Microsoft isn’t married to Qualcomm for its Always Connected PC push

As Microsoft bets its hardware and Windows future heavily on (ACPC) devices, it's also hedging those bets by spreading its chipset partnerships

Xbox offers 1 month of Game Pass + 1 month of Sling for $1 for first month

Microsoft is running a limited promotion, giving users both Xbox Game Pass's digital library of games and discounts and Sling TV's live television channels and on demand content to for just a dollar.

Microsoft’s launches XAML Studio, a free app for making UWP XAML UIs

A new app from the Microsoft Garage Project studios emerged in the Store recently called XAML Studio which was released to help "rapidly prototype UWP XAML" projects and copied for further development using Visual Studio.

Backups for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work after March 2020

App downloads and device resets will still be as up to date as OS 1703 and 1709 for the next year and some change.

Cheat Sheet: Outlook, OneNote, To-Do, or Sticky Notes? Microsoft’s note-taking apps explained

Over the years, Microsoft has launched a myriad of solutions for taking notes, manage tasks, and create reminders, and the Redmond giant is now using Microsoft Exchange as the cement to create synergies between all these apps.

Microsoft News app for Android updated with new layout choices

Despite Microsoft's heavy platform and services integration with Android, the company still, on occassion, manages to target much of its early development for the iOS platform

Azure DevOps launches its own Bounty program

Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC) just announced the launch of its Azure DevOps Bounty Program yesterday and it should be exciting news for DevOps customers, particularly those using server solutions.

Microsoft wants Cortana to integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant instead of competing with them

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella acknowledged this week that the company's Cortana digital assistant should become a "skill" for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We may be close to getting Windows 10 on ARM running on Windows phones

if you’re curious enough to try installing Windows 10 on ARM on your Windows phone, you may now be able to do it using a UEFI bootloader created by a technology hacker.

If you’re a Windows Insider, you shouldn’t be upset that Redstone 4 is delayed

While Microsoft has never made a public announcement about the release of Windows 10 1803/Redstone 4/Spring Creators Update/??,tech pundits with inside the company connections were expecting an announcement and rollout beginning on April 10th, last week. Indeed,

Get the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse on Amazon today for $25

The Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is on sale on Amazon today for $25

Kevin Bacon Schools Millennials on the '80s

AUSTIN, Texas — Put down your iPhone and iced coffee and pay attention, millennials. Kevin Bacon has a very important message for you.Stop pretending you remember cassette tapes and Ronald Reagan.

先睹为快 迪士尼首泄《六大英雄》部分剧照

感谢乐园论坛的投递近日迪士尼向外界放出了去年曾在迪士尼D23展会上展示的其首部漫威漫画动画片《六大英雄》部分剧照,由于影片中的主角是一群日本超级英雄,因此这部电影看上去更像是一部日本动画版的《复仇者联盟》,这部3D CG电脑动画片由迪士尼动画工作室(Walt Disney Animation Studios)承担制作。


前LulzSec黑客组织首领"Sabu"--Hector Xavier Monsegur现已刑满出狱。美国当地时间5月27日,地方法院法官Loretta Preska宣布,鉴于Monsegur在过去3年内的“出色”表现,法院决定将他的刑期减至7个月。据了解,Monsegur于2011年6月被FBI抓获。





英伟达Pascal图形芯片性能将10倍于Titan X

据PCWorld网站报道,英伟达宣布,该公司代号为Pascal的新一代图形芯片,至少在计算任务中将提供约10倍于Titan X的性能。  

Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar’s Vessel Launches To The Public

Vessel, the new online video subscription service built by some of the early team at Hulu, is launching to the public today. The service — which provides early access to videos from YouTube stars through a monthly subscription fee — has been in private beta since the beginning of the year. 

David Cameron says he won't run for a third term and names potential successors

LONDON — David Cameron won't be around for ever, and that's according to the man himself.The prime minister has ruled out the possibility of a third term in office, saying that he'll stand for a second term but after that "it will be time for new leadership.

ADOBE:2015 Q2 社交媒体情报 (附报告)


联想发布11和14英寸Yoga 700变形本

Windows 10笔记本市场已经迎来了数不清的新设备,就连微软都推出了自家的Surface Book产品线,而消费者难免会挑花眼。

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