TaskRabbit notifies users of 'cybersecurity incident,' shuts down service

Bad news for to-do lists everywhere: It appears that TaskRabbit has been compromised.SEE ALSO: Every store, business, and retailer that has been recently hackedOn Monday, TaskRabbit notified users about a 'cybersecurity incident,' and advised users to change their passwords.

Google's plan to fix texting on Android is really about the death of SMS

Google finally has a plan to fix Android's texting problem.This week, the company confirmed its long-rumored plan to improve messaging on Android and bring its features up to par with other popular messaging apps like Apple's iMessage.Google being Google, though,

How can Starbucks ensure its racial-bias training actually helps a divided America?

After a racial incident that garnered national attention last weekend, Starbucks has required racial-bias training for all its employees. This move has the potential to positively impact America, but the company has an uphill climb.Here's what happened.

'Smallville' actress arrested for allegedly recruiting slaves for sex trafficking scheme

Over the past several weeks, arrests of members from the purported self-help group Nxivm have revealed an underground web of heinous crimes, from sex slavery to pyramid schemes.Reports and rumors about the groups connections to Hollywood actors were mounting. And on Friday,

The only student to walk out for gun control last month rallied his classmates for Columbine

The teen who marched alone last month, attracting the attention of the country, just got his classmates to join a student walkout in memory of the 15 victims of the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School.

Flickr's new owner is here to save it from oblivion (again)

After years of languishing under Yahoo's (and, more recently, Oath's) ownership, Flickr has finally found a buyer.Image hosting company SmugMug announced Friday that it'd acquired Flickr for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, which was first reported by USA Today, comes as Yahoo's parent company,

This 'e-scooter for women' is... actually pretty good for women

Ancheer electric scooter with suspension seat$647.99View ProductThe GoodSmooth and sturdy • Good grips and easy controls • Sitting and standing options • LCD screen shows speed and charge • Comfortable seatThe BadShort range • Slow acceleration • HeavyThe Bottom LineIf you've got a short commute,

Everything You Need to Know About the Infinity Stones

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Aircraft startup Wright Electric wants to use electric planes for flights in the Middle East

Electric aircraft startup Wright Electric aims to carry passengers on battery-powered flights within the next 20 years. Now, business travelers in the Middle East may soon be able to partake in the company's aggressive flight plans.

Someone found the 18th-century version of the distracted boyfriend meme

The distracted boyfriend meme — that image in which a man checks out one woman while holding hands with another — gained popularity last summer, used to explain moral dilemmas like choosing between dealing with responsibilities or taking a nap. (The answer is always take a nap.

Tom Hardy as Al Capone is virtually unrecognizable

Tom Hardy teased his next big role as Al Capone in the biopic Fonzo with pictures of his makeup and styling on Instagram. Read more...More about Film, Movies, Mashable Video, Makeup, and Movie

Google CEO 拉里·佩奇不为人知的故事

[核心提示] 本文详尽记述了拉里·佩奇在建立 Google 前后的个人经历和成熟轨迹,让我们看到一个充满极客精神的创业者怎样在适应商业运作规律的同时保持初心,也得以窥见 Google 多年以来蓬勃创新改变世界的动力与源泉。   

iOS开发系列--触摸事件、手势识别、摇晃事件、耳机线控 - KenshinCui




Inspiring and illuminating tweets celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day, held every year on March 8, is a time for remembrance, awareness and actionThese themes were documented on Twitter, as various hashtags related to the day began to trend online Sunday, including #InternationalWomensDay, #IWD2015 and #HappyWomensDay.See also:






“互联网+”还是“+互联网”?   上海2016年1月14日电 /美通社/ -- 21世纪以来,一股“互联网+”的东风,正在人们所看不到每个环节,编织一道缜密且又神秘的无形大网。在10年后的2025年,会有超过500亿事物完成互联,这意味着万物朝向互联网化的蜕变已经进入了人类大剧本之中,并指日可待。 震坤行实践中小型制造服务型企业转型之路 而身处人类生活物品制造中心的制造业,因为在供应链的顶端,当下游环节层层倒逼,再做反应之时,起步明显已晚了其它行业一步。

Author Amy Tan 'Thrilled' By Bloodsucking Leech Named in Her Honor

Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History in New York have named a new species of leech after Amy Tan, bestselling author of such novels as The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter’s Daughter.


北京2016年5月9日电 /美通社/ -- 第五届中国财经峰会于2016年3月在京启动,活动的初评工作于近日顺利完成,经组委会审核,共有359家企业、122名商界人物代表入围。然健环球(NHT Global)凭借10多年的积淀与可持续发展,包括其完整的基础运营设施、独特的“网上购物、网下服务”运营模式、高效能的健康产品及人性化服务等综合质素成功入围本届财经峰会。 NHT Global入围第五届中国财经峰会 第五届中国财经峰会将于今年7月在北京举行,峰会主题为“中国质变:新挑战 新机遇”。

: Facebook 教學:教你關閉各種在 Facebook 上的遊戲通知

編按:學完這個刷facebook真的清爽很多! 每隔一段時間就會流行不同的手機遊戲,通常這些遊戲還會需要你分享遊戲邀請給你的親朋好友才能解開特定虛寶。當然在你的手機上只是點個分享而已,但是對於沒在玩遊戲的人接收來自各地的遊戲邀請真的是不堪其擾,甚至半夜還會跳出遊戲邀請令人精神崩潰。其實只要簡單一鍵以後就不會再收到這個遊戲通知了。閱讀全文

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