Michael Cohen's secret client? Sean Hannity.

Micheal Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer, has friends in some low places. Before making his first court appearance for a hearing after federal officials raided his home, office, and hotel room last week,

The 10 best Xbox One bundle deals in the UK: 'Far Cry New Dawn', 'Battlefield V', 'Fallout 76', and

We love deals. That should be clear by now. But we really love bundle deals, because you get so much more for so much less. Truly great bundle deals are also pretty rare, and most products just don't work being bundled together. Don't get us wrong,

New allegations against Bryan Singer include sexually assaulting 13-year-old on film set

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy on the set of the 1998 movie Apt Pupil, per a lengthy article published in The Atlantic on Wednesday.The report outlines new allegations against Singer by a total of four men,

YouTube TV is going nationwide just in time for cord-cutting Super Bowl fans

YouTube TV is expanding nationwide.Starting today, YouTube will begin rolling out an expansion for its live TV streaming platform, YouTube TV. According to the company, the service will be available for more than 98 percent of U.S. households in time for the Super Bowl.

Patreon's idealism might actually be paying off

Amanda McLoughlin just quit her day job — to play Dungeons and Dragons.Well, sort of. McLoughlin is a co-host of a podcast that encourages D&D enthusiasts, and, in her words, re-creates the experience of playing with your friends. McLoughlin is also a podcast consultant,

James Gandolfini's son has been cast as a young Tony Soprano and it couldn't be more perfect

The upcoming Sopranos prequel movie just found its young Tony Soprano, and the casting couldn't be more perfect. 19-year old actor Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini (and the original Tony Soprano),

Tennis player's response to question about female coach sends important message about equality

A top French tennis player's response to a question about the hiring of female tennis coaches prompted an enormous cheer from the crowd at the Australian Open.

Apple wants you to send your best iPhone photos in return for, cough, exposure

Apple wants your best iPhone shots, but it won't pay you if it ends up using them. On Tuesday, the company announced a photo contest that asks iPhone users to "submit their best shots." "The winning photos will be featured on billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores and online,

FinTegration: Citi and Qantas brought the future of banking to SXSW

Advertising Content from Citi Mobile technology enables more people to be connected, across greater distances, than ever before. An ecosystem of apps has sprung up to fulfill our every desire, from late-night takeout to booking that much-needed getaway.

Traditional anniversary gifts, reimagined for millennial couples

Millennials aren't like everyone one else.You do things on your own time. You leave jobs when you aren't happy. You celebrate like no generation before (do it for the 'gram!), and when the time is right, you marry whoever you want whenever you damn well please. SEE ALSO: Treat yo' self:

Huawei P20 Pro review: The most powerful smartphone camera ever

Huawei P20 Pro$800View ProductThe GoodVersatile three-camera system takes incredible photos • Excellent low-light mode • Can run two instances of the same app simultaneously • Gradient finish is beautiful • Generous storage and battery lifeThe BadThat notch thoThe Bottom LineThe Huawei P20 Pro has the best smartphone camera around,

人民银行、银监会、证监会、保监会、外汇局 联合发布《关于规范金融机构同业业务的通知》传递出怎样的信息?


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Arrested After Years On The Run

Peter Sunde, the co-founder of the bit torrent file-sharing website Pirate Bay, has been arrested in Southern Sweden.


互联网越来越快,但网页加载时的等待必不可少。据调查,用户能够忍受的最长等待时间大约在 6~8秒之间。不过,有趣而富有创意的进度条可以吸引用户,让他们耐心等待。来看看本文收集的30个设计感十足的加载进度条。

柯马AMTS 2014之旅圆满成功

“柯马之夜”璀璨点亮黄浦江畔 上海2014年8月21日电 /美通社/ -- 一年一度的 AMTS 2014上海国际汽车制造装备技术与材料展以 AMC 2014 汽车制造会议率先拉开帷幕。

BMW Welt 惊现全球首座太阳能汽车充电站

继今年早些时候正式发布了 i3 和 i8 电动汽车之后,德国汽车制造商 BMW 日前又与 EIGHT 合作,在慕尼黑的 BMW Welt(宝马世界)中心外向人们展示了一座表现可持续发展理念的装置 —— Point. 

The day the music died: Apple discontinues the classic iPod

At the same time Apple was debuting their two new iPhones and the Apple Watch they were quietly removing the iPod Classic from their online Apple Store.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/11/goodnight-sweet-music-apple-discontinues-the-classic-ipod/

AT&T Will Give You $200 Minimum for Your Old iPhone 4

As expected, would-be iPhone 6 owners are currently wading through a torrent of trade-in and upgrade offers. It's all very, very confusing. But AT&T is being clear about one thing: If you trade in an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, or 5C, you will get at least $200 credit towards a new device.Read more...



太極熊貓 展現你的手上真功夫 --- 真動作 RPG 玩法的手機遊戲

最近大家在看電視時有沒有發現~~~ 蔡依林 Jolin 又出現嚕XDDD她這次代言宣傳的是一款以熊貓為主題的 手機 遊戲太極熊貓~~這款遊戲主要的訴求從名字就可以感受到就是武打動作操作形態的 RPG 遊戲所以~~~雖然有天后代言讓人感覺很威閱讀全文

These Lights In The Sky Are So Strange, They Look Like Alien Signals

Don’t worry, there is nothing unnatural about that strange arcs of light you’ll sometimes see in the sky. Ice halos are a very natural atmospheric phenomenon, created when ice crystals suspended in the sky reflect and refract sunlight. But they truly are an impressive sight.Read more...

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