Upcoming documentary to add fuel to the Fyre Festival disaster

The Fyre Festival was one of those disasters that the world collectively couldn't keep its eyes off of, with the internet gobbling up every detail and horror story that came out of the debacle with feverish abandon.

The 10 best Xbox One bundle deals in the UK: 'Far Cry New Dawn', 'Battlefield V', 'Fallout 76', and

We love deals. That should be clear by now. But we really love bundle deals, because you get so much more for so much less. Truly great bundle deals are also pretty rare, and most products just don't work being bundled together. Don't get us wrong,

New allegations against Bryan Singer include sexually assaulting 13-year-old on film set

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy on the set of the 1998 movie Apt Pupil, per a lengthy article published in The Atlantic on Wednesday.The report outlines new allegations against Singer by a total of four men,

YouTube TV is going nationwide just in time for cord-cutting Super Bowl fans

YouTube TV is expanding nationwide.Starting today, YouTube will begin rolling out an expansion for its live TV streaming platform, YouTube TV. According to the company, the service will be available for more than 98 percent of U.S. households in time for the Super Bowl.

Patreon's idealism might actually be paying off

Amanda McLoughlin just quit her day job — to play Dungeons and Dragons.Well, sort of. McLoughlin is a co-host of a podcast that encourages D&D enthusiasts, and, in her words, re-creates the experience of playing with your friends. McLoughlin is also a podcast consultant,

James Gandolfini's son has been cast as a young Tony Soprano and it couldn't be more perfect

The upcoming Sopranos prequel movie just found its young Tony Soprano, and the casting couldn't be more perfect. 19-year old actor Michael Gandolfini, son of James Gandolfini (and the original Tony Soprano),

Tennis player's response to question about female coach sends important message about equality

A top French tennis player's response to a question about the hiring of female tennis coaches prompted an enormous cheer from the crowd at the Australian Open.

Apple wants you to send your best iPhone photos in return for, cough, exposure

Apple wants your best iPhone shots, but it won't pay you if it ends up using them. On Tuesday, the company announced a photo contest that asks iPhone users to "submit their best shots." "The winning photos will be featured on billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores and online,

Michael Cohen's secret client? Sean Hannity.

Micheal Cohen, President Trump's personal lawyer, has friends in some low places. Before making his first court appearance for a hearing after federal officials raided his home, office, and hotel room last week,

FinTegration: Citi and Qantas brought the future of banking to SXSW

Advertising Content from Citi Mobile technology enables more people to be connected, across greater distances, than ever before. An ecosystem of apps has sprung up to fulfill our every desire, from late-night takeout to booking that much-needed getaway.

Traditional anniversary gifts, reimagined for millennial couples

Millennials aren't like everyone one else.You do things on your own time. You leave jobs when you aren't happy. You celebrate like no generation before (do it for the 'gram!), and when the time is right, you marry whoever you want whenever you damn well please. SEE ALSO: Treat yo' self:

火热前瞻! 《最终幻想Agito》5月命运开战

大家关注许久的 SE 本命平台年度 RPG 大作,《最终幻想零式》前传《最终幻想Agito(ファイナルファンタジー アギト)》宣布于今年 5 月份免费上架 iOS 和 Android 双平台(本体免费附带道具收费)。

CSS 居中大全 - heimanba

我看最近微博流行 CSS 居中技术,老外码农争相写相关的文章,一篇赛一篇的长啊,我把几篇归纳总结了一下,算是笔记。

OneNote on your watch? Android Wear can do that

Smartwatches, in fact wearable technology, has become the "in thing" these days, with Google Glass leading the charge, along with Pebble. Others have followed suit -- most notably Android Wear and now even Apple, though the latter is late to the game. 

BDTC 2014干货精彩不断,四大全天技术论坛议题全面曝光

BDTC 2014即将于12月12-14日在北京新云南皇冠假日酒店召开,目前四个全天分论坛议题已基本确定。当下门票团购还有少量优惠,对于那些希望参会但还没来得及买票的技术人员和企业,请抓紧时间购买。

CSS3 结构伪类选择器 - 小猫爱吃糖


《待嫁老爸》频现乐行平衡车 智能产品植入影视成为重要普及手段

中国深圳2015年5月28日电 /美通社/ -- 定位为都市家庭轻喜剧的《待嫁老爸》日前已在天津卫视和湖北卫视的黄金时段播出,并在优酷、腾讯视频、搜狐视频等网站同步更新,在已经播出的内容中,乐行平衡车R1的高频出现成为一个植入亮点,而乐行各个线上平台咨询量的激增也佐证了电视剧植入的良好效果。


【堆糖】是今年参加的最后一个实习招聘,也是唯一一个拿到offer的公司,非常感谢堆糖的小伙伴们。 希望把自己笔 ...

如何获取算法运行状态 - 那只是一股逆流

最近在学习过程中遇到了这个问题:如何获取算法的执行状态? 当时遇到这个问题时,整个人都不好了:算法都还没接触过,更不要说获取算法运行的状态了!


本文整理自11月5日36氪KrLass线上微讲座,嘉宾为《微信力量》主编兼第一作者,萤火科技联合创始人 谢晓萍女士。以下文字整理自语音,有部分改动。去年,腾讯微信官方找到我,他们跟我说:晓萍,你来帮我们写本书吧!

Flexbox布局 - Big_Dot

Flexbox布局( Flexible Box 或CSS3 弹性布局),是CSS3中的一种新的布局模式,是可以自动调整子元素的高和宽,来很好的填充任何不同屏幕大小的显示设备中的可用显示空间,收缩内容防止内容溢出,确保元素拥有恰当的行为的布局方式。使用Flexbox来布局更容易,可以使用更少的代码,更...

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