Dog being taken away by police shows absolutely no remorse

When a dog gets taken away by the police, I feel conflicted.On the one hand, it's sad to see a pup that has made such bad decisions in life, but on the other hand, the pictures are always great.

Trump tweetstorm about Michael Cohen 'flipping' overlooks one key detail

Donald Trump isn't afraid to share his Thoughts, even if sometimes those Thoughts don't exactly mean what he thinks they mean. This was once again on display Saturday morning in a series of tweets regarding his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, and whether or not he would "flip" on the president.

Suspected stalker breaks into Taylor Swift's home and takes a nap

One of Taylor Swift's multiple stalkers was found on Friday in Taylor Swift's New York townhouse, sleeping in her bed.The stalker, known as Roger Alvarado, had been arrested early in February for attempting to break down Swift's door with a shovel.Alvarado was charged with stalking, burglary,

Very good dog Max stayed overnight with lost three-year-old girl and helped rescuers

This is one very good dog. Max, a 17-year-old Blue Heeler, may be deaf, partially blind, and getting on in his years, but that didn't stop him from playing the role of loving companion and hero to a lost three-year-old girl in Queensland, Australia. SEE ALSO:

The cast of 'Jane the Virgin' was just as blown away by that twist as we all are

Jane the Virgin Twitter went WILD on Friday night. Spoilers ahead.The show's fourth season ended with a major reveal: Michael Cordero, a character that's been dead since just before a time jump skipped the story ahead by three years back in Season 3.SEE ALSO: Yup,

Download this: Google's Grasshopper aims to make coding as easy as a game

Ever wanted to learn to code, but didn't know where to start? Google's new app wants to help.This week the company launched Grasshopper, an app that aims to help teach adults to code (javascript, specifically) with a series of bite-sized puzzle games.SEE ALSO:

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower to testify next week in front of Congress

The Cambridge Analytica scandal isn't going away. In fact, it's heading straight to Washington, D.C. Christopher Wylie tweeted early Saturday morning that he would soon testify in front of Congress.

Ariana Grande makes surprise appearance at Coachella, and it's pretty great

Corny though they definitely, always are, surprise appearances always do well.Take Ariana Grande, who on Friday night appeared during Kygo's second set at Coachella. Grande performed her latest single, "No Tears Left to Cry" as well as a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."SEE ALSO:

'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 struggles with depicting trauma

The good news is that Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 eventually does start to recapture some of the  poignancy that made Season 1 an unprecedented phenomenon. The bad news is that it takes about half of the season to start getting there.To be fair,

Anker is running a *huge* sale on tech devices for your car

Anker is running a great deal on Amazon today, with four of their hottest devices for the car on sale. Keep phones charged, locate your vehicle in a crowded lot, record accidents, and more with these gadgets: Dual charger —$14.89With two USB ports, PowerIQ, and quick charge,

A 'Leftovers' star plays a key villain in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Carrie Coon is Proxima Midnight, one of four members of Thanos's villainous Black Order.The Leftovers star obviously isn't just now joining Avengers: Infinity War — a movie that is shot, almost certainly in the can, and speeding toward its April 27 release. But it's news to us.SEE ALSO:

Reuben Negron绘画作品

Reuben Negron,美国画家,出生于1979年,现居纽约。其作品善于表现情欲和瞬间情感,充满故事性。官方网站:http://www.cobotenuss.com以下这张请留意右侧门口站着的人。

TechCrunch Is Here In Hanoi With A Meetup Later Tonight

Just a quick and spur-of-the-moment note, I’m in Hanoi this week and would love to meet founders and engineers from the community. Our writers and editors regularly travel through the major tech hubs of the world and we haven’t had a chance to do a series in Vietnam yet. 


备受好评的回合制策略游戏《文明V(Sid Meier's Civilization® V)》正式推出了Linux版本。虽然官方声明Linux版本是针对Valve的SteamOS,支持尚未发布的Steam手柄,但在其它Linux发行版如Ubuntu上它也能正常运行。

Great Scott! A Hoverboard Future Is Finally Here

The future has arrived. And that future includes hoverboards.In March, Funny or Die orchestrated a hoverboard hoax, so it may still be too soon to start believing again in the possibility of Marty McFly's favorite form of future transportation being real. We understand.See also:

How the Best Seinfeld Parody on the Internet Created Seinfeld Emoji

"Imagen if Senfeld on TV today?" is a question often posed by @Seinfeld2000, an alternate universe of Seinfeld characters in contemporary situations told through garbled English and meme-ready Photoshop renderings.



Yelp Wants to Help Choose Your Hotel — Then Book It for You, Too

Yelp doesn't want to just offer reviews; it also wants to handle purchases.The review platform and travel booking site Hipmunk announced a partnership Tuesday that will allow users to book hotels through Yelp's website and mobile apps. It follows partnerships announced earlier this year,

微软财报:净利下跌,Surface 迎来春天

微软的财报中,Surface 一直都是扶不起的阿斗,没想到事情在这一财季发生了逆转。 今天微软公布了 2015 财年第一财季财报,报告显示,微软在该财季营收 232.01 美元,相比去年同期的 185.29 亿增长 25%;运营利润为 58.

苹果公司的 Apple Pay 如果和阿里巴巴或者支付宝合作会碰撞出怎样的火花?都有哪些潜在的合作形式?

工作跟支付结算有些相关,刚好也比较关注这方面。回答这个问题之前,我们先来厘清apple pay的概念,我觉得肯定会有人误以为apple pay是跟支付宝一样的第三方支付平台。



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