Instead of stealing instruments, musicians turn to Splice

“The percentage of Top 40 music made with our platform blows my mind” says Splice co-founder Steve Martocci. He tells me about some bedroom music producers who were “working at Olive Garden until they put sounds on Splice.

The quantum meltdown of encryption

Shlomi Dolev Contributor Shlomi Dolev is the Chair Professor and founder of the Computer Science department of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is the author of Self-Stabilization. Shlomi also is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief scientist of Secret Double Octopus.

Propelling deep space flight with a new fuel source, Momentus prepares for liftoff

Mikhail Kokorich, the founder of Momentus, a new Y Combinator-backed propulsion technology developer for space flight, hadn’t always dreamed of going to the moon. A physicist who graduated from Russia’s top-ranked Novosibirsk University,

Eventbrite is reportedly going public in the second half of this year

Eventbrite, the 12-year-old, San Francisco-based event-planning company, has filed an initial public offering confidentially with the SEC and plans to go public later this year, according to a new report in the WSJ. The company’s lead underwriters are Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co.,it says.

Ellen Pao memoir adaptation among 7 new Shonda Rhimes projects for Netflix

When Shonda Rhimes left ABC last August for Netflix, both she and the studio kept a tight lid on their plans. We could only imagine where the twists and turns that her future stories would take us. Well, now we know. This week,

Warner Bros. unveils the first trailers for ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’

Today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros . gave fans a peek at the first DC Comics films post-Justice League. Warner Bros. and DC had a bumpy 2017. There was the astonishing critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman,

Weekly Roundup: July 21

Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin, performed its most critical test to date, Prime Day had some ups and downs but ultimately broke records and major tech companies are uniting to help you move data across apps. Here’s your weekly roundup of the top stories from the tech world:  1.

Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been an enormous influence on e-commerce, but this online juggernaut is beginning to show cracks. Now is the time for arch-rival Walmart to swoop in with a Prime-like offering that strikes at the weaknesses Amazon has introduced into its formidable loyalty program: price,

The problems with Facebook are inherent in its design, but that can change

Amber Case Contributor Share on Twitter Amber Case is the former CEO of Geoloqi, a past keynote speaker for SXSWi and at TED, and author of the O’Reilly book Calm Technology: Designing for Billions of Devices and the Internet of Things.

As Chinese censorship intensifies, gays are back while teenage mothers and tattoos are out

Following the passage of a new cybersecurity law and the removal of term limits from Chinese president Xi Jinping, China’s government is conducting a comprehensive crackdown on online discussions and content, with few companies spared the rod by the central government.

US early-stage investment share shrinks as China surges

The global early-stage investment pie is getting bigger… a lot bigger. Just four years ago, investors were putting less than $10 billion per quarter into early-stage deals (Series A and B). The past two quarters, however, have all come in over twice that level. Q1 2018, meanwhile,

Mozilla新任CEO:除非董事会要求 否则我不会下课

看来Brendan Eich昔日的一个反同性恋举动给他日后的发展酿下了恶果。现在,他在Mozilla的上任遭到了多方的反对。不过这位“坚强”CEO表示,除非公司董事会提出离职的要求,否则他是不会主动下课的。



Meet the world's luckiest unluckiest man who cheated death 7 times

story of Frane Selak





Motovo Real Estate:索尼主机卖得好 微软笑傲社交网

尽管索尼的PS4主机在销量上远超微软的Xbox One,但是在社交流行度上,后者却轻松反超。根据Motovo Real Estate的最新数据,Xbox One确实是Facebook上最受欢迎的次世代游戏主机。

新款 MacBook Air、iMac 及 Apple TV 或推遲至 2015 年發售

有消息指 Apple 或會於 10 月尾舉行一場發表會,屆時將會發佈 iPad Air 2、iPad Mini 3 及 OS X Yosemite 等新產品。不過據知情人士透露,新款 MacBook Air、iMac 及 Apple TV 都難以在今年內推出。

谷歌Android One低价智能手机登录菲律宾市场

谷歌Android One低价智能手机已经登录菲律宾市场,谷歌Android One项目其目的是为低价智能手机提供最新的Android操作系统,同时又不会拖慢智能手机运行速度。

Twitter says it tripled the number of staff handling abuse reports within 6 months

Twitter has a rampant abuse and trolling problem — even its CEO knows it. But the social network claims it has made some big strides to mend this issueTwitter says it now receives five times as many abuse reports than it did six months ago,


谢邀,我最近想开个知乎的赛车专栏,写些关于赛车圈的原创文字,这次我又向目标走近了一步。 回到问题“大学生如何成为赛车手?”。回答此问题,分两个层次:

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