Facebook points finger at Google and Twitter for data collection

‘Other companies suck in your data too’ Facebook explained in many, many words today with a blog post detailing how it gathers information about you from around the web. Facebook product management director David Baser wrote “Twitter,

Burn It All Down: A Guide to Neo-Luddism

Luddism by definition is nebulous: It has only ever existed in resistance, named for its fictional leader Ned Ludd as a reaction to machines that threatened to strip the livelihood of workers during the industrial revolution.

A Wearables Startup Playbook

The rise of mobile broadband, commodity sensors, smartphone-based companion apps, virtualized manufacturing and supply chain, crowdfunding, and nimble design have converged to make wearables mainstream. With the category now validated as a strategic hotspot for all major corporations and platforms,

Oracle Deleted Its Insane Rant Against Security Hackers But You Can Read It Here

Oracle’s security chief Mary Ann Davidson published a rambling screed against the security research industry, bug bounties, and reverse engineering on the company’s corporate blog. Oracle took it down,

How Magic Leap Is Secretly Creating a New Alternate Reality

Don't you hate it when someone claims to have a magical new technology, but won't tell you how it works? When I saw that a super stealthy startup called Magic Leap had raised $542 million to make animals appear out of thin air, I resolved to find out exactly what was going on. Here's what I found.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/15/how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-windows-phone-81/

Propelling deep space flight with a new fuel source, Momentus prepares for liftoff

Mikhail Kokorich, the founder of Momentus, a new Y Combinator-backed propulsion technology developer for space flight, hadn’t always dreamed of going to the moon. A physicist who graduated from Russia’s top-ranked Novosibirsk University,

Eventbrite is reportedly going public in the second half of this year

Eventbrite, the 12-year-old, San Francisco-based event-planning company, has filed an initial public offering confidentially with the SEC and plans to go public later this year, according to a new report in the WSJ. The company’s lead underwriters are Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co.,it says.

Ellen Pao memoir adaptation among 7 new Shonda Rhimes projects for Netflix

When Shonda Rhimes left ABC last August for Netflix, both she and the studio kept a tight lid on their plans. We could only imagine where the twists and turns that her future stories would take us. Well, now we know. This week,

Warner Bros. unveils the first trailers for ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam’

Today at Comic-Con, Warner Bros . gave fans a peek at the first DC Comics films post-Justice League. Warner Bros. and DC had a bumpy 2017. There was the astonishing critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman,

Weekly Roundup: July 21

Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin, performed its most critical test to date, Prime Day had some ups and downs but ultimately broke records and major tech companies are uniting to help you move data across apps. Here’s your weekly roundup of the top stories from the tech world:  1.

Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been an enormous influence on e-commerce, but this online juggernaut is beginning to show cracks. Now is the time for arch-rival Walmart to swoop in with a Prime-like offering that strikes at the weaknesses Amazon has introduced into its formidable loyalty program: price,

While tech waffles on going public, biotech IPOs boom

With our fixation on all things tech, we’re missing out on the big picture -- there are actually more biotech and healthcare startup IPOs than tech offerings.

Netflix nears a $150B market cap as its subscribers continue to balloon

Just last quarter Netflix passed a $100 billion market cap — and we might already be talking about it as a $150 billion company before too long with yet another big financial quarter that sent its stock soaring. Netflix, again,

Microsoft launches a phishing attack simulator and other security tools

Just in time for the annual RSA conference in San Francisco,

Windows 10 will soon get passwordless logins with Yubico’s Security Key

Last week, Yubico, the company behind the popular YubiKey USB authentication dongles, announced the launch of its $20 Security Key with support for the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard. With a bit of luck, FIDO2 may just herald the end of passwords and, as the company announced today,

Apple found not guilty of Emblaze patent infringement

Years of legal proceedings between Apple and the Israeli software company Emblaze have been brought to conclusion after a two-week trial at San Jose, California, where Apple was cleared of charges.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/14/apple-found-not-guilty-of-emblaze-patent-infringement/




科技博客The Verge周四撰文,苹果凭借在市场上的独特地位,使其在诸多运营商当中获得了强势话语权。而按照苹果在SIM发展路径来看,其可能最终抛弃SIM卡,这意味着,今后用户想更换手机,不会像现在这么轻松。


感谢MYHP游戏评测网的投递FIFA 15再次证明了其长久不衰的魅力,这个EA足球游戏已经连续称霸英国游戏销售榜五周了,这也是它今年第18次登上各类销售榜冠军宝座,比此前成绩最好的FIFA 13高出两倍之多。

Fiberead Helps Foreign Authors Break Into China’s E-Book Market

China’s book publishing market is worth about $20 billion and e-books are a fast-growing segment, but it’s difficult for foreign authors to gain a foothold. First they have to find a publisher and then wait for their book to be translated and edited, a process that can take up to a year.


6月16日,猎豹移动宣布正式面向全球市场发布猎豹广告平台(Cheetah AD Platform),一个集合了品牌广告主 您可能也喜欢: 【趋势】移动视频广告是未来,但是前途依旧模糊 【资讯】秒针系统出售旗下Exchange广告交易平台业务 移动广告的

Waterspout sweeps up semi truck in dramatic footage

A driver in St. Petersburg, Florida captured dramatic footage of a waterspout forming and spinning over roadways, where it ripped apart a semi truck.See also: Waterspout comes ashore, lifts up kids' bouncy house, injures 4 peopleThe six-minute clip captures most of the formation of the waterspout,




短短一年时间,车货匹配已经经历了炒概念、资本进入、业务遇冷、重新思考转型几个阶段,进入了相对稳定的发展阶段。而基于内贸的水运业有诸多类似于公路货运的特点,是否也存在货运平台的机会?成立于 2014年6月 的 “船老大网” 便是基于移动互联网的水运交易平台。据该公司 CEO 黄贤明介绍,我国长江流域分散着 12 万艘货船,2015年 吞吐量达到 27 亿吨,产生运费达 1600 亿元。但由于船只管理难度大,传统的船运公司由于运营成本不占优而陆续倒闭,行业形成了分散成大量小船东主导的局面。

Gizmodo Frights: The Spookiest Phobias From the Wikipedia of Fear


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