Huawei P20 Pro review: The most powerful smartphone camera ever

Huawei P20 Pro$800View ProductThe GoodVersatile three-camera system takes incredible photos • Excellent low-light mode • Can run two instances of the same app simultaneously • Gradient finish is beautiful • Generous storage and battery lifeThe BadThat notch thoThe Bottom LineThe Huawei P20 Pro has the best smartphone camera around,

Google's plan to fix texting on Android is really about the death of SMS

Google finally has a plan to fix Android's texting problem.This week, the company confirmed its long-rumored plan to improve messaging on Android and bring its features up to par with other popular messaging apps like Apple's iMessage.Google being Google, though,

How can Starbucks ensure its racial-bias training actually helps a divided America?

After a racial incident that garnered national attention last weekend, Starbucks has required racial-bias training for all its employees. This move has the potential to positively impact America, but the company has an uphill climb.Here's what happened.

'Smallville' actress arrested for allegedly recruiting slaves for sex trafficking scheme

Over the past several weeks, arrests of members from the purported self-help group Nxivm have revealed an underground web of heinous crimes, from sex slavery to pyramid schemes.Reports and rumors about the groups connections to Hollywood actors were mounting. And on Friday,

The only student to walk out for gun control last month rallied his classmates for Columbine

The teen who marched alone last month, attracting the attention of the country, just got his classmates to join a student walkout in memory of the 15 victims of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School.

Flickr's new owner is here to save it from oblivion (again)

After years of languishing under Yahoo's (and, more recently, Oath's) ownership, Flickr has finally found a buyer.Image hosting company SmugMug announced Friday that it'd acquired Flickr for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, which was first reported by USA Today, comes as Yahoo's parent company,

This 'e-scooter for women' is... actually pretty good for women

Ancheer electric scooter with suspension seat$647.99View ProductThe GoodSmooth and sturdy • Good grips and easy controls • Sitting and standing options • LCD screen shows speed and charge • Comfortable seatThe BadShort range • Slow acceleration • HeavyThe Bottom LineIf you've got a short commute,

Everything You Need to Know About the Infinity Stones

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First American woman wins Boston Marathon since 1985

The 2018 Boston Marathon took place on Monday and 34-year-old runner Desiree Linden became the first American to win the women's race in 33 years.Linden, who represented the United States in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics,

A DIY dad made a Star Wars highchair for his son, and we're wondering if it comes in adult sizes

Matt Regonini is a designer and builder known as the "DIY Dad." When his passion for Star Wars came into the picture, this is what happened. Read more...More about Youtube, Design, Mashable Video, Kids, and Diy

28 Mother's Day gifts for under $50 (that mom actually wants)

Moms deserve the world. But what happens when you can't afford to get your mom the all-expenses paid trip to the island destination of her dreams as a Mother's Day gift?SEE ALSO: 50 great gifts for under $50Let us guide you. If your mom likes the latest technology,


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golang初体验 - sniperHW



FAN 平台将会和目前其他移动广告平台(Google 的 AdMob、Twitter 的 MoPub 等)一样,允许开发者在自己的 App 中添加 Facebook 提供的一段代码。这样,该应用就可以和 Facebook 的 FAN 平台连接,为开发者提供广告收入的分成。


從 5 月 1 日開始,經濟部標準檢驗局開始強制實施行動電源的檢測,除了安全性檢驗外,也強制驗證電池的轉換效率,這也是為了因應消費者反映包括行動電源安全以及標示容量與使用電池使用不如標示的電池容量,強制檢驗的上路,也等同終止台灣一直以來以採用安全性自主宣示的紛亂行動電源市場,未來只有通過檢測的行動電源才能合法開賣。

Firefox 30正式版:支持GStreamer 1.0技术、内置全新Gecko 30内核

Mozilla公司于昨日正式推出了Firefox 30正式版,除了沿用上一个版本的:全新UI(Australis交互界面)、高度自定义功能区和支持新版云端同步等功能,更新还包括:支持GStreamer 1.0技术、内置全新的Gecko 30内核等。



The iPhone 6 'Hairgate' Is Not a Thing

First there was Bendgate. Then Gapgate. And now, the latest "gate" to attack smartphones — particularly the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Hairgate.Apparently, some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are getting strands of hair caught between the screen and the aluminum frame of the iPhone. And thus,

Imgur Updates GIF Format to Load Much Faster

Internet culture is dominated by GIFs — and they just got even better.Photo-sharing site Imgur made a big improvement to the GIFs posted on its site by converting the files from the outdated .GIF format to a MP4 video format.See also: GIF vs. JIF:

[视频]三星Galaxy S6 Edge防水性能测试

在三星公布的官方文档中该机并不具备任何IP三防标准,不过双面康宁大猩猩4玻璃和金属中框是否能够防水哪?在看过暴力摔机之后,近日外媒分享了一段关于Galaxy S6 Edge是否具备防水功能的测试视频。

融云公众服务发布:帮助 App 连接人和服务

北京2015年4月22日电 /美通社/ -- 4月21日,IM云服务领导厂商融云在798国际艺术中心发布了 SDK2.0 产品和公众服务。在发布会上,融云 CEO 韩迎宣布:所有集成融云 SDK 2.0的开发者,都将获得公众服务能力。

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