Cyber-attacks post GDPR: a doomsday scenario

By putting adequate security measures in place now, organisations can avoid financial penalties when the new regulation goes into effect.

IBM to sell seven major software brands to Indian firm

While IBM focuses on cloud computing, analysts are slamming the deal.

O2 outage caused by Ericsson software fault

Consumers, as well as a few services, couldn't use O2's cellular network.

Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

Ecommerce giant wants to bring its cashierless experience to time-deprived passengers.

Mobile shopping now makes up a quarter of all spending

Clothes and accessories among the most popular items bought on smartphones, Mastercard finds.

2019 predictions: the year of SD-WAN

Throughout 2019, SD-WAN is set to further change the business landscape, unlocking the cloud’s potential and empowering businesses.

Japan to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment

Government set to revise internal rules on procurement to protect national cybersecurity.

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises in 2019?

In reviewing a year of heated and varied competition, there are two key themes that have emerged as central to 2018’s cloud wars, and which help set the stage for 2019.

Reskilling in the age of AI

AI is set to disrupt the job market for all industries but it will also bring powerful new tools for employees.

HPE leads new UK supercomputer program

Supercomputers for scientific and economic purposes are coming, courtesy of HPE, Arm SUSE and three universities.

Data centres contributing millions to the UK economy

The 'Data Economy' is worth £73.3 billion annually to the UK.


90后移动互联网调研报告--信息图 您可能也喜欢经典文章: 90后农民工的移动互联网生活 新浪乐居:2013年移动互联网房产用户调研分析报告 CMI:2012年移动中的“90后”大学生研究报告



The Emotional Roller Coaster We All Ride When Wi-Fi Drops Out

In the hierarchy of needs, Wi-Fi is now a staple—so when it goes down, we all feel it. Hard. In this short dramatic sketch, Julian Smith imagines a brief wireless outage as disaster movie.Read more...

GL_GL系列 - 总账系统基础(概念) - 东方瀚海

2014-07-07 一、摘要1. 分类账分类账是公司财务记录的核心,任何事物处理都必须经过这个环节2. 主要分类账: 按4C定义的用于保存记录的主要分类账科目表日历币种子分类续航会计方法3.

Apple TV已经失去魅力?因为其他产品更完美

Apple TV实际上对于苹果来说是一个“美丽的意外”,最初是作为一个小爱好推出,但却获得用户的欢迎,成为苹果的常驻产品线之一。

硅谷的下层阶级:时薪12美元 感觉像二等工人

8月14日,迈克尔·约翰逊(Michael Johnson)曾是电信领域一名现场工程师,但随着网络泡沫破裂,他失去了工作。为此,约翰逊重新回到学校,现在他已经拥有博士学位,梦想着重新在高科技领域再找份工作。

iPhone 6 leak points once again to protruding rear camera lens

The latest spillage has reinforced a previous rumour of the rear camera having a protruding ring, and also detailed the supposed dimensions of Apple’s smartphone.Read more:



This beautiful galaxy is actually a stunning visualization of Wikipedia

Here's a way to explore Wikipedia that's unlike any other you've done before: as its own galaxy. Created by Owen Cornec, each star in the galaxy is a different Wikipedia article and a cluster of stars together would be related Wikipedia articles.


当许多孩子在玩耍中度过周末的时候,12岁的Alec Baron和11岁的Alessio Tosolini却找到了更好的方式。

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