Microsoft built its own custom Linux kernel for its new IoT service

At a small press event in San Francisco, Microsoft today announced the launch of a secure end-to-end IoT product that focuses on microcontroller-based devices — the kind of devices that use tiny and relatively low-powered microcontrollers (MCUs) for basic control or connectivity features.

Uber and Grab hit with $9.5M in fines over ‘anti-competitive’ merger

Uber and Grab have been hit with combined fines of $9.5 million after their merger deal was found to have violated Singapore’s anti-competition laws. Grab acquired (and then merged/closed) Uber’s Southeast Asia business in March,

It sounds like Apple’s original content is going to be really, really bad

Last year, an investor projected that Apple would be spending up to $4.2 billion on original content by 2022, but if the reports coming out now about what that content will look like are correct, the company may want its money back.

Ride-hailing startup Shohoz raises $15M to build the Grab of Bangladesh

Uber may be global but it is very much the alternative in some parts of the world. One such place is Bangladesh — the South Asian country that’s home to 160 million people — where local rival Pathao is backed by Go-Jek and recently raised $10 million. Now Pathao’s closest rival, Shohoz,

The Markup, a tech-focused investigative news site, raises $20 million from Craigslist founder

Celebrated former ProPublica investigative journalists Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson are launching their newest venture, the investigative nonprofit news organization called The Markup, with help from some big donors including Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark. The Markup co-founders Angwin,

Our Precious

I’ve long theorized that one’s moral character is inversely proportional to the number of syllables in one’s Starbucks order. (Yes, this is a tech column. We’ll get to that. Have faith.) To which a friend pointed out that what Starbucks offers is control — your drink,

Happy 10th anniversary, Android

It’s been 10 years since Google took the wraps off the G1, the first Android phone. Since that time the OS has grown from buggy, nerdy iPhone alternative to arguably the most popular (or at least populous) computing platform in the world.

The New York Times sues the FCC to investigate Russian interference in Net Neutrality decision

The ongoing saga over the FCC’s handling of public comments to its net neutrality proposal continues after The New York Times sued the organization for withholding of information that it believes could prove there was Russian interference.

Bird, Lime and Spin receive cease-and-desist letters from SF City Attorney

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bird, Lime and Spin for operating their shared electric scooter programs in San Francisco, the SF Examiner first reported. “We have just received it and we are reviewing it,

Elon Musk’s Boring Co. raises $113 million to chase a pipe dream

Elon Musk’s tunneling startup The Boring Company has raised $113 million to fund its vision of the near/distant future of transportation, according to newly-filed SEC docs first spotted by CNBC. The startup, which is centered around the goal of creating underground tunnels,

Someone made a game where you ride the rapidly changing prices of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency world is a strange one, but at least it has a sense of humor. A new game has you riding a little crypto-car along the wildly fluctuating prices of major and minor currencies. It's quite ridiculous, and it isn't even a bad game!



[视频]输入三维坐标就定位移动 谷歌Tango原型新用途

今年早些时候Google公开透露了Project Tango项目,这款装备深度传感器、动态追踪传感器和两个视觉处理器的智能手机能够对当前环境进行扫描,并实时创建3D地图。

GNOME 3.14 Released

An anonymous reader writes "GNOME 3.14 was released today and it includes some interesting changes such as re-worked default theme, multi-touch gestures for both the system and applications, and new animations. Information including details on all the new features, can be found here.

Realm Can Expand Its Reach With $20M Investment

Realm, makers of a small mobile database that resides inside an app directly on a smartphone or other smart device such as a watch, announced $20M in investment today.The round is led by Khosla Ventures, which also led its Series A round, along with new investor Scale Venture Partners.



This parody of 'Star Wars' fan theories is far, far removed from reality

In the world of fan theories, audiences will accept just about anything as long as it's backed up by some level of arguable evidence.Even knowing that, this episode of "Theory Corner" is just complete and utter nonsense.See also:


今年早些时候,知名的汽车制造商雪佛兰表示,他们所开发的单次续航里程达到 200 英里的纯电动车型 Bolt 已经进入了测试阶段。

参与Hotel Plus样板房活动,成为酒店工程供应商

上海2015年12月3日电 /美通社/ -- 由中国旅游饭店业协会与上海博华国际展览有限公司共同举办的上海酒店工程与设计展览会将于2016年3月29日-4月1日在上海新国际博览中心隆重开幕,同期举办的Hotel Plus样板房活动已经成功举办了4年,2016年的活动也得到了众多单位的支持,计划邀请12家酒店管理公司及设计公司在展会现场搭建12套风格迥异、独具特色的样板房。


之前产业链传出消息称,苹果今年要在iPhone 7上使用双摄像头,不过量不会特别大,其可能只占到总量的10%左右。现在,索尼公开表示,明年双摄像头将在高端智能手机上普及,而今年有些厂商将会是提前试水。上述索尼的发言,似乎从侧面证实了iPhone 7 Plus其中一个版本将会使用双摄像头。


上海2016年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年4月14日,海航酒店集团旗下唐拉雅秀品牌在第四届飞客旅行奖颁奖典礼中凭借其在市场的广泛认可,被评为“2015年度最受常旅客喜爱的酒店品牌(大中华)”。 “2015年度最受常旅客喜爱的酒店品牌(大中华)”奖杯 飞客茶馆作为中国最大的常旅客社交平台,专注于为航空及酒店常旅客和信用卡达人提供酒店、航空和信用卡相关资讯及出行解决方案。飞客茶馆目前已注册的会员人数近11万,会员们每天发布近万条资讯和评论,交流与分享常客计划给他们的商旅出行带来的舒适和便捷。

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