Bolt Threads joins Modern Meadow in the quest to bring lab-grown leather to market

There’s a new world of lab-grown replacements coming for everything from the meat department in your grocery store to a department store near you. Lab-made leather replacements will soon join vegetable-based meat replacements on store shelves thanks to startups like Bolt Threads,

Jupiter Networks invests $2.5M in enterprise tech accelerator Alchemist

Alchemist, which began as an experiment to better promote enterprise entrepreneurs, has morphed into a well-established Silicon Valley accelerator. To prove it, San Francisco-based Alchemist is announcing a fresh $2.5 million investment ahead of its 20th demo day on Wednesday. Jupiter Networks,

Watch Blue Origin’s 10th New Shepard mission launch a science-loaded capsule to space

Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, is about to undertake the 10th launch of its New Shepard launch vehicle, with its capsule chock full of experiments. The launch, which was originally scheduled for a month ago but delayed for various reasons, will be take place at 6:

Elon Musk says Tesla vehicles will soon get a ‘Sentry Mode’

Tesla owners may soon have a way to see (and record) damage that happens to their vehicles when they’re unattended. Tesla will roll out “Tesla Sentry Mode” for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet Tuesday.

Viacom buys the free video streaming service for $340 million

Viacom is bucking the trend of launching new premium subscription-based entertainment offerings with its bid to acquire Pluto TV for $340 million in cash. It’s a way to distribute the company’s once mighty-with-millennial properties like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central,

Rocket Lab snags DARPA launch contract for first 2019 mission

Launch startup Rocket Lab is following the success of its first couple commercial launches by adding a prestigious (and deep-pocketed) new client: DARPA. The New Zealand-based company will send an experimental satellite called R3D2 into low Earth orbit sometime in late February if all goes well.

Police license plate readers are still exposed on the internet

Smile! You’re on camera. At least, your license plate is. You might have heard of automatic license plate recognition — known as ALPR (or ANPR in the U.K. for number plates). These cameras are dotted across the U.S.

Netflix joins the Motion Picture Association of America

Hollywood’s highest-profile lobbying group, the Motion Picture Association of America, has announced the addition of a new member: Netflix. The trade group’s membership includes the major Hollywood studios, including Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.

U.S. companies banned from selling components to ZTE

This time last year, Chinese electronics giant ZTE pled guilty to violating sanctions on Iran and North Korea. This morning, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a seven-year export restriction for the company, resulting in a ban on U.S. component makers selling to ZTE. 

Russia starts blocking Telegram for failing to turn over encryption keys

The Russian state telecommunication regulator has began blocking Telegram as expected. This comes after the messaging company refused to give Russian security services encryption keys. The service is expected to be blocked within the coming hours.

UK report urges action to combat AI bias

The need for diverse development teams and truly representational data-sets to avoid biases being baked into AI algorithms is one of the core recommendations in a lengthy Lords committee report looking into the economic, ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence,


在久邦数码的业务线中,GO桌面项目上线最晚,但现在已经成为最具前景的增长动力,仅第四季度就贡献了820万美元。@张向东 亲自撰文解析为什么用户愿意花钱购买GO桌面。


2010、2011、2012和2013年,阿里巴巴集团来自云计算和互联网基础设施业务的营收分别为人民币1.44亿元、4.25亿元、5.15亿元和6.5亿元。下面是与AWS几个季度数据及EMC World 2014上VMware高层分享数据的对比。




腾讯科技讯 6月29日消息,GoPro的成功不仅仅是因为产品本身,还因为某种智能手机无法轻易替代的东西:使用摄 […]



This Couple Didn't Let the Wettest Day of the Year Ruin Their Wedding

What's a little rain on your wedding day?As Richard Owen and Katy Lomas prepared for their wedding at Wentworth Castle in Yorkshire, England, they anxiously checked the weather forecast. The remnants of Hurricane Bertha were bearing down on the UK and the forecast was dismal.See also:


今年六月,曾有报道传出印度 OEM 厂商 Celkon 将计划在印度市场推出 Windows Phone 智能手机。今天,国外科技网站Gizbot曝光了据称是 Celkon 首款 Windows Phone 设备的真机谍照。  

美科学家研发“隐形斗篷” 成本约为1000美元


[组图]PlayStation二十周年 索尼推出纪念版擎天柱


[蘋果急診室] 新系統難用想降回舊版嗎?製作 USB Mac OSX 開機碟讓你任意降回任何版本!(10.8 以前版本適用)

每次升上新板 Mac OSX,網路社群一定現出一片「哀嚎」。

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