No one is more over the Shorty Awards than presenter Adam Pally

The Shorty Awards, an awards show for social media brands and influencers, are fine. If you care about them, great, but if you don't, life goes on.But not according to Adam Pally.Adam Pally hates the Shorty Awards with all his heart, and made it very clear at last night's 10th annual show.

Watch space dust shoot around a comet as it tumbles through our solar system

The Rosetta spacecraft chased down the nearly three-mile-long Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet in 2014. It then spent almost two years capturing detailed images of the comet's dust-ridden surface. The images are publicly available,

It's National DNA Day, which means AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Living DNA, and more are on sale

In case you didn't know, National DNA Day is a thing. And it's today. On April 25, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published an article in the journal Nature about the structure of DNA, which was a huge deal back then. 

This robot pizza company's delivery trucks can now bake 120 pizzas per hour

The robots are hungry for more pizza.Zume Pizza, the Silicon Valley startup that uses robots (with some human assistance) to assemble pizzas ordered via its app, is now delivering even more pies — cooked while en route to customers.SEE ALSO:

Here’s why you’re getting all those terms of service update emails

Get the feeling you're suddenly being bombarded with emails from companies about updated terms of service policies?You are. And there's a good reason: the European Union's forthcoming efforts to protect our personal data.SEE ALSO:

Listen up: Lots of Bose headphones are currently on sale

When you think of awesome, high-quality headphones, you definitely think of Bose. These are treat yo' self headphones. The pair you lovingly tuck into your carry-on. The headphones you carry around in their own special case.Lucky for you,

The Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon is back in stock for Amazon Prime members only

All hands on deck, Prime members. The Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon — aka the largest Lego set ever — is in stock just for you.SEE ALSO: Love anime? A Crunchyroll account will get you access to more than 800 shows, plus manga titles and more.It consists more than 7,541 bricks,

Everyone (except Microsoft) is using the water pistol emoji now

On platforms and devices, software and apps, the emoji keyboard is a gun-free zone. Well, almost.On Wednesday, Google rolled out an Android update for the emoji keyboard that replaces the gun emoji with a "toy water pistol." And according to Emojipedia, a similar change is imminent on Facebook.

Here are some things you didn't know about 'Super Troopers'

A long-awaited sequel for the cult classic is hitting theaters this weekend. So drop what you're doing, throw back some maple syrup, and check out these things about "Super Troopers" riiiiiiiiiight MEOW!Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content. Read more...More about Movies, Cinefix,

Get a smart light bulb backed by Mark Cuban, on sale for 25% off

Light can have a huge impact on your mood. (Just ask anyone who gets sad when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier.)This Smart Light Bulb from Ilumi (on sale for 28% off) allows you to control the lightning in your life,

Get lifetime access to more than 800,000 design icons for just $30

If you want to design a great website, you’re gonna need some amazing icons. Whether we’re talking tiny bird heads, dollar-to-euro exchange symbols, or just emojis of people nervously whistling,

[图]开始支持微软账户登录 WP8平台Skype更新至2.16版本

今天在WP 8平台上微软推送了版本号为2.16的最新版本Skype应用,本次更新最大的改变就是登录过程的改变:摒弃了原有的Skype帐号登录模式还是使用绑定的微软帐号进行登陆。

IBM物理学家Stuart Parkin获得千禧年科技大奖

2014年的千禧年科技大奖授予了IBM的英国籍物理学家Stuart Parkin。千禧年科技大奖每两年颁发一次,奖金为100万欧元,2012年的大奖得主是Linus Torvalds和山中伸弥,第一届大奖得主是Tim Berners-Lee爵士。


新浪科技 崔西  成立仅4年的聚美优品今日提交SEC文件,计划融资4亿美元。

Report: Comcast and EA To Stream Games To TVs

An anonymous reader writes "Reuters is reporting that Electronic Arts and Comcast are working on a partnership that would stream video games to consumer televisions through Comcast's cable boxes. It will start with the FIFA and Madden sports game franchises.

研究显示女性受教育水平越高 选择离婚的概率越低

报道称,研究组对1950年至2009年的美国家庭离婚率进行了分析,结果显示,至少从2000 年开始,学历越高的女性选择离婚的比率越少。

Google Docs, Sheets And Slides Get New Home Screens With A Taste Of Material Design

Google has rolled out a new look for its Docs, Sheets and Slides productivity web app suite, with new homepages for each that present your content in a visual grid and that introduce just a hint of Material Design into the look and feel of the apps,

Net Neutrality Comments To The FCC Slow To A Crawl

Comments submitted to the FCC regarding its notice of proposed rule-making on the net neutrality issue totaled 1,101,729 as of yesterday afternoon. An impressive number, but also a nearly unchanged figure.On July 18, the final day of the first period of comment on the proposed net neutrality rules,

Top k问题的讨论(三种方法的java实现及适用范围) - big sun

在很多的笔试和面试中,喜欢考察Top K.下面从自身的经验给出三种实现方式及实用范围。合并法 这种方法适用于几个数组有序的情况,来求Top k。时间复杂度为O(k*m)。(m:为数组的个数).


西非埃博拉疫情第一位受害者——即零号病人——可能是被蝙蝠传染的。几内亚2岁男童Guinean Emile Ouamouno于2013年12月去世,他可能是在家附近的空心树内捕捉蝙蝠时感染上了致命病毒。蝙蝠感染埃博拉病毒后不会死亡。

Django小例子 – 模型数据的模板呈现 - 卖火柴的小东东


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