VR vs AR: Which will become the dominant technology?

VR and AR are both transformative technologies, with applications in various industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, science and business.There are, however, some key differences in applications and how they work.

Apple makes its cloud database service open-source

Individuals and businesses can now use FoundationDB in their own projects.

Windows 10 security features can be easily bypassed

Google's Project Zero team reveals Windows 10 lockdown bypass despite requests from Microsoft.

Is your business ready to go cognitive-first?

The businesses of the future will leverage intelligent apps and utilise the full toolkit of Big Data and analytics.

How the next generation of technology is combating cybercrime in the financial sector

Emerging technologies such as AI can be utilised to safeguard businesses against cyber threats.

A look inside the 'work from anywhere' future

The nature of work is changing but are organisations ready to embrace remote working?

eCall – why prioritising network traffic saves lives

Lifeline devices such as eCall have tremendous potential to help save lives as they reduce emergency response times.

ZTE fights back against US ban

Chinese firm slams decision to block sales of its products as 'unfair' and announces a legal battle.

Five ways you could get your company into trouble without realising it

Simple things like writing a password on a piece of paper or clicking on an unknown link on an email could expose the organisation to a wide range of financial or reputational risks.

Why we should not fear calling people ‘resources’

For some, referring to people as resources doesn’t sit comfortably – they feel it dehumanises individuals and undervalues the qualities that make them unique.

Facebook is not your friend! Encryption holds key for data privacy

Facebook is not your friend. It’s a money-making machine, and it makes money by collecting and commercially exploiting your data. No one should be surprised when that data can be used to manipulate our thoughts.

收购整合顺利完成,企业级人力资源管理服务提供商IBM Kenexa Talent Suite已经上线

在被IBM以13亿美元收购后,经历了一年多时间的打磨,Kenexa现在以IBM Kenexa Talent Suite的形式加入了IBM的大本营,并被定位成为IBM旗下基于大数据提供SaaS的B2B服务。


Mozilla新CEO Brendan Eich虽然已经辞职,但余震仍然未息。TruthRevolt发起请愿活动,督促美国人停止使用Mozilla,并模仿OKCupid屏蔽Firefox。但不清楚它所谓的停止使用Mozilla是仅仅指浏览器还是包括所有的Mozilla技术。

微软:舍弃Kinect可能带来Xbox One的性能提升

昨天,微软正式宣布将Xbox One与新一代Kinect拆卖,这对于那些想要便宜入手主机的用户来说的确是个好消 […]

Speedy iPad Air 2 blows the iPhone 6 out of the water in benchmarks

When it comes to multi-core Geekbench 3 results, the iPad Air 2 puts in a blistering performance, blowing away the original iPad Air and the new iPhones.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/22/speedy-ipad-air-2-blows-the-iphone-6-out-of-the-water-in-benchmarks/

Steve Ballmer Gets Billion-Dollar Tax Write-Off For Being Basketball Baron

McGruber (1417641) writes "According to a report published by The Financial Times (paywalled), ex-Microsoft CEO Billionaire Steve Ballmer will be able to write off about a billion dollars of his basketball team's purchase price from the taxable income he makes over the next 15 years.



趁胜追击,三星要用 Artik 跟英特尔抢未来

“万物互联”是三星今年提出来的新愿景和长远规划,为此,三星推出了一系列的物联网产品,包括家电、可穿戴设备等等,还有 Tizen OS 这个三星一直扶持的独家系统。

Male Glowworms Have Literal Sex Radar

These enormous antennae are for more than just show. The male glowworm beetle needs them if he’s going to track down a female. It’s not that lady glowworms are shy, they can’t go looking for males. They have no wings.Read more...

Amazon hits back against New York Times by publicizing employee performance reviews

Amazon came out swinging against a critical New York Times investigation of the company's culture by publicizing employee performance reviews and emails from a reporter — but launched the attack two months after the story ranAmazon issued a stern rebuke to the Times on Monday over the now two-month-old piece that detailed tough work conditions and a sharp-elbowed corporate culture at the e-commerce giant.

狂欢开始 微软Lumia 950/950 XL国行开卖

感谢科客网的投递12月8日零点,微软官方商城准时开启了长达8天的商城周年庆活动。其中,微软最新的旗舰智能手机——Lumia 950/950 XL国行版也正式开始预售,看来微软是要在周年庆以及双12里冲一波销量的节奏啊!

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