Netflix UWP app picks up support for Picture in Picture mode

The Netflix Windows 10 app recently picked up support for Compact Overlay windows, which is Microsoft’s branding for Picture in Picture mode on Windows 10.

Xbox offers 1 month of Game Pass + 1 month of Sling for $1 for first month

Microsoft is running a limited promotion, giving users both Xbox Game Pass's digital library of games and discounts and Sling TV's live television channels and on demand content to for just a dollar.

Microsoft’s launches XAML Studio, a free app for making UWP XAML UIs

A new app from the Microsoft Garage Project studios emerged in the Store recently called XAML Studio which was released to help "rapidly prototype UWP XAML" projects and copied for further development using Visual Studio.

Backups for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work after March 2020

App downloads and device resets will still be as up to date as OS 1703 and 1709 for the next year and some change.

Cheat Sheet: Outlook, OneNote, To-Do, or Sticky Notes? Microsoft’s note-taking apps explained

Over the years, Microsoft has launched a myriad of solutions for taking notes, manage tasks, and create reminders, and the Redmond giant is now using Microsoft Exchange as the cement to create synergies between all these apps.

Microsoft News app for Android updated with new layout choices

Despite Microsoft's heavy platform and services integration with Android, the company still, on occassion, manages to target much of its early development for the iOS platform

Azure DevOps launches its own Bounty program

Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC) just announced the launch of its Azure DevOps Bounty Program yesterday and it should be exciting news for DevOps customers, particularly those using server solutions.

Microsoft wants Cortana to integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant instead of competing with them

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella acknowledged this week that the company's Cortana digital assistant should become a "skill" for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Jump lists support comes to the Twitter PWA on Windows 10

The Twitter PWA now supports jump lists on Windows 10, allowing users to get shortcuts from the app by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar or Start Menu.

Xbox news recap: Phil Spencer talks first party lineup, Xbox achievements on Nintendo Switch and mor

Check out our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox.

Windows 10 news recap: Twitter implements Share Dialog support, third-party YouTube and Uber PWAs ar

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.


在2011年首次上天之后,X-47B“无人空战系统”又执行了多次试飞,包括在航母上弹射和着陆。而现在,X-47B又完成了其首次夜间飞行。本次试飞是在马里兰州的“Patuxent River”海军飞行基地进行的。

任天堂股东大会再次就连年亏损道歉 社长缺席


英特尔与说唱巨星合作 将推健身耳机产品

英特尔周五宣布,该公司已经与超级说唱巨星50 Cent达成健身耳机产品合作协议。

5 Movies That Need a TV Reboot

We've seen plenty of books turned into movies.But what about movies turned into TV shows? Think about it — there could be some pretty sweet spinoffsSee also: The Entire 'Harry Potter' Series in 2 MinutesAbove, we break down which movies we'd like to see brought back to the tiny screen.



11 Heston Blumenthal food porn photographs to make life worthwhile

So, everyone in Australia is going quacking mad over Heston Blumenthal's restaraunt The Fat Duck.The experimental three-Michelin star restaurant is relocating from Bray, England, to Melbourne, Australia, on Feb. 3 for six months. On Monday, tickets were released after a month-long ballot process.

Gizmodo's Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

It's already Hanukkah, it's almost Christmas, and it's definitely the general holiday season. That's great if you like spiked eggnog, but not so good if you haven't bought gifts yet. Don't worry.


说到 PS4 手柄的续航,简直是所有玩家的痛。购买了 DualShock 4 手柄的玩家尤其心塞,配备的 LED 屏更是直戳电池软肋。要解决这个问题办法不是没有,就看你是愿意动手还是愿意花钱了。  

Facebook wants you to play games in Messenger

Facebook Messenger users can already video call, pay friends and chat it up with businesses. But they may soon be able to play games, too.Facebook has confirmed it is in talks with several developers to make games for Messenger.


提及张小龙,大家都会想到微信;提及乔布斯,大家都会想到 iPhone;直到某一天,一个交互同学问我,你有没有做 ...

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