.

UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

Teachers believe technology helps with learning, but many don't feel confident using it

McAfee finds entirely new ransomware strain

Anatova is asking for DASH.

Over half of PC software is out-of-date

In many cases, the operating system itself is outdated.

Universities lead the way in public sector cloud adoption

Educational institutions are enjoying the scalability and agility cloud provides.

2018 hacks indicate importance of threat detection

Companies continue to fail to detect anomalous network activity, but it’s not often this kind of activity has been going on for so long without being flagged.

Why a ‘single-pane’ work experience is critical for enterprise success

Less is more when it comes to employee engagement, which is why businesses should consider implementing strategies that pull disparate systems into one destination.

Five ways you could get your company into trouble without realising it

Simple things like writing a password on a piece of paper or clicking on an unknown link on an email could expose the organisation to a wide range of financial or reputational risks.

Why we should not fear calling people ‘resources’

For some, referring to people as resources doesn’t sit comfortably – they feel it dehumanises individuals and undervalues the qualities that make them unique.

Facebook is not your friend! Encryption holds key for data privacy

Facebook is not your friend. It’s a money-making machine, and it makes money by collecting and commercially exploiting your data. No one should be surprised when that data can be used to manipulate our thoughts.

[图]微软再次展示Bing时间轴功能 突出名人生平重要事迹



随着互联网的高速发展,安全问题也越来越受到全球用户的关注。斯诺登与NSA“棱镜门”,已经闹得科技界人心惶惶,微 […]

Only an iPhone Was Used to Create This Archive of Backyard Wildlife

This is indeed a different kind of wildlife photography. Instead of going to exotic corners of the globe, Joshua White combs the foliage of his own backyard in making hundreds of finely-detailed images. Read more...

Forget the iPhone and iPad: Apple is becoming all about services and taking a cut

Apple isn’t really a hardware company anymore, as these days it is gradually shifting its business to an online, incremental purchasing model.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/16/forget-the-iphone-and-ipad-apple-is-becoming-all-about-services-and-taking-a-cut/

“Saint”:AM Eyewear和世界著名时尚摄影师合作产品系列

“Saint”:AM Eyewear 和世界著名时尚摄影师 Pierre Toussaint 合作产品系列,ZEISS 提供支持 悉尼2014年9月17日电 /美通社/ -- Pierre Toussaint 和 AM Eyewear 之间的 SAINT 合作来源于双方对超群光学的共同渴望。

中国发现球形化石 或为世界早期动物遗迹


江苏一网贷平台跑路 P2P抵押物再多也白搭

11 月似乎成了近两年 P2P 平台集中出问题的月份,网贷之家统计数据显示,去年 11 月份共有 32 家 P2P 平台出现问题,而今年截至 11 月 28 日,11 月份共有 31 家平台出问题,该数字在近四年来仅次于今年 10 月份 ... ...


摘要 : 移动一边说频谱资源有限,推出无限流量套餐会耗尽网络资源,另一边却又私底下推出不限流量的4G套餐,这种自相矛盾的行为自然难以解释。虽然从三大运营商现有的4G资费套餐来看,无限流量套餐未见踪影。

微软展示 Windows Holographic 上跑 Windows 10 的 app 是什么样子

当微软几个月前发表 Windows Holographic 软件及 HoloLens 头戴显示器的时候,就有提过在上面跑 Windows 10 app 的可能性,如今微软总算是让我们看到实际操作起来是什么样子。

The Last Bus Startup Standing: Chariot

In the beginning, there were three. There was Leap Transit, the Andreessen Horowitz-backed bus startup stocked with Blue Bottle Coffee and furnished with plush stool seating for morning and evening commuters.

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