Diversity and inclusion, data privacy and security ops will be on everyone’s mind at RSA

Monzy Merza Contributor Monzy Merza is the chief security evangelist at Splunk. More posts by this contributor The four cybersecurity terms everyone is talking about at Black Hat How The Rules Of Cyber Engagement Have Changed This week, 50,

Snap’s exec team continues to shrink as more reports of internal drama surface

Days after Snap announced the departure of its CFO, reports have emerged that the company’s HR chief was asked to leave following an internal investigation late last year that had led to the firing of its global security head.

Facebook fears no FTC fine

Reports emerged today that the FTC is considering a fine against Facebook that would be the largest ever from the agency. Even if it were ten times the size of the largest, a $22.5 million bill sent to Google in 2012, the company would basically laugh it off. Facebook is made of money. But the […]

Curious 23andMe twin results show why you should take DNA testing services with a grain of salt

If you’ve ever enthusiastically sent your spit off in the mail, you were probably anxious for whatever unexpected insights the current crop of DNA testing companies would send back. Did your ancestors hang out on the Iberian peninsula?

Free to play games rule the entertainment world with $88 billion in revenue

They may be free, but they sure pay. Games with no upfront cost but a plethora of other ways to make money generated a mind-blowing $88 billion in 2018 according to SuperData’s year-end report — leaving traditional games (and indeed movies and TV) in the dust.

FanDuel cofounder Tom Griffiths just closed a seed round for his decidedly noncontroversial new star

Tom Griffiths has founded four companies, two of which “weren’t much to write home about,” he jokes. The third captured the world’s attention: FanDuel, the fantasy sports company that was routinely in the press — not always for desirable reasons— from nearly the day it launched,

Wine-by-the-glass subscription service Vinebox raises $5.9 million

One SF startup wants you to get home from a day at work and polish off a bottle of wine by yourself. Vinebox isn’t really trying to get you wasted, these bottles are cute and tiny.

Salesforce is building new tower in Dublin and adding hundreds of jobs

Salesforce put the finishing touches on a tower in San Francisco last year. In October, it announced Salesforce Tower in Atlanta and today it was Dublin’s turn. Everyone gets a tower. Salesforce first opened an office in Dublin back in 2001, and has expanded to 1400 employees today.

See you on Thursday in Chicago

Some folks I met in Chicago are holding an amazing event at a great place on South Canalport Avenue. This former macaroni factory now builds startups and I’ll be helping judge their pitch-off alongside some Chicago luminaries. You can RSVP here and sign up for a spot to pitch here.

Bumble drops Facebook login requirement

The week after Mark Zuckerberg testified in front Congress, Bumble is announcing that it will no longer require that users have a Facebook account to log in. The popular women-first dating app is set to institute the change to its registration process tomorrow.

Target debuts same-day delivery for in-store purchases in some urban markets

Target wants to make it easier for customers in urban markets to shop its store and get their hauls home, without having to lug their bags onto the subway or other public transit. These customers may skip buying heavier items like 12-packs of soda, big bags of dog food, gallons of water,


在收购了洛杉矶快船队后,微软最大个人股东、前任CEO写信给现任CEO,以很忙为由辞去董事会职务。鲍尔默在写给微软首席执行长纳德拉(Satya Nadella)的信中称,他认为自己继续在董事会供职是不切实际的,他最好离任。



'X Factor' Contestant and G.R.L. Member Simone Battle Dead at 25

Singer Simone Battle was found dead in her West Hollywood home on Friday. She was 25.Battle was a finalist on the 2011 season of Fox's The X Factor, and was a member of girl group, G.R.L. Originally formed as a reboot of the Pussycat Dolls, the group later struck out with its own name in 2013.

Steve Harvey's 10 Tips for Online Dating

Browsing for love in all the wrong places? Perhaps you need Steve Harvey's help.The TV host and personality has teamed up with Match.com to provide a unique dating experience for singles looking for the real thing, baby. The new online dating platform, called Delightful,

谷歌称人或能活500岁 生理部分可由机械零件替代

据外媒10日报道,谷歌风险投资合伙管理人比尔-马里斯(Bill Maris)日前表示,他认为受益于医学持续进步,人类或许可以活到500岁。马里斯在接受彭博社采访时做了上述表示。

改用全金屬一體式設計!紅米 Note 2 最新實機圖公開

自從去年 3 月發佈之後,由於小米的紅米 Note 手機採用不俗的規格,而且價錢亦 相當抵玩,因此在不少地方都掀起了搶購的熱潮。



走进估值 200 亿美金的大数据龙头企业 Palantir


php生成zip压缩文件的方法,支持文件和压缩包路径查找 - 王业楼的个人博客

/** new creatZip($_dir,$_zipName);*@ _dir是被压缩的文件夹名称,可使用路径,例 'a'或者'a/test.txt'或者'test.txt'*@ _zipName是压缩后的压缩包名称,可使用路径,例 'a/test.zip'或者'test.zip'**/c...

Eminem Partners With Genius, Alex And Drew Rap Battle The News

Today, Eminem announced that he’d be investing in and partnering with lyric-annotation site Genius. It’s kind of a match made in heaven, seeing as Eminem’s lyrics are constantly scrutinized. Here’s what Eminem had to say about the tie-up:

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