Here are some things you didn't know about 'Super Troopers'

A long-awaited sequel for the cult classic is hitting theaters this weekend. So drop what you're doing, throw back some maple syrup, and check out these things about "Super Troopers" riiiiiiiiiight MEOW!Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content. Read more...More about Movies, Cinefix,

Selma Blair shared her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in an uplifting Instagram post

Selma Blair is starring in Another Life, a new Netflix sci-fi series, but an experience getting fitted for a costume for the show led her to disclose that she has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for years. SEE ALSO: Selma Blair says director James Toback threatened to 'gouge' her eyes out,

Elon Musk tweeted about a 'dog mode' for Teslas and it's not a terrible idea

When a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if future Teslas would include a "dog mode" to keep car-bound pets safe and cool while their owner was away, he responded with a simple "yes."Yes— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 20, 2018SEE ALSO: Elon Musk steps down as Tesla chairman: What happens next?

Transgender rights at risk as Trump weighs a narrowed legal view on gender

In one of the Donald Trump administration's most flagrant acts of evil to date, a narrowed legal definition of gender that is currently under consideration could jeopardize the rights of 1.4 million transgender Americans.

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' imagined some truly messed up Big Bird auditions

Now that Big Bird's original puppeteer Caroll Spinney is leaving Sesame Street after 50 years, people are wondering who can possibly step in to fill his big orange shoesThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert put forth a few...interesting candidates. Like Kanye West, Brett Kavanaugh, and Donald Trump. 

The world's most powerful politicians once rode Segways

The man in control of the world's second largest nuclear stockpile is reportedly terrified of taking the stairs.In earlier, happier times, our leaders were brave. They were courageous warriors. They were decent, educated, sophisticated diplomats.

How a team of innovators overcame the odds to create water from thin air

Today, 790 million people — 11 percent of the world's population — live without access to clean water.Two years ago, XPrize, an international nonprofit organization,

Save nearly $200 on this affordable alternative to the Dyson bladeless fan

Have you always wanted a Dyson bladeless fan, but can't justify taking out a second mortgage to buy one?  Well, you're in luck, because the EdenPURE 360 Bladeless Fan is a pretty great alternative, and it's now available at the massively discounted price of $84.99.

Get a smart light bulb backed by Mark Cuban, on sale for 25% off

Light can have a huge impact on your mood. (Just ask anyone who gets sad when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier.)This Smart Light Bulb from Ilumi (on sale for 28% off) allows you to control the lightning in your life,

Get lifetime access to more than 800,000 design icons for just $30

If you want to design a great website, you’re gonna need some amazing icons. Whether we’re talking tiny bird heads, dollar-to-euro exchange symbols, or just emojis of people nervously whistling,

'Dear White People' Season 2 will be full of buzzwords

If you missed out on Netflix's fantastic 2017 series Dear White People, the Season 2 teaser tells you exactly what's up. This show deals with cultural appropriation, sex and gender norms, mild adult themes, and more (such as "Oppression ft. Migos," a new Katy Perry single). SEE ALSO:

百度 2013 年第四季财报公布,移动相关业务的收入占了超过 20%

分类: 互联网络百度刚刚公布了他们在 2013 年第四季度的财报。在该个季度里,他们的总营运收入为 95.23 亿元人民币,去年同期上升了 50.3%。而在 2013 年度里的总营运收入则为 319.44 亿元人民币,比 2012 年增长了 43.2%。

相爱相杀:微软新款 Lumia 禁将 Google 设为默认搜索

微软日前调整了旗下部分新款 Lumia 机型的搜索设置,禁止用户将 Google 设为手机默认搜索引擎。目前的 Lumia 在售机型并未受到新政策影响。

This SoundCloud App Plays Only Your Favorite Artists' Favorite Songs

We've said it before and we'll say it again: SoundCloud is amazing . But many people, especially newcomers, complain that it can be hard to find the fist-pumping signal in the noise. A new SoundCloud recommendation engine called DiscoverTracks, however, makes it super simple.Read more...


圖文引用來源:Gizmodo樂高新體驗中心已在日前於丹麥 Billund 完成破土典禮,建築物本身就跟樂高建築一樣,同時也會收入 Lego Architecture kit,讓玩家發揮創意,自行打造心目中最理想的體驗中心。閱讀全文

5 Lego Facts to Build Your Knowledge

Listen up, blockheads — this one's for youWe go full-Lego in the newest episode of 5facts. No assembly requiredSee also: 20 Lego Gifts That Will Build You FriendsLike what you see? Subscribe to our channel to catch every episode1. You're Saying It WrongImage: Flickr,

Win 7是第一代普锐斯 Win 10是特斯拉?

威锋网 10 月 2 日报答 昨天凌晨,微软正式公布了新一代操作系统 Windows 10,在发布会上微软演示了大量针对桌面的改进,尤其对于长期依赖鼠标和键盘的用户而言,使用电脑工作变得更加容易。  

Lynxsy Launches A Mobile Recruitment App For Job Hunters

With planned layoffs sinking to a 14-year low and employment surging, the job market in America seems to have finally crawled back from the darkest days of the Great Recession. And as the jobs market heats up,

挑戰 Apple Pay!傳 Galaxy S6 將支援 Samsung 全新流動支付服務

眼見 Apple Pay 的成功,早於上年年尾就有傳 Samsung 將會推出自家的流動支付服務,而且更可支援更多商戶。

中国版 Moto Maker 终于正式上线!定制版新 Moto X 最低售 2,799 元

期待了那么久,中国版 Moto Maker 终于在联想的 Tech World 盛会期间千呼万唤始出来了。现在你只要访问,便可以购买到多款根据个人要求定制的新 Moto X。

Have You Ever Lived A Lie Online?

Lies! On the internet?! Believe it or not, it happens. Come unburden yourself in Chatroom—make a burner account if need be.Read more...

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