Rackspace: Why freedom of choice is the key to succeeding in your cloud strategy

With GDPR on the horizon, Rackspace CTO tells us why cloud flexibility is vital.

Apple makes its cloud database service open-source

Individuals and businesses can now use FoundationDB in their own projects.

Windows 10 security features can be easily bypassed

Google's Project Zero team reveals Windows 10 lockdown bypass despite requests from Microsoft.

Is your business ready to go cognitive-first?

The businesses of the future will leverage intelligent apps and utilise the full toolkit of Big Data and analytics.

How the next generation of technology is combating cybercrime in the financial sector

Emerging technologies such as AI can be utilised to safeguard businesses against cyber threats.

A look inside the 'work from anywhere' future

The nature of work is changing but are organisations ready to embrace remote working?

eCall – why prioritising network traffic saves lives

Lifeline devices such as eCall have tremendous potential to help save lives as they reduce emergency response times.

ZTE fights back against US ban

Chinese firm slams decision to block sales of its products as 'unfair' and announces a legal battle.

UK can lead the way when it comes to AI

AI needs to be built on the principles of ethics, government report says.

VR vs AR: Which will become the dominant technology?

VR and AR are both transformative technologies, with applications in various industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, science and business.There are, however, some key differences in applications and how they work.

Five ways you could get your company into trouble without realising it

Simple things like writing a password on a piece of paper or clicking on an unknown link on an email could expose the organisation to a wide range of financial or reputational risks.

Credit Card-Reading Spy Camera Found in the NYC Subway

Be careful on the subway. Sure, the platforms are safer than ever, and the cars are even pretty clean. But credit card thieves seem to come up with a new way to steal your personal information every day. The latest ploy: a card-reading spy camera, hiding above the MetroCard machine.Read more...



了解javascript中的事件(二) - rookiebob


Xbox部门主管“现身说法”:Xbox One 10月份更新细节出炉

为了让Xbox One这个款产品更加得完美,微软Xbox部门每月都会针对这款产品发布一次更新,更新内容除了常规 […]

These California cities use the most water per person

Northern Californians and Southern Californians have long fought over culture (Berkeley vs. Beverly Hills), sports (Giants vs. Dodgers), politics (Jerry Brown vs. Ronald Reagan) and, above all, water (the North has it, the South takes it).Well,

Video: A mash up of awe-inspiring scenes from awesome movies about space

There are very few things that are actually cooler in real life than in the movies. Being in space is one of them. Sure, movies might make space look more cinematic and epic but being a real astronaut who actually put on a suit and got on a shuttle to go to space trumps any movie.

这就是微软的物联网操作系统:Windows 10 IoT for Smart Devices

一次开发全平台可用,适配性和易用性极高,支持小到传感器、单片机,大到楼宇和输油管道,微软推出的 IoT 版操作系统能驱动你能想象到的所有物联网设备。这款新操作系统将面向创客和部分物联网设备制造商免费提供。


谢邀 @盈任纯粹的通风方式里面,其实没有传统的空调什么事...一般分为四大类1、开窗通风如题所见很好理解,优点:最省钱,最经济,简单易懂的通风方式。

Videos show Eagles of Death Metal concert moments before terror attacks

The deadliest location among Friday's terror attacks in Paris occurred at a concert venue called Le Bataclan, where Californian rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing before an audience of 1,500 people. According to police reports, several gunmen opened fire at visitors mid-concert,

这款游戏不单纯 14年前就预言梅西将统治足坛


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