Michael Cohen's secret client? Sean Hannity.

Micheal Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer, has friends in some low places. Before making his first court appearance for a hearing after federal officials raided his home, office, and hotel room last week,

Watch space dust shoot around a comet as it tumbles through our solar system

The Rosetta spacecraft chased down the nearly three-mile-long Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet in 2014. It then spent almost two years capturing detailed images of the comet's dust-ridden surface. The images are publicly available,

It's National DNA Day, which means AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Living DNA, and more are on sale

In case you didn't know, National DNA Day is a thing. And it's today. On April 25, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published an article in the journal Nature about the structure of DNA, which was a huge deal back then. 

This robot pizza company's delivery trucks can now bake 120 pizzas per hour

The robots are hungry for more pizza.Zume Pizza, the Silicon Valley startup that uses robots (with some human assistance) to assemble pizzas ordered via its app, is now delivering even more pies — cooked while en route to customers.SEE ALSO:

Here’s why you’re getting all those terms of service update emails

Get the feeling you're suddenly being bombarded with emails from companies about updated terms of service policies?You are. And there's a good reason: the European Union's forthcoming efforts to protect our personal data.SEE ALSO:

Listen up: Lots of Bose headphones are currently on sale

When you think of awesome, high-quality headphones, you definitely think of Bose. These are treat yo' self headphones. The pair you lovingly tuck into your carry-on. The headphones you carry around in their own special case.Lucky for you,

The Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon is back in stock for Amazon Prime members only

All hands on deck, Prime members. The Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon — aka the largest Lego set ever — is in stock just for you.SEE ALSO: Love anime? A Crunchyroll account will get you access to more than 800 shows, plus manga titles and more.It consists more than 7,541 bricks,

Everyone (except Microsoft) is using the water pistol emoji now

On platforms and devices, software and apps, the emoji keyboard is a gun-free zone. Well, almost.On Wednesday, Google rolled out an Android update for the emoji keyboard that replaces the gun emoji with a "toy water pistol." And according to Emojipedia, a similar change is imminent on Facebook.

FinTegration: Citi and Qantas brought the future of banking to SXSW

Advertising Content from Citi Mobile technology enables more people to be connected, across greater distances, than ever before. An ecosystem of apps has sprung up to fulfill our every desire, from late-night takeout to booking that much-needed getaway.

Traditional anniversary gifts, reimagined for millennial couples

Millennials aren't like everyone one else.You do things on your own time. You leave jobs when you aren't happy. You celebrate like no generation before (do it for the 'gram!), and when the time is right, you marry whoever you want whenever you damn well please. SEE ALSO: Treat yo' self:

Huawei P20 Pro review: The most powerful smartphone camera ever

Huawei P20 Pro$800View ProductThe GoodVersatile three-camera system takes incredible photos • Excellent low-light mode • Can run two instances of the same app simultaneously • Gradient finish is beautiful • Generous storage and battery lifeThe BadThat notch thoThe Bottom LineThe Huawei P20 Pro has the best smartphone camera around,

With U向许可证持有人展示热门游戏应用“Happy Ningels”的角色

从Facebook游戏到贸易展会——Ningels的可爱角色阵容亮相日本角色授权展Licensing Japan 日本札幌--(美国商业资讯)--With U Co.,Ltd.将于7月2日在东京举办的Licensing Japan上向全球观众展示Happy Ningels的主角Molly和她的Ningel小伙伴。

[图]确定型号为D6653 索尼Xperia Z3系统截图曝光

继昨天索尼Xperia Z3 Compact的系统截图曝光之后,今天索尼Xperia Z3的系统截图也被曝光,根据“About”页面显示的信息显示该机型号为D6653,搭载Android 4.4.4系统,基于3.4内核和23.1.X.XXX固件版本,基本上符合了此前的型号曝光。

Galaxy Note 4概念设计 像LG G3和Nexus 5

2014 年下半年最令人期待的安卓设备无疑是 Galaxy Note 4,该手机将于 9 月份在柏林发布。根据目前曝光的谍照,Galaxy Note 4 基本延续 Galaxy S5 的设计,预计也会采用塑料仿皮革波点设计。  

设计模式-生成器模式 - 张龙豪


Website Peeps Into 73,000 Unsecured Security Cameras Via Default Passwords

colinneagle writes: After coming across a Russian website that streams video from unsecured video cameras that employ default usernames and passwords (the site claims it's doing it to raise awareness of privacy risks),

美媒盘点2014年十大科技事件 埃博拉爆发居榜首


The Internet of Things gets its own congressional caucus

The Internet of Things is headed to Washington, D.CCongresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA) and Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) are launching the Congressional Caucus on the Internet of Things (IoT) to help educate people on the development of web-connected products.


据外媒报道,美国P2P公司Social Finance(简称“SoFi”)在本周三(9月30日)宣布,公司已完成了新一轮10亿美元的融资,本轮融资由日本软银领投,Third Point、Wellington Management、Institutional Venture Partners、人人公司、Baseline Ventures和DCM Ventures跟投。

Twitter 裁员 336 人以求「精简」劳动力

很不幸,Jack Dorsey 重掌 Twitter 帅印后将大规模裁员的传闻最终真的变成了现实。



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