Police catch criminal after spotting fingerprint in WhatsApp photo

Even on encrypted messaging platforms, be careful what you send. Police officers in South Wales were able to identify a drug dealer's fingerprints from an old WhatsApp photo, the BBC reports. The fingerprint helped secure 11 drug-trafficking convictions,

Watch a couple hilariously melt down trying to play a video game

This is One Good Thing, a weekly column where we tell you about one of the few nice things that happened this week.Yelling at the video games has been a popular hobby coping mechanism since Pong debuted. Projecting a full range of emotions towards a game at a high volume is cathartic, fun,

'Punisher' deserves so much better than where Season 2 leaves him

In a sea of heroic do-gooders, Punisher was a welcome arrival onto the Marvel scene.While certainly nowhere near as evocative and poignant as Jessica Jones Season 1, his 2017 solo introduction into the Netflix-Marvel pantheon showed promise.

To see into someone's soul, binge on their Twitter likes

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal. And yes, we know this particular post is slightly tangential, but it's still an important public service.By now, employers know the drill:

Netflix's 'IO' doesn't deliver a world worth saving

Warning: Light spoilers for IO lie ahead.Not every world-ender can be world-ending.IO, the latest post-apocalyptic drama from Netflix, began streaming this weekend—but viewers crossing their fingers for another Bird Box are going to be disappointed. 

Why local organizers support the Women's March despite controversy

The 2017 Women's March completely changed Angie Beem's life."The Women’s March got me out of the house, got me involved, made me educate myself, got me politically educated, and gave me something meaningful to do," says Beem, who is the board president for Women's March Washington State. 

Enroll in online film school for $29 and start earning that future Oscar

Awards season is now in full swing. All the cinematic masterpieces that made a splash in the past year are now getting accolades from around the globe. There's Alfonso Cuarón's Roma, Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, Barry Jenkins' If Beale Street Could Talk,

Treat your dog with this bacon-flavored CBD oil for pets, on sale for 29% off

You've probably heard about some of the anecdotal medical benefits of CBD for us humans, but did you know that your dog can get in on the action, too? No, you won't find doggie doobies on pet store shelves anytime soon,

Dog being taken away by police shows absolutely no remorse

When a dog gets taken away by the police, I feel conflicted.On the one hand, it's sad to see a pup that has made such bad decisions in life, but on the other hand, the pictures are always great.

'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 struggles with depicting trauma

The good news is that Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 eventually does start to recapture some of the  poignancy that made Season 1 an unprecedented phenomenon. The bad news is that it takes about half of the season to start getting there.To be fair,

Anker is running a *huge* sale on tech devices for your car

Anker is running a great deal on Amazon today, with four of their hottest devices for the car on sale. Keep phones charged, locate your vehicle in a crowded lot, record accidents, and more with these gadgets: Dual charger —$14.89With two USB ports, PowerIQ, and quick charge,

Still using Windows XP? We want to know why

Windows XP, an operating system we've probably all used at least once in our lives, is old. It was released over 10 years ago now, and Microsoft is finally about to kill support for the OS in favor for its more recent and up to date operating systems. Still,



LittleBrother: 让老设备支持缩放&横屏模式

威锋网讯,著名的开发者 Ryan Petrich 带来了他第一款大肆宣扬的 iOS 8 兼容插件--LittleBrother,这款插件为 iPhone 5 和 iPhone 5s 这些老设备带来了新 iPhone 的特色功能。

太极发布iOS 8.1.1越狱工具

感谢chen的投递今天下午1点,太极在官网及官微发布下载工具,支持iOS 8.0 — iOS 8.1.1 ;支持机型:iPhone 4s- 6Plus; iPad / iPad Air / 2; iPad mini / mini2; iPod touch 5,请您在越狱前备份您的重要资料。



苹果与谷歌的默契 :可穿戴设备是为何而生





又一任天堂手機遊戲!《Pokemon GO》可於現實世界地圖捉小精靈

為進一步擴展遊戲市場,早前任天堂就宣佈會在今年起進軍手機遊戲,並且在上月 率先推出《Pokemon Shuffle Mobile》。

Ben Carson Denies Involvement with Nutritional Supplement Company He Was Involved With For Years

Over the last ten years, Ben Carson has given speeches for Mannatech, a sketchy nutritional supplement company that does not, surprisingly, produce actual snake oil. He’s appeared in infomercials. He admits the company helped fund his endowed chair at Johns Hopkins.

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