See you on Thursday in Chicago

Some folks I met in Chicago are holding an amazing event at a great place on South Canalport Avenue. This former macaroni factory now builds startups and I’ll be helping judge their pitch-off alongside some Chicago luminaries. You can RSVP here and sign up for a spot to pitch here.

Former Chicago Bulls Champ Falls for Fake Onion Article

Being roasted by The Onion means you're notable enough for people to talk about. In a way, it's an honor — but only if you're in on the joke.And it looks like no one told former Chicago Bulls player Ron Harper.See also: 7.5-Foot-Tall High School Basketball Player Is Kind of a Big DealOn Thursday,

How to watch the NFL Draft at a bar, from your couch or in your bed

The NFL draft is about to kick offBut I'm not ready, you may be thinkingWhere do I watch it? How? When? Let us help.See also: NFL schedule release shows league's continued grip on AmericaFor the first time since its inception, the NFL draft has left New York.

Man celebrates lonely bachelor party after everyone's flights were cancelled

Bachelor parties are supposed to be fun. A night out with the guys — one last hurrah before the groom-to-be ties the not. Well this bachelor party is just sad. Sad and lonelyRobbie Chernow flew to Chicago in order to celebrate his friend's bachelor party, but unfortunately, nobody else showed up.

If you like a procedural drama on NBC, it's probably been renewed

Taking a page from The CW's book, NBC handed out a mass of renewals on Thursday to five of its solidly performing dramasThe lucky shows were: The Blacklist (Season 3), Chicago Fire (Season 4), Chicago P.D. (Season 3), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 17) and Grimm (Season 5) See also:

Cliff Alexander and the NBA Draft heartbreak you never hear about

This time last year, Cliff Alexander was hot stuffHe was finishing high school in Chicago, on his way to play college hoops at national powerhouse Kansas. He was ranked the third-best recruit in the class of 2014, ahead of Karl-Anthony Towns and D'Angelo Russell,

Is the 'Doomsday Clock' ticking forward?

It's five minutes 'til midnight, but that might be set to change.The hands of the "Doomsday Clock" will be set by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, to reflect how much closer the human race is to its ultimate demise.See also: What's Pinned to Your Doomsday Survival Board?

Microsoft plans to unveil new ways to monetize Windows early next year

Uber Launches No Kid Hungry Campaign

Here’s some actually good news from the company that aims to be “everyone’s private driver.” Uber is partnering with No Kid Hungry to raise enough cash to feed 3 million hungry children this holiday season.

First Impressions: Motorola Moto 360 is More than Just a Pretty Watch Face

Moto 360, the most eagerly anticipated Android Wear Device, finally has a price and a delivery date. Motorola revealed all the details on Thursday in Chicago, setting the list price at $249 and putting it on sale Friday at select retailers including Best Buy.

Sony hopes you'll ditch cable for its Internet TV service PlayStation Vue

Sony is trying its hand broadcast television with a new cloud-based service called PlayStation Vue, the company announced Thursday. The platform will offer about 75 channels and on-demand viewings.PlayStation Vue is a sort of update to the cable box.

BigID lands in the right place at the right time with GDPR

Every startup needs a little skill and a little luck. BigID, a NYC-based data governance solution has been blessed with both. The company, which helps customers identify sensitive data in big data stores, launched at just about the same time that the EU announced the GDPR data privacy regulations.

In the NYC enterprise startup scene, security is job one

While most people probably would not think of New York as a hotbed for enterprise startups of any kind, it is actually quite active. When you stop to consider that the world’s biggest banks and financial services companies are located there,

Through luck and grit, Datadog is fusing the culture of developers and operations

There used to be two cultures in the enterprise around technology. On one side were software engineers, who built out the applications needed by employees to conduct the business of their companies. On the other side were sysadmins,

NS1 brings domain name services to the enterprise

When you think about critical infrastructure, DNS or domain naming services might not pop into your head, but what is more important than making sure your website opens quickly and efficiently for your users.

