Bird, Lime and Spin receive cease-and-desist letters from SF City Attorney

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bird, Lime and Spin for operating their shared electric scooter programs in San Francisco, the SF Examiner first reported. “We have just received it and we are reviewing it,

Jupiter Networks invests $2.5M in enterprise tech accelerator Alchemist

Alchemist, which began as an experiment to better promote enterprise entrepreneurs, has morphed into a well-established Silicon Valley accelerator. To prove it, San Francisco-based Alchemist is announcing a fresh $2.5 million investment ahead of its 20th demo day on Wednesday. Jupiter Networks,

Watch Blue Origin’s 10th New Shepard mission launch a science-loaded capsule to space

Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos, is about to undertake the 10th launch of its New Shepard launch vehicle, with its capsule chock full of experiments. The launch, which was originally scheduled for a month ago but delayed for various reasons, will be take place at 6:

Elon Musk says Tesla vehicles will soon get a ‘Sentry Mode’

Tesla owners may soon have a way to see (and record) damage that happens to their vehicles when they’re unattended. Tesla will roll out “Tesla Sentry Mode” for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet Tuesday.

Viacom buys the free video streaming service for $340 million

Viacom is bucking the trend of launching new premium subscription-based entertainment offerings with its bid to acquire Pluto TV for $340 million in cash. It’s a way to distribute the company’s once mighty-with-millennial properties like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central,

Rocket Lab snags DARPA launch contract for first 2019 mission

Launch startup Rocket Lab is following the success of its first couple commercial launches by adding a prestigious (and deep-pocketed) new client: DARPA. The New Zealand-based company will send an experimental satellite called R3D2 into low Earth orbit sometime in late February if all goes well.

Police license plate readers are still exposed on the internet

Smile! You’re on camera. At least, your license plate is. You might have heard of automatic license plate recognition — known as ALPR (or ANPR in the U.K. for number plates). These cameras are dotted across the U.S.

Netflix joins the Motion Picture Association of America

Hollywood’s highest-profile lobbying group, the Motion Picture Association of America, has announced the addition of a new member: Netflix. The trade group’s membership includes the major Hollywood studios, including Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.

Elon Musk’s Boring Co. raises $113 million to chase a pipe dream

Elon Musk’s tunneling startup The Boring Company has raised $113 million to fund its vision of the near/distant future of transportation, according to newly-filed SEC docs first spotted by CNBC. The startup, which is centered around the goal of creating underground tunnels,

Someone made a game where you ride the rapidly changing prices of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency world is a strange one, but at least it has a sense of humor. A new game has you riding a little crypto-car along the wildly fluctuating prices of major and minor currencies. It's quite ridiculous, and it isn't even a bad game!

Utah’s Pluralsight unveils IPO filing

Pluralsight, the Utah-based education technology company, has revealed its IPO filing.  Given the timing of the unveiling, the company is likely targeting a May public debut. Its core business is online software development courses, helping people improve their skills in categories like IT,





The Xbox One Will Be Available Without Kinect for $400

In addition to bringing Netflix and streaming apps out from the Xbox Live paywall , Microsoft will also be offering a new Xbox One bundle that does not include the Kinect, for just $400.Read more...

图览各编程语言中敲击最多的键 - 螃蟹(itxxz)


PayPal Launches PassPort To Lure More International Sales From Merchants

PayPal and its owner eBay have been through a few tough rounds in the ring these last few months, facing calls from Carl Ichan to split the company (finished for now), a Twitter encounter with a departing, annoyed employee, and getting its president poached by Facebook. Today, however,

20 dogs that are way more adventurous than you

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a dog on a mountain.As we bundle up in our sweaters and sit warmly indoors, be jealous of all of the beautiful places man's best friend has visitedSee also:

[图]罕见意外:苹果iPhone 6 Plus充电爆炸后一分为二

由于 iPhone 6 Plus 机身纤薄及尺寸比较大的关係,因此自推出后网上就经常出现拗弯机身的报告,而其他意外则比较少见。


发送一条短信要求某样东西,他们就会帮你下单并快递给你。这就是 Uber 联合创始人加勒特·坎普(Garret Camp)所打造的创业公司 Operator 的理念,不过目前 Operator 仍处于秘密运营阶段。

Bioweapon Experts Aren't Buying the Tesla Model X's Bioweapon Defense Mode 

The air conditioning system in the new Tesla Model X has three modes: circulating air from outside the car, re-circulating air that’s already inside the cabin, and a “bioweapon defense mode,” triggered by a button on the dashboard,

《刀塔传奇》陷版权纠纷 中清龙图上市受阻

成也萧何败萧何,凭借着《刀塔传奇》发家的中清龙图,没想到最终会因此狠狠地“摔了一跤”。        近日,友利控股正式宣布中止中清龙图收购事宜,这意味着中清龙图一波三折的借壳上市计划就此画上了句号。

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