DeferPanic secures $1.5 M seed round to popularize unikernel concept

We’ve all probably heard of containers and virtual machines by now. Virtualization enabled IT to break down a single server into multiple machines. Containers allowed you take that concept and make it even smaller. DeferPanic wants to take another step with a technology called Unikernels. Today,

Keatz, a European ‘cloud kitchen’ startup, raises further €12M

Keatz, one of a growing number of so-called “cloud kitchens” — delivery only restaurant brands running on the rails of Deliveroo and UberEats — has raised €12 million in new funding. Backing the round are existing investors Project A Ventures, Atlantic Labs, UStart, K Fund and JME Ventures,

Asia’s AnyMind pulls in another $8M and expands into outdoor advertising

Asia-focused marketing startup AnyMind Group has landed a further $8 million in funding to close out its Series B round and expand into new verticals. The company announced a $13.4 million raise back in November, but that has now expanded to $21.

Tesla’s customer referral program is back weeks after it was killed off

Tesla killed off its customer referral program way back on Feb. 1, 2019 because the popular program was getting too costly to maintain. But now, less than two months later, Tesla is bringing it back with new incentives aimed at rewarding its customers, and bringing in new ones.

Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit is not Virtual Boy 2.0

Even the most successful tech company is going to have a stumble from time to time. Nintendo’s 45 years in the video game industry is spotted with a few doozies, but none are more infamous than the Virtual Boy. The 1994 portable console was marketed as an early home entry into virtual reality,

Trump promotes Michael Kratsios to US Chief Technology Officer

More than two years into the Trump administration, the long vacant post of U.S. Chief Technology Officer will be filled. Bloomberg first reported that today Trump is elevating Michael Kratsios, current deputy U.S. CTO, to the nation’s top tech position.

Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher

European governments have been bringing the hammer down on tech in recent months, slapping record fines and stiff regulations on the largest imports out of Silicon Valley. Despite pleas from the world’s leading companies and Europe’s eroding trust in government,

To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day

Meet the startups that raised venture capital, or got acquired, before Demo Day.

Tony Fadell is worried about smartphone addiction

This weekend, former Apple engineer and consumer gadget legend Tony Fadell penned an op-ed for Wired. In it, he argued that smartphone manufacturers need to do a better job of educating users about how often they use their mobile phones, and the resulting dangers that overuse might bring about.

Sega to release Mega Drive Mini this year

Just like Nintendo before it, Sega is releasing a mini version of its iconic Mega Drive game system. The system is supposed to be available sometime in 2018 and the company also announced at least 15 classic Sega games will hit the Switch this summer to celebrate the system’s 30th anniversary.

The United States needs a Department of Cybersecurity

Ted Schlein Contributor Ted Schlein, a general partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, focuses on early-stage technology companies in the enterprise software and infrastructure markets, including ventures within the networking and consumer security arenas.



How Safe is iCloud and Other Cloud Services?

A trove of celebrity nude images — purportedly of some major celebrities — spread across the web Sunday evening. Although the veracity of many of the images in question is unclear, a number of celebrities have confirmed that they are the victims of this violation of privacy.

文章: 微软技术专家谈Windows Azure的关键方案和技术

By 崔康

威威趣谈:苹果商店开门红 真弯曲手机不是梦


Gay elderly couple want to marry in Australia during their lifetime

A devoted couple from Sydney, Australia want one thing in their lifetime — to marry each other.John Challis, 87, and Arthur Cheeseman, 83, met and fell in love in 1967"We met at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on the 27th October, 1967," Challis told Mashable Australia,

“界内”羽球赛开拍 林丹夫妇体验“互联网+羽球”模式

中国南京2015年11月7日电 /美通社/ -- 11月7日,首届“苏果杯”界内羽毛球排位赛在南京龙江体育中心开拍,本次赛事通过移动互联网终端进行报名,共有近50支球队700人参赛,总奖金额超过20万元。


【媒体报导】2月5日消息,瑞东集团发布公告,公司拟出资4.3亿元与巨人投资、江苏公司成立合营公司,公司预期会成为持正式牌照的证券公司。瑞东集团拟出资4.3亿元与巨人投资等成立证券公司2月4日瑞东集团发布公告 ... ...

343 Industries teases Ghosts of Meridian, coming in April for Halo 5: Guardians

343 Industries is teasing Halo fans with content that will be seen in the upcoming Ghosts of Merdian content pack.The post 343 Industries teases Ghosts of Meridian, coming in April for Halo 5: Guardians appeared first on WinBeta.



【首发】由 B2C 母婴电商转型而来,海淘 B2B 平台尿布师获 5500 万元 A 轮融资

今日,“尿布师” 创始人郭文俊向 36 氪透露,已在近期获得了海通证券和能图资本领投和多家基金共同参与的 5500 万人民币 A 轮融资,也完成了对香港母婴连锁经营品牌 KISSBABY 的收购。36 氪两年前曾报道过尿布师,当时它还是家 B2C 母婴垂直电商。如今公司已完全转型,模式上从 B2C 转为了 B2B,品类上从单一的尿布扩展到了母婴、美妆、护肤、进口食品和保健品等,未来尿布师还计划要做轻奢品 。关于为何转型 B2B ?郭文俊的解答是,受跨境电商新政的影响,B2C 模式下的海淘拆单、避税的难度都在加大,几乎 “难以为继”。

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