Dog being taken away by police shows absolutely no remorse

When a dog gets taken away by the police, I feel conflicted.On the one hand, it's sad to see a pup that has made such bad decisions in life, but on the other hand, the pictures are always great.

Should You Buy Google's New Pixel Phones?

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Google Pixel 3 Xl, Google Pixel 3, Tech, and Smartphones

Lime's new e-scooter will tell you where you can't park

Lime has some new wheels.The company's Generation 3 e-scooter is more tech-savvy and sturdy than the last model. It's coming out in some cities next month and will roll out to every city Lime operates in (currently more than 100) in early 2019. The new scooter has bigger wheels, a wider body,

This absurd parody proves that all TED Talks really do sound the same

It's not just you: A lot of TED Talks sound the same.Comedian and writer Keaton Patti — who imagined what a White House press briefing written by a bot might sound like — just shared a new imagined bot script, this time parodying the language of lofty TED Talks.SEE ALSO:

A must-have for any meditation fanatic - Mashable Deals

Here is a new way to focus your attention while you meditateMuse senses your brainwaves and adjusts to fit your needs. When your brain wanders, weather sounds increase. When you center your breath and remain calm, the weather sounds relax. A great way to make the most out of your meditation.

OnePlus 6T launch date moved because of Apple iPad event

Everyone knows OnePlus as the scrappy Chinese company that makes flagship Android phones and sells them for hundreds of dollars less than, say, Samsung's Galaxy phones or Google's Pixels.OnePlus's highly anticipated next-generation flagship phone, the 6T, was originally supposed to launch on Oct.

Best 4K TV sales this weekend: Sony, LG, Samsung, VIZIO, and more

Now that it's Friday, maybe you should make some weekend plans. Nah, we both know you're just going to watch TV until Monday rolls around again. You should treat yourself to a new 4KTV — consider it an early holiday present. 

The ice cream scoop you always wanted - Mashable Deals

Hate when your can't form the perfect scoop of ice cream cause it's too hard? Well look no further cause we found an awesome product that is sure to make this dessert even more enjoyable.Heads up:

'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 struggles with depicting trauma

The good news is that Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 eventually does start to recapture some of the  poignancy that made Season 1 an unprecedented phenomenon. The bad news is that it takes about half of the season to start getting there.To be fair,

Anker is running a *huge* sale on tech devices for your car

Anker is running a great deal on Amazon today, with four of their hottest devices for the car on sale. Keep phones charged, locate your vehicle in a crowded lot, record accidents, and more with these gadgets: Dual charger —$14.89With two USB ports, PowerIQ, and quick charge,

A 'Leftovers' star plays a key villain in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Carrie Coon is Proxima Midnight, one of four members of Thanos's villainous Black Order.The Leftovers star obviously isn't just now joining Avengers: Infinity War — a movie that is shot, almost certainly in the can, and speeding toward its April 27 release. But it's news to us.SEE ALSO:


众筹平台在数年的过程当中一直在连接创业者和资金支持者,对我们关于融资,和将产品上市的方法进行革命化的改变。 作为筹款支持者,我们从来没有感受到以如此个人的方式接近一个产品和它的制造者。

Алексей Курбатов插画作品

Алексей Курбатов,俄罗斯插画师,官方网站:

HTC产品经理发推文对evleaks飙脏话 确认M8 Prime存在性


逼近四分之一 Android 4.4装机率已达18%

安锋网 7 月 8 日消息,每个月的第一个星期的星期一是谷歌发布最新一期 Android 版本分布图的时候,从去年十月末谷歌发布 Android 4.4 KitKat 以来,截止到目前为止 Android 4.

ASP.NET Web API 过滤器创建、执行过程(一) - 金源


[原创]如何写好SqlHelper - 精简的美丽


IFTTT 正式登陆新浪微博

应用连接服务 IFTTT(If This Then That)正式登陆新浪微博,开启更多新玩法,以后发个微博也可以各种同步了。

Ancient Europeans Kept Animals for Cheese, Not Milk

The DNA from ancient human bones is shedding new light on the prehistory of Europe, such as when changes in skin color and lactose tolerance occurred, researchers say.

CIA torture psychologists take credit for everything that annoys you in 'SNL' sketch

Saturday Night Live has never been afraid of poking fun at controversy.SNL's cold open on Dec. 13 dove head-first into news of the CIA torture report with a sharply written Charlie Rose parody. In the sketch, above,


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