Jump lists support comes to the Twitter PWA on Windows 10

The Twitter PWA now supports jump lists on Windows 10, allowing users to get shortcuts from the app by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar or Start Menu.

Cyberpunk 2077 video game gameplay to be shown to the public at E3 2019

Ever since the debut of its reveal trailer at the end of Microsoft’s E3 2018 Xbox conference last year, CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most-anticipated video games on gamers’ minds. While the futuristic first-person roleplaying action title still doesn’t have a release date,

Recently discovered Microsoft patent hints at a new Surface Type Cover design

A newly uncovered patent (see above image) filed by Microsoft offers a glimpse at a potential future iteration of the Type Cover detachable keyboards that are used with the company’s line of Surface devices. Discovered by WU,

Xbox One Dashboard tabs are moving locations for some gamers

Some Xbox One owners over on Reddit have begun to notice that the order of the Dashboard tabs on their consoles have started to change. Reddit user, sakattack360, was the first to make a post about his console’s new menu order which now displays Home, Game Pass, Mixer,

Microsoft updates Whiteboard app for Surface Hub

Microsoft's Whiteboard app, which received Surface Hub support in 2016 is being updated with a rather impressive feature set to bolster Surface Hub integration.

Lenovo boasts strong PC sales in 4th quarter earnings, with PC shipments up 9%

Despite the ongoing doomsday drum beat that's been droning on for the past few years about the demise of the PC market, Lenovo recently posted some fourth-quarter sales numbers that prove people are still interested in the traditional personal computing market.

New Chrome and Firefox extensions from Microsoft bring hardware isolation technology to more browser

The new Windows Defender Application Guard extensions for the two browsers provide the same hardware-based isolation technology found on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Latest Microsoft Garage project builds vocabulary with an Android app

Another Microsoft Garage project has made its way to Android users. Called Read My World, the app aims to teach adults with low literacy or still learning the English language to strengthen their vocabulary and improve their literacy skills.

Xbox news recap: Phil Spencer talks first party lineup, Xbox achievements on Nintendo Switch and mor

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Windows 10 news recap: Twitter implements Share Dialog support, third-party YouTube and Uber PWAs ar

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Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Account to receive Fluent Design changes, iOS 11 users can open Offi

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Microsoft's Xbox One up for pre-order in India, exclusive to Amazon India

Microsoft is finally prepping for Xbox One’s launch in India. The company has partnered with country’s leading e-commerce company Amazon India to be the exclusive retailer for the gaming console.



Read This Before You Buy a Plane Ticket on Sunday

A recent report from the Airlines Reporting Corporation shows how the average price of tickets varies day by day throughout the week. According to the study, the average price of tickets sold is lowest on Sunday, at $432, and highest on Monday, at $503.

微软乃苹果的行业好队友 广告全是MacBook

威锋网讯,似乎微软近来的广告都喜欢拉上苹果一把,尤其是在 Surface 平板的广告中就多次出现苹果产品,虽然都是在嘲讽。但这次微软似乎放弃了对苹果的嘲讽,这次他们“直接”为苹果进行宣传。  

RPC通信框架——RCF介绍 - 缘生梦


Yes, everything you do is creepy in front of your office crush

Crushes are awkward. Throw in a couple staplers and a copy machine and you've got a recipe for disaster.Luckily, Fast Company can teach you how to know the difference when you're being charming and when you're being down right creepy in front of your office crush.Until you get help, just stop.


日前,外媒The Verge刊文称,美国总统竞选人之一唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)就是一个混蛋。不过千万不要被表象欺骗,被叫做混蛋并不意味着对他的竞选形式不利,反之还可能带来好处。

谷歌与英国政府协商 准备在伦敦推广无人驾驶汽车


This 1994 'Pulp Fiction' document reveals why censors decided not to cut it

LONDON — Although it was released in cinemas over a quarter of a century ago, Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction still packs a punch.And while the film has become a critically-acclaimed cult classic, its fairly adult content did drum up some scrutiny from censors at the time it was released.SEE ALSO:

3 out of 4 people with symptomatic asthma report reduced productivity at work

New survey shows that 3 out of 4 people with symptomatic asthma claim that their symptoms affected their productivity while working1 On average people with asthma symptoms missed 3 hours of work over a one week period despite taking maintenance treatment1 INGELHEIM,

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