SpaceX launches the alien planet-hunting TESS telescope today. Watch it live.

On Monday, SpaceX is scheduled to launch NASA's alien planet-hunting telescope TESS to orbit. TESS — short for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite — will search the sky to examine thousands of stars,

Should You Buy Google's New Pixel Phones?

Read more...More about Mashable Reels, Google Pixel 3 Xl, Google Pixel 3, Tech, and Smartphones

Lime's new e-scooter will tell you where you can't park

Lime has some new wheels.The company's Generation 3 e-scooter is more tech-savvy and sturdy than the last model. It's coming out in some cities next month and will roll out to every city Lime operates in (currently more than 100) in early 2019. The new scooter has bigger wheels, a wider body,

This absurd parody proves that all TED Talks really do sound the same

It's not just you: A lot of TED Talks sound the same.Comedian and writer Keaton Patti — who imagined what a White House press briefing written by a bot might sound like — just shared a new imagined bot script, this time parodying the language of lofty TED Talks.SEE ALSO:

A must-have for any meditation fanatic - Mashable Deals

Here is a new way to focus your attention while you meditateMuse senses your brainwaves and adjusts to fit your needs. When your brain wanders, weather sounds increase. When you center your breath and remain calm, the weather sounds relax. A great way to make the most out of your meditation.

OnePlus 6T launch date moved because of Apple iPad event

Everyone knows OnePlus as the scrappy Chinese company that makes flagship Android phones and sells them for hundreds of dollars less than, say, Samsung's Galaxy phones or Google's Pixels.OnePlus's highly anticipated next-generation flagship phone, the 6T, was originally supposed to launch on Oct.

Best 4K TV sales this weekend: Sony, LG, Samsung, VIZIO, and more

Now that it's Friday, maybe you should make some weekend plans. Nah, we both know you're just going to watch TV until Monday rolls around again. You should treat yourself to a new 4KTV — consider it an early holiday present. 

The ice cream scoop you always wanted - Mashable Deals

Hate when your can't form the perfect scoop of ice cream cause it's too hard? Well look no further cause we found an awesome product that is sure to make this dessert even more enjoyable.Heads up:

You won't believe what NYC's commute looked like on this rainy morning

The morning commute in New York City is never really easy, but with this morning's rain storm, the inconvenient trek turned into a flooded nightmare.SEE ALSO: Weatherman has meltdown after the longest winter everA huge storm made its way into the city right around rush hour,

Lyft reaches $500 million in driver tips

Ride-hailing service Lyft has always offered passengers the option to tip their drivers and all those tips have added up — to half a billion dollars.The San Francisco company announced Monday its riders have tipped a total exceeding $500 million. More than half of those extra earnings came in 2017.

Summer movie preview: What to watch if you’re ready for some action

Welcome to our 2018 summer movie preview. With so many films coming over the next few months, no one's got time to catch 'em all – so we're here to tell you about the ones you need to know. Today, a rundown of this season's biggest and baddest action adventures.After a long, cold winter,



Kim Høltermand建筑摄影作品:Nightlines

Kim Høltermand,丹麦摄影师,出生于1977年,专注于建筑摄影。他同时还是丹麦国家警局的犯罪指纹专家,官方网站:

多速率(多尺度)信息融合 - 不锈钢老鼠



上海2014年9月25日电 /美通社/ -- 2014中国(上海)国际乐器展览会(Music China)10月8日至11日将在上海新国际博览中心拉开帷幕,展会同期的系列亲子音乐活动旨在给家长和孩子创造乐器体验机会,共同感受音乐的魅力,了解乐器学习的相关信息,帮助孩子在玩乐中爱上音乐。


据英国《卫报》援引 GfK 的一项调查结果称,可穿戴设备市场上智能手表并非占主导地位,且超过三成的用户在 6 个月后就对这些设备失去了热情。

'It's gonna be loud': Antares rocket explosion as seen from 6 eyewitness videos

Hundreds of spectators were near the NASA launchpad in Virginia with their cameras ready to capture the Antares launch on Tuesday evening. What they got instead was a fiery explosion followed by a deafening soundSee also:


Mac为Q3季度的苹果带来的意外的惊喜,在IDC公布的2014年Q3季度的市场调查中,Mac产品线逆袭增长,Q […]

Greek anarchists torch cars, clash with Athens police

Anarchists set fire to a public transport bus and several cars in central Athens during clashes with police on Tuesday evening.The violence followed a large demonstration that was in support of a jailed anarchist who is on hunger strike in an effort to leave prison to attend university.See also:


上海2015年2月13日电 /美通社/ -- 森特集团宣布,公司于2015年2月8日与上海华冶集团股东签署并购意向书,这是行业关注的战略并购项目,开启了钢铁服务业的新模式。



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