5G set to spur on smartphone sales around the world

Smartphone makers are betting on 5G to give their sales a boost.

IBM to sell seven major software brands to Indian firm

While IBM focuses on cloud computing, analysts are slamming the deal.

O2 outage caused by Ericsson software fault

Consumers, as well as a few services, couldn't use O2's cellular network.

Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

Ecommerce giant wants to bring its cashierless experience to time-deprived passengers.

Mobile shopping now makes up a quarter of all spending

Clothes and accessories among the most popular items bought on smartphones, Mastercard finds.

2019 predictions: the year of SD-WAN

Throughout 2019, SD-WAN is set to further change the business landscape, unlocking the cloud’s potential and empowering businesses.

Japan to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment

Government set to revise internal rules on procurement to protect national cybersecurity.

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises in 2019?

In reviewing a year of heated and varied competition, there are two key themes that have emerged as central to 2018’s cloud wars, and which help set the stage for 2019.

Rackspace: Why freedom of choice is the key to succeeding in your cloud strategy

With GDPR on the horizon, Rackspace CTO tells us why cloud flexibility is vital.

UK can lead the way when it comes to AI

AI needs to be built on the principles of ethics, government report says.

VR vs AR: Which will become the dominant technology?

VR and AR are both transformative technologies, with applications in various industries like entertainment, education, healthcare, science and business.There are, however, some key differences in applications and how they work.


對每一個喜愛在野外露營的人來說, 每一次旅程中最大的感動, 莫過於是在帳篷中起床的一刻——當你打開帳蓬, 看到的不再是家中那百年如一日的窗外, 而是置身荒野的奇幻風景時, 那種感動, 實在非筆墨能形容。閱讀全文

《泰坦空降:豪华版》将于11月25日登陆PC和Xbox One平台

近日EA和游戏开发商Respawn Entertainment透露将于11月25日推出《泰坦空降:豪华版(Ti […]

试用 OMsignal 智能运动衫:似乎也没有太多新意

IOT,这个高大上的名字很容易让人血脉喷张,万物互联正是智能生活的基础,吸引了无数创业公司投身其中,比如穿上 OMsignal 设计的智能衣服,你能实时掌控你的身体状况,了解前因后果,给医疗健身提供指导意见,这是消费者对智能衣服的美好愿景。

Tips and tricks for CES beginners from conference veterans

Being a first-time attendee at the world’s largest consumer electronics show can be a lot to handle. And the fact that it's held in Las Vegas makes it all the more overwhelmingLuckily, conference veterans have plenty of tips for packing, getting around Sin City and surviving the chaos that is CES.


9年过去了,Apple Watch的处理器和运存比当年第一代iPhone都要好,电池容量却没有任何改进。究竟是什么挡在了电池技术前进的面前?是物理法则赋予的进化边界,还是现实成本带来的无奈限制?

GMIC 2015 :小米林斌表示小米 Note 頂配版因追求最好而延遲,並承諾持續使產品供貨穩定

小米總裁林斌在 GMIC 北京場時,表示日前小米於印度舉辦首次的海外首發,以及近幾年中國企業在海外耕耘,顯示中國企業正走向世界化,同時也顯示企業越來越成熟以及越來越具自信。閱讀全文

前景喜人?特斯拉 Powerwall 订单量巨大

致力于改变世界能源使用方式的特斯拉 Powerwall 刚一面世,便成果喜人。 据 Engadget 报道,在今天的早间电话会议中,特斯拉 CEO Elon Musk 透露了目前 Powerwall 的订单量。

Investigators: Aircraft debris found in Indian Ocean is from a Boeing 777

A U.S. official says air safety investigators have a "high degree of confidence" that a photo of aircraft debris found in the Indian Ocean is of a wing component unique to the Boeing 777, the same model as the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared last year.See also: Is it MH370?

CrunchWeek: Uber Class Action, A Poaching Settlement And Apple’s Big Adventure

This week in the world of tech, Uber got word that drivers in California were granted class-action status, a settlement ends the poaching drama started by Apple and Google and Apple’s about to drop everything but the kitchen sink next week at their September 9th circus event.


市场调研机构Gartner的最新报告显示,2015年苹果在半导体上花费同比2014年增长了7.1%,高达290亿美元。购买芯片花费最高的厂商并不是苹果,三星在2015年芯片采购上支出虽然同比下滑了3.6%,但花费高达298.7亿美元高居第一位,连续五年蝉联桂冠。 您可能也喜欢的文章: Gartner:2015年苹果芯片半导体芯片花费290亿美元 同比增长7.

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