Reskilling in the age of AI

AI is set to disrupt the job market for all industries but it will also bring powerful new tools for employees.

Microsoft starts urging Windows 7 users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the system in less than a year.

Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

People are asking questions.

Google hit with billion-euro EU antitrust fine

Online giant faces another major fine.

Half of businesses don't have a clear digital transformation plan

Lack of preparation is making life difficult for them.

Enterprise service management – why every business needs to think like an IT department

By automating processes and organising service assets through ESM, service teams are able to deal with requests without getting bogged down in admin.

Connecting the dots – why personalised experiences are the holy grail of CXM

What are the core elements of making joined up customer experience a reality? How can they be achieved?

UK businesses could face £1bn bill from DDoS attacks this year

Large-scale attacks are getting cheaper to carry out, but the consequences are getting more expensive.

HPE leads new UK supercomputer program

Supercomputers for scientific and economic purposes are coming, courtesy of HPE, Arm SUSE and three universities.

Data centres contributing millions to the UK economy

The 'Data Economy' is worth £73.3 billion annually to the UK.

The advent of self-defending smart cities

Could AI technology serve as the immune system for the smart cities of the future?

Google’s Android Wear, A Nexus Program For Smartwatches, Debuts With The LG ‘G’

Google has announced a new smartwatch platform called Android Wear, which offers it a way to help OEM partners come up with hardware to get users into wearable devices. The first such device will be the LG G Watch, a device which will launch next quarter based on the new platform.

You Can't Steer a Bike in Zero Gravity, Even If The Road's Magnetic

Gravity is the sworn enemy of any cyclist. Succumb to its force while you're on two wheels, and you'll end up bloody and bruised. But like any superhero's nemesis, gravity justifies a bike's very existence, because without it, you'd never be able to steer. Strap on a helmet,

BenQ 推出新款 F5 与 T3 智能手机,带来更多 4G LTE 新机选择!

分类: 智能手机许久未有智能手机新品的 BenQ 选在今天,推出了他们号称 4 倍感光并且都将在 7 月上市的中端后继新机 F5,还有具备多色系的青春入门新机 T3。

比13吋Macbook Air轻40% 微软制作Surface Pro 3信息图

以“可以替代笔记本的平板”为宣传口号,Surface Pro 3于今天开始在全球25个新市场发售。

Windows 10: Another leaked internal UI concept shows off new taskbar, hints at Cortana integration a

Yesterday, we reported on a leaked Windows 10 internal concept showing dark and light theme options similar to the theme choices on Windows Phone. Today,

Social Graph Reveals Disturbing Connections Between Subreddits

The people who moderate some of Reddit's most popular forums, including ones that have been defaults, are also the same people creating forums for nonconsensual pornography and snuff pictures.Read more...

3DR's New Solo Drone Promises Airborne Footage Without a Learning Curve

Flying drones isn’t easy—which is why I recommend a cheap one to start . It gets even harder if you’re trying to control a camera at the same time you’re flying around. But drone pioneer 3D Robotics believes it has a fix: the new 3DR Solo. You just show it what kind of shot you want...


Linux发行版Fedora的最新版本Fedora 22将抛弃Yum包管理器,替代之DNF,原因是Yum已被认为是一个死亡的项目。Yum有三大缺陷:无文件描述的API,坏掉的依赖解决算法,无力重构内部功能。而第三个问题与第一个问题息息相关。

[图]第二代Moto 360再次曝光

数日前,有网友在芝加哥地铁站意外抓拍到第二代Moto 360,而今天援引外媒Phone Arena报道称联想集团高级副总裁兼摩托罗拉移动主席陈旭东在近日的媒体见面会上就佩戴了这款即将发布的手表。

Windows 10开始菜单“慢如狗”?有三种方法缓解

开始菜单是 Windows 10 的重要特性之一,微软声称其能给从 Windows 8 升级到 Windows 10 的用户带来一种亲切而熟悉的感觉,因为它既带回了 Windows 7 上传统的展开方式,而且还融入了 Windows 8 系统最具代表性的动态磁贴,它看起来不仅新鲜,而且也不乏实用性,你可以固定的应用程序和文件夹快捷方式,方便随时打开。

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