Summer movie preview: What to watch if you’re ready for some action

Welcome to our 2018 summer movie preview. With so many films coming over the next few months, no one's got time to catch 'em all – so we're here to tell you about the ones you need to know. Today, a rundown of this season's biggest and baddest action adventures.After a long, cold winter,

Trump tweetstorm about Michael Cohen 'flipping' overlooks one key detail

Donald Trump isn't afraid to share his Thoughts, even if sometimes those Thoughts don't exactly mean what he thinks they mean. This was once again on display Saturday morning in a series of tweets regarding his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, and whether or not he would "flip" on the president.

Suspected stalker breaks into Taylor Swift's home and takes a nap

One of Taylor Swift's multiple stalkers was found on Friday in Taylor Swift's New York townhouse, sleeping in her bed.The stalker, known as Roger Alvarado, had been arrested early in February for attempting to break down Swift's door with a shovel.Alvarado was charged with stalking, burglary,

Very good dog Max stayed overnight with lost three-year-old girl and helped rescuers

This is one very good dog. Max, a 17-year-old Blue Heeler, may be deaf, partially blind, and getting on in his years, but that didn't stop him from playing the role of loving companion and hero to a lost three-year-old girl in Queensland, Australia. SEE ALSO:

The cast of 'Jane the Virgin' was just as blown away by that twist as we all are

Jane the Virgin Twitter went WILD on Friday night. Spoilers ahead.The show's fourth season ended with a major reveal: Michael Cordero, a character that's been dead since just before a time jump skipped the story ahead by three years back in Season 3.SEE ALSO: Yup,

Download this: Google's Grasshopper aims to make coding as easy as a game

Ever wanted to learn to code, but didn't know where to start? Google's new app wants to help.This week the company launched Grasshopper, an app that aims to help teach adults to code (javascript, specifically) with a series of bite-sized puzzle games.SEE ALSO:

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower to testify next week in front of Congress

The Cambridge Analytica scandal isn't going away. In fact, it's heading straight to Washington, D.C. Christopher Wylie tweeted early Saturday morning that he would soon testify in front of Congress.

Ariana Grande makes surprise appearance at Coachella, and it's pretty great

Corny though they definitely, always are, surprise appearances always do well.Take Ariana Grande, who on Friday night appeared during Kygo's second set at Coachella. Grande performed her latest single, "No Tears Left to Cry" as well as a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."SEE ALSO:

India's Uber rival Ola is set to launch 10,000 electric vehicles in a year

Uber's biggest rival in India, Ola, has announced plans to launch a casual 10,000 electric vehicles within the next year.On Monday, the ride-hailing company, which operates in over 110 cities throughout India (and now, Australia), announced a commitment to place 10,

Police catch criminal after spotting fingerprint in WhatsApp photo

Even on encrypted messaging platforms, be careful what you send. Police officers in South Wales were able to identify a drug dealer's fingerprints from an old WhatsApp photo, the BBC reports. The fingerprint helped secure 11 drug-trafficking convictions,

Dog being taken away by police shows absolutely no remorse

When a dog gets taken away by the police, I feel conflicted.On the one hand, it's sad to see a pup that has made such bad decisions in life, but on the other hand, the pictures are always great.

I want to glide down the Great Wall of China like this guy

The only bad thing about this paragliding flight over the Great Wall of China is that it is way too short. I would love to do the entire thing like this guy.Read more...    

OneNote on Surface Pro 3: Microsoft offers a few useful 'magic tricks'

Microsoft is offering those who have ordered the Surface Pro 3, or are expecting to purchase the new 12-inch tablet device, a few tricks when it comes to utilizing OneNote. In the helpful video, Microsoft shows you how you can take a note, keep it with you all the time,



[组图]Android 5.0发布 棒棒糖占领Google总部

Android 5.0正式发布,并确认代号就是传说中的Lollipop(棒棒糖),而根据传统,每次有新版本的Android发布,Google总部都会在团队所在的44号楼前放置一尊新的雕塑,这次当然不例外。

贝尔金宣布为iPad Air 2和iPad Mini 3推出系列保护壳

贝尔金今天宣布为苹果iPad Air 2和iPad Mini 3推出专用保护壳系列产品,其中包括新的键盘保护壳和迎合了这两种平板电脑设计的保护壳。为iPad Air 2推出的QODE终极专业键盘保护壳价格149.



These are the best Super Bowl commercials you didn't see

Do you live in a cat-themed market, defined as a town with a feline-centric name like Kitty Hawk, Pawnee City or Los Gatos? If so, you saw BuzzFeed’s first television commercial during yesterday’s Super Bowl XLIX.If you weren’t among those viewers in select areas of California,


本文编译自A16Z合伙人Ben Horowitz的博客,作者认为公司的领导人不能只关注公司发展中的“大事”(big things),更应该关注完成这些大事所需要做的“小事”(little things)。





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