Full-Metal Packet is hosting the future of cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing has been a revolution for the data center. Rather than investing in expensive hardware and managing a data center directly, companies are relying on public cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to provide general-purpose and high-availability compute, storage,

BigID lands in the right place at the right time with GDPR

Every startup needs a little skill and a little luck. BigID, a NYC-based data governance solution has been blessed with both. The company, which helps customers identify sensitive data in big data stores, launched at just about the same time that the EU announced the GDPR data privacy regulations.

Timescale is leading the next wave of NYC database tech

Data is the lifeblood of the modern corporation, yet acquiring, storing, processing, and analyzing it remains a remarkably challenging and expensive project. Every time data infrastructure finally catches up with the streams of information pouring in,

Bumble drops Facebook login requirement

The week after Mark Zuckerberg testified in front Congress, Bumble is announcing that it will no longer require that users have a Facebook account to log in. The popular women-first dating app is set to institute the change to its registration process tomorrow.

Target debuts same-day delivery for in-store purchases in some urban markets

Target wants to make it easier for customers in urban markets to shop its store and get their hauls home, without having to lug their bags onto the subway or other public transit. These customers may skip buying heavier items like 12-packs of soda, big bags of dog food, gallons of water,

Coinbase buys and makes CEO Balaji Srinivasan its first CTO

Coinbase, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its most significant piece of M&A to date after it agreed to buy, the U.S. startup that uses the blockchain for its paid-email service, in a deal worth over $120 million. In additional, Coinbase has appointed Earn.

Virtual Minuum Leaves Beta With Version 2.0, Adds Text Sharing Across Applications

Whirlscape’s virtual keyboard software Minuum is exiting beta today with the launch of version 2.0, which changes up the look of the minimal input software, and adds quick access to emoji, plus text sharing across apps. The underlying tech also gets improvements,

视频:WP8.1 VS WP8 哪个系统版本更快?

威智网 4 月 15 日消息,昨天晚些时候微软正式推送了 Windows Phone 8.1 的官方预览版升级,带来了多大一百多项的功能和系统上的更新。那么在系统的响应速度和性能上Windows Phone 8.1 相对于 Windows Phone 8 有提升吗?

Microsoft Research project explores how a search engine on your phone could save a life

Imagine walking down the street and you immediately notice an elderly man fall to the ground and appears to not be breathing. What do you do? Aside from dialing 911, would there be something you can do to help?

兼具动感与活力:HTC One M8蓝色版曝光

在 HTC One M8 发布之时 HTC 只提供了三个颜色版本的 HTC One M8,晶丝灰、月光银以及香槟金三种颜色。并且目前市场上出售的只有晶丝灰、月光银,香槟金颜色的 HTC One M8 还没有大规模的上市。

Buy a protective case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus here

Holy cow, new iPhones! Yes, unless you are living under a rock, Apple dominated the tech news today with its new iPhones. Here are the protective cases you should buy.Read more:

从东南亚到以色列 中国科技企业正走向全世界

越来越多的中国科技企业把目光投向了与中国临近的东南亚、印度乃至更远的以色列  李幸 9 月 30 日报道  中国科技企业正在走出去。  不光有大批互联网公司赴美上市,也有不少的科技企业走出国门,把目光投向了 ...

Twitter Beats In Q3 With Revenue Of $361M, But Slowing User Growth Drags Its Shares Down 8%

Update: Twitter is now down around 10 percent in after-hours trading. Its CEO, in an interview with CNBC, said that his company is the “fastest growing business” in the big-dollar digital advertising space.  Following the bell, Twitter reported its third-quarter financial performance,


威锋网讯 11 月 7 日消息,市场统计机构 Chitika 日前公布了最新一期的平板电脑网页流量数据,其中显示 9 月季度 iPad 在北美地区的占有率为 79.9%,相比于 6 月季度提升了将近 2 个百分点。




德勤:2025大趋势--中国营销传播市场白皮书 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2015年网络营销的七大趋势 德勤:2013年社会化媒体和数字营销趋势--数据信息图 Mintel:2015年中国消费者趋势

